from the Pikachu 3DS to the unexplained McDonald"s edition DSi, let"s inspect out the rarest and also priciest limited edition Nintendo DS handheld consoles.

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when it comes to limited edition video game consoles, Nintendo definitely isn't messing around and loves come release distinct edition version of their miscellaneous consoles. These deserve to be released to storage the release of a particular game, themed ~ a specific character, or just made v a special architecture that set it except the continuous versions the the console.

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end the years, the various handheld consoles in the Nintendo DS heat have had the most limited-edition version released. Video game releases, characters, and also even particular stores have all to be fair video game for Nintendo to decision to release a distinct edition version of one of their consoles. Many collectors love to acquire their hands on the ones that attention them and some of them have gained surprisingly expensive.

To view 10 of the rarest limited edition Nintendo DS consoles, keep reading!

Updated October 18th, 2021 through Russ Boswell: The Nintendo DS line continues to be few of the most beloved consoles ever released, although the Nintendo Switch has taken that place. There are still many players out there that space stricken through nostalgia and also yearning for the much easier times as soon as their foldable pocket pal was dominating Nintendo's sale charts. Those looking to snag a DS come play older title on may want to consider snagging among the many restricted Edition consoles available. To much better showcase which are worth the most, and keep the price updated, the following list has been reworked.

12 Happy house Designer 3DS LL ($254)

Happy house Designer is a spin-off video game from the Animal Crossing franchise. It has actually players working for Nooks dwellings as an internal designer that goes to the residences of assorted villagers indigenous the franchise. The villagers provide the player some items to use in your home and inspiration because that what they're looking for and also the player then decorates your home.

This Nintendo 3DS LL, likewise known together the Nintendo 3DS XL in phibìc America, to be released solely in Japan. This console is white and features brightly colored illustrations of various homes and items indigenous the game everywhere the front. Picking one increase can cost you roughly $254.

11 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda 3DS ($277)

The Legend that Zelda is a video clip game series that has been around since the very an initial game was released in 1986. Typically, the games in this collection follow a Hylian who is dubbed out on an adventure to conserve Princess Zelda and the kingdom that Hyrule native the recent devious plan put in location by Ganondorf.

This console to be released to celebrate the 25th anniversary the the very first Legend the Zelda game. It came bundled v a copy the The Legend that Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and has a slick, black shade scheme v gold Zelda-themed art on the former of the peak screen. Obtaining one now will set a Zelda fan earlier up to $277.

10 Orange Naruto Nintendo DS Lite minimal Edition ($391)

Nintendo DS Naruto limited Edition
There have actually been a lot of great Nintendo DS designs the follow specialized video game franchises but this one is unique as most fans will identify it together a renowned anime franchise first. There have actually been some an excellent Naruto gamings released over the years however it's for sure to speak that many Naruto fanatics fell in love with the collection thanks come its expansive TV show and also manga.

Those that gain "simple" DS redesigns will enjoy this restricted Edition supplying as it's simply a glowing orange covering with the Naruto logo design on it. Snagging one new-in-box will cost gamers around $391.

9 Nintendo DS Lite Gundam Console ($476)

Gundam Nintendo DS Limited
another popular anime (and toy) series is Gundam, featuring big mechanized fighters and also some of the finest high-octane activity to come native the genre. Those feather to pay homage come this wonderful collection can obtain a tradition Gundam DS Lite, however it's crucial to note that it to be only obtainable in Japan.

The console chin is incredibly basic compared to several of the others on this list. That white shell attributes Gundam logos yet some players may be put off through its monochromatic color. Grabbing one of these will collection players ago $476.

8 Pikachu 3DS XL ($497)

Pikachu is among the 151 creatures that was presented with the very first generation that the Pokémon franchise. This yellow Pokémon has end up being an iconic character in the civilization of gaming, so it's no surprise that it has actually been featured ~ above a variety of different minimal edition Nintendo consoles.

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among various other Pokémon-inspired limited edition DS consoles is this Pikachu-themed console. It's a bright yellow and also white handheld console that functions Pikachu's confront prominently on the former of the optimal screen. This console is among the much more expensive Pikachu-themed consoles and also costs roughly $497.

7 McDonald's edition Nintendo DSi ($499)

This is by far the many unusual minimal edition Nintendo DS console and also one that no many human being remember. It's a really rare one the it's not basic to find and although it's much from the many expensive console the end there, it's absolutely the most distinctive one.

The McDonald's execution Nintendo DSi was released specifically in Japan and given to employee of McDonald's in Japan. It come bundled through exclusive software program that would assist to train the employee on exactly how to effectively cook and also put together McDonald's food selection items. It's estimated that about 8,000 were produced, making the pretty rare and also hard to find. Choose one up currently will price a lucky collector at least $499.

6 Galaxy Nintendo 3DS XL ($517)

numerous of the restricted edition Nintendo DS consoles that have actually been released end the year feature various Nintendo games and characters top top them. Uneven those, this Nintendo 3DS XL is referred to as the "Galaxy Style" console and also doesn't feature any kind of games or characters, yet instead has a purple, white, and blue galaxy ~ above the prior of the peak screen.

This console is a really distinct one since it's a restricted edition console that has obtained pretty rare and expensive, however doesn't actually feature any type of iconic personalities or games like others do. To choose up one of these consoles, you'll need to pay about $517.

5 The Legend that Zelda: Phantom Hourglass DS Lite ($773)

as soon as Nintendo publication a Zelda-themed console, they frequently make it gold and also put some sort of Zelda-themed imagery ~ above it. This is definitely not something the fans of the franchise room complaining about, and these consoles often become really rare and also collectible for fans the The Legend of Zelda.

This minimal edition console is a Nintendo DS Lite that was created to celebrate the relax of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourlgass, the cobsole itself is gold, and there is a Triforce on the corner of the peak screen. It came bundled v the game and also to obtain one now, you'll need to pay about $773.

4 SNES edition 3DS XL ($799)

while a most the minimal edition Nintendo DS consoles that have been released are generally themed ~ a game, character, or franchise, this limited edition console is totally different. Instead, the external of the console was designed come look favor the at sight Nintendo entertainment System, likewise known as the SNES.

The SNES hit shelves ago in 1990 in Japan wherein it was called the super Famicom and also in 1991 in north America. It was on shelves till 2003 when it to be discontinued and also is quiet a famous retro console. To acquire your hands on this minimal edition Nintendo 3DS XL, you'll need to pay up to $799.

3 Kirby: Squeak formation Nintendo DS Lite ($1,020)

Kirby: Squeak squad is a platforming game that to be released ~ above the Nintendo DS in 2006. This video game is comparable to various other Kirby gamings in the they control Kirby, who floats around and also can inhale items to take on your properties or abilities.

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In 2007, the magazine K-Zone had a challenge in which among the prizes was a super limited edition Nintendo DS Lite console themed after ~ Kirby: Squeak Squad. Apparently, just 40 were made and they're incredibly difficult to discover now. Only one has actually sold and it went because that $1,020.

2 Pokémon center Exclusive Mew Nintendo DS ($1,299)

This minimal edition console is a unique version the the very first Nintendo DS that was ever before released. This restricted edition console was only released in Japan and was offered at the Pokémon center. This console was influenced by Mew, one of the legendary Pokémon indigenous the an initial generation of the Pokémon franchise.

This console looks favor a consistent Nintendo DS but has a slightly metallic finish and is the exact same pink-toned lavender shade together Mew. Due to the fact that this console was offered in together a specific location and also was exit so long ago, it's pretty rare now. Gaining one can price you up to $1,299.

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1 Nintendo DS Lite Giratina Pokémon facility Console ($1444)

Giratina is just one of the legendary Pokémon that was presented in Generation IV that the Pokémon franchise. Every time a new Pokémon video game is released, it seems like Nintendo create at least one distinct edition console to celebrate the release of the game. This was particularly true with the different models that the Nintendo DS.

with the release of the Nintendo DS Lite, there was a special limited edition console sold exclusively at the Pokémon center in Japan. It's white through Giratina in a subtly darker ton on the front of the height screen. Gaining a new one today will collection a major fan ago $1444..