Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) is a cruciferous vegetable pertained to cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and also Brussels sprouts.

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These vegetables are well-known for their beneficial health effects.

Broccoli is high in numerous nutrients, consisting of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, and also potassium. It also boasts much more protein than many other vegetables.

This eco-friendly veggie have the right to be appreciated both raw and also cooked, but recent research shows that tenderness steaming provides the most health benefits (1, 2).

This post tells you every little thing you need to know around broccoli.

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Nutrition facts
Raw broccoli contains virtually 90% water, 7% carbs, 3% protein, and practically no fat.

Broccoli is an extremely low in calories, giving only 31 calories every cup (91 grams).

The nutrition facts because that 1 cup (91 grams) of life broccoli are (3):

Calories: 31Water: 89%Protein: 2.5 gramsCarbs: 6 gramsSugar: 1.5 gramsFiber: 2.4 gramsFat: 0.4 grams


Broccoli’s carbs largely consist of fiber and also sugars.

The sugars room fructose, glucose, and also sucrose, with tiny amounts the lactose and maltose (4).

However, the total carb contents is an extremely low, with only 3.5 grams the digestible carbohydrate per cup (91 grams).


Fiber is an essential part the a healthy diet.

It deserve to promote gut health, help prevent assorted diseases, and aid weight ns (5, 6).

One cup (91 grams) of raw broccoli offers 2.3 grams of fiber, i m sorry is about 5–10% of the daily Value (DV) (7).


Broccoli is low in digestible carbs but provides a decent amount the fiber, which disclosure gut health and also may alleviate your threat of various diseases.


Proteins space the building blocks of your body, vital for both growth and also maintenance.

Broccoli is fairly high in protein, which makes up 29% that its dried weight, contrasted to most vegetables.

However, since of that is high water content, 1 cup (91 grams) that broccoli only gives 3 grams of protein.


Broccoli is greater in protein than many vegetables. The said, the amount of protein in every serving is relatively low.

Vitamins and minerals

Broccoli has a range of vitamins and minerals, including (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13):

Vitamin C. an antioxidant, this vitamin is vital for immune duty and skin health. A 1/2-cup (45-gram) offer of life broccoli provides virtually 70% of the DV.Folate (vitamin B9). specifically important for pregnant women, folate is necessary for normal tissue growth and also cell function.Potassium. vital mineral, potassium is helpful for blood push control and heart an illness prevention.Iron. crucial mineral, steel has many important attributes in her body, such together the transport of oxygen in red blood cells.

Broccoli also contains many other vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts. In fact, it gives a little bit of nearly every nutrient girlfriend need.


Broccoli is high in countless vitamins and minerals, consisting of folate, potassium, manganese, iron, and vitamins C and also K1.

various other plant compounds

Broccoli is affluent in assorted antioxidants and also plant compounds, which contribute to its wellness benefits. These encompass (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20):

Sulforaphane. one of the most abundant and extensively studied tree compounds in broccoli, sulforaphane might protect versus various varieties of cancer.Indole-3-carbinol. A distinct nutrient uncovered in cruciferous vegetables, this link may assist fight cancer.Kaempferol. An antioxidant with plenty of benefits because that health, this compound may protect versus heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and also allergies.SUMMARY

Broccoli is high in plenty of plant compound that have actually been connected with wellness benefits. The many abundant one is sulforaphane.

health and wellness benefits of broccoli

Cruciferous vegetables prefer broccoli administer sulfur-containing link that space responsible because that their frequently pungent taste (21).

These bioactive compounds might have numerous health benefits.

Cancer prevention

Cancer is identified by the rapid development of abnormal cells and is often connected to oxidative stress (22).

Broccoli is loaded with compounds that are thought to protect versus cancer.

Observational studies indicate that the intake of cruciferous vegetables, consisting of broccoli, is connected to a lessened risk of plenty of cancers, consisting of lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, pancreatic, and gastric cancers (23, 24, 25, 26).

A distinct family of plant compounds called isothiocyanates sets cruciferous vegetables personal from various other veggies.

Studies suggest that Isothiocyanates influence liver enzymes, reduce oxidative stress, diminish inflammation, stimulate your immune system, and combat the advancement and expansion of cancer (27, 28, 29).

The main isothiocyanate in broccoli, sulforaphane, acts against the formation of cancer at the molecular level by reducing oxidative stress and anxiety (16, 30, 31).

Sulforaphane wake up at 20–100 times greater amounts in young broccoli sprouts 보다 in full-grown top of this vegetable (32).

Though broccoli additionally are also available, they might not add an identical amount that isothiocyanates and thus might not give the same health and wellness benefits as eating whole, fresh broccoli (33, 34).

Lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol has plenty of important features in your body.

For example, the is a key factor in the formation of bile acids, which assist you digest fat. Bile acids are formed in your liver, stored in her gallbladder, and released right into your digestive mechanism whenever friend eat fat.

Afterward, the bile acids space reabsorbed into your bloodstream and used again.

Substances in broccoli bind with bile mountain in your gut, increasing their excretion and preventing castle from being reused (35).

This results in the synthetic of brand-new bile acids from cholesterol, reducing complete levels that this mite in her body.

This impact has been linked to a reduced risk the heart disease and cancer (2).

According come one study, steam broccoli is particularly useful for lowering cholesterol levels (2).

Eye health

Impaired eyesight is a common consequence of aging.

Two the the key carotenoids in broccoli, lutein and zeaxanthin, are linked with a diminished risk the age-related eye disorders (36, 37).

Vitamin A deficiency may cause night blindness, which deserve to be reversed with enhanced vitamin A condition (38).

Broccoli contains beta carotene, which her body converts into vitamin A. This vegetable may thus an increase eyesight in people with a short vitamin A intake.


Broccoli’s isothiocyanates might improve countless risk components for condition and mitigate your threat of cancer. What’s more, this vegetable may help lower cholesterol and rise eye health.

Broccoli is typically well tolerated, and also allergy is rare. However, some considerations room worth discussing (39).

Thyroid problems

Broccoli is taken into consideration a goitrogen, which method that high quantities may harm the thyroid gland in perceptible individuals.

Cooking this vegetables on high heat deserve to reduce these results (40).

Blood thinners

Individuals acquisition the blood thinner warfarin must consult through their health care practitioner prior to increasing your broccoli intake because its high vitamin K1 contents may connect with this medicine (41).

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Broccoli is normally well tolerated. Still, it may have undesirable results on the thyroid in part people and may interfere v blood-thinning medicine.