The divine Grail of coins has just popped up for sale. The 1787 Brasher Doubloon to be the an initial gold coin win in the US and also represents one of the most crucial pieces in America’s numismatic history. That was originally worth around $15, yet is at this time being readily available privately because that 1 million times the price.

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The desire coin was privately produced in 1787—five years prior to the commonwealth mint opened—by Ephraim Brasher, a brand-new York silversmith, who lived next door come George Washington. If Brasher to win a tiny batch of Doubloons, this unique piece is among just seven that to be produced. This particular example is the just one to have Brasher’s hallmark initials punched top top the eagle’s breast; the others, including one in the Smithsonian, have actually “EB” stamped ~ above the eagle’s wing.


“It was the an initial gold coin in the denomination dollars, and it set forth exactly how our monetary device would relocate forward,” numismatic adviser and president that PCAG Inc. Jeff Sherid tells Robb Report. “There is no various other coin that deserve to actually case that and it place this unique Brasher Doubloon in a course all through itself.”


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The rarity tips the scale at 26.6 grams and is composed of 89 percent gold, 6 percent silver, 3 percent copper, and 2 percent of various elements. One side attributes a mountain selection and was adopted from the brand-new York State cloak of arms, if the reverse has the eagle and also other facets that consist of the good Seal of the joined States. It’s additionally stamped through the country’s motto “E Pluribus Unum,” which method “out of many comes one.”

“It’s not about the gold content but around the history of the coin and also what it means in ours country,” Sherid says.

The coveted coin has actually flipped between collectors simply a grasp of times, tremendously increasing in value through every sale. It marketed for $625,000 in 1981, $2.99 million in 2005 and an impressive $7.4 million in 2011. The present owner, a former wall surface Street executive, purchased the Brasher with PCAG Inc. Because that an undisclosed sum in a 2015 exclusive transaction.

“He saw the coin because that what the was: a vast investment,” Sherid says. “We always knew the at one allude he was going to market it—he’s not a collector, he’s one investor—and the market on ultra-rarities has actually been strong.”

The Los Angeles-based for sure is currently offering the coin privately at an asking price of $15 million, though Sherid to trust it might reach $100 million in the future. The firm says it has received a number of serious inquiries.

“Who execute I think would certainly buy the coin? any kind of smart investor who looks in ~ all aspects of the market,” Sherid says. “I personally don’t believe you deserve to go wrong through this coin if you hold on come it and also sell it at the ideal time.” Indeed, every of the coin’s previous owners has regulated to revolve a lofty profit.

“It’s the Mona Lisa of our industry,” Sherid adds.

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If you’re interested in making an offer, contact Jeff Sherid at PCAG Inc. For much more information.