When girlfriend think about, with the quantity of hype the young Manning had, it’s pretty exceptional that that lived as much as those high expectations. 

Peyton Manning lugged the Colts to a couple of Super key appearances, winning at the big dance in 2006. As soon as his days at the Colts to be done, he relocated to Denver where he included another title.

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Being top top the best players in his generation, over there is plenty of interest in Peyton Manning rookie cards. In this article, we’ll watch at few of his finest rookie cards.

The finest Petyon Manning Rookie Cards

Below are 4 of my favorite rookie card options for Peyton Manning.

1998 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Peyton Manning


A an excellent classic Quarterback posture on this card and also the brown background, this card stands out in a lineup.

This card is a component of the Star Rookie subset, an interpretation that that is additionally has a pretty quick print. It’s additionally made by top Deck which way that it already has the brand-rep.

This is an iconic Manning rookie card.

Other Peyton Manning Rookie Cards

While we’ve looked at four Peyton Manning rookie cards the you have the right to invest in, there space so many more options than what we’ve looked at.

What is Peyton Manning’s Rookie card Worth?

Peyton Manning Refractor Rookie cards have the right to vary in price. Most Manning rookie alternatives are actually pretty sensibly priced all points considering.

You deserve to buy some base cards (ungraded) for $20-odd dollars. Which, when you look in ~ the career that Manning had, is pretty bloody good!

However, if you want a high-ticket card, you’ll it is in looking at paying hundreds of dollars – depending upon the card.

The really top-end room in the tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Are Peyton Manning Rookie Cards a good Investment?

Peyton Manning is just one of the best Quarterbacks of every time, and also top two in his generation (sorry, Peyton. Tom Brady has actually you on that one).

He is truly among the greats.

With that in mind, it’s highly likely that as time passes, Peyton Manning’s rookie map will boost in value. As soon as looking come buy a Manning card, don’t walk in looking for a quick-flip. Odds are, you’ll want to organize on because that a when – choose you would certainly with any kind of legend card.

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I love acquiring in on men like Peyton Manning. It’s betting ~ above the hobby as a whole, no betting on a young prospect.

Final Thoughts

Peyton Manning rookie cards space a collector’s dream. If you’re looking come bolster her PC, or trying to find a legend to invest in, Manning is a great bet.