A bag of to apologize will often have about five pounds and also will be offered at neighborhood apple orchards and also grocery stores.

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How much does a bag of to apologize cost?

The price of a bag of apologize varies depending on the time the year, the variety, where you purchase it and the dimension of the bag. It can be as small as $1.25 every pound during the apple picking season and anywhere from $3 come $8 because that a big bag the apples the weighs about five pounds.

On Amazon.com, at the moment of this publishing, a three-pound bag of Gala apples retailed because that $11, with an additional $5 applied for shipping.

At Costco, a five-pound bag of royal Gala to apologize retails for around $8, when a five-pound bag the Honeycrisp to apologize retails for $11.

At our regional Walmart, the bags ranged from two to five-pound bags. Describe our table below to watch what Walmart charged for various bags:

Ambrosia- $6 because that 3-pound bag
Fuji- $3 because that 3-pound bag
Gala- $3 because that 3-pound bag
Granny Smith- $3 for 3-pound bag
Honecrisp- $5 for 2-pound bag
Jazz- $5 for 3-pound bag
Pink Lady- $5 for 3-pound bag
Red Delicious- $5 because that 5-pound bag
US Extra an intricate Gold Delicious- $3 for 3-pound bag

Tips to know:

Common varieties frequently purchased in mass includes Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Jazz, Honeycrisp, golden Delicious, Fuji, Pink Lady, Ambrosia, Gala and Macoun.

Most bags of apples, frequently found at a local grocery store, will frequently be around three to 5 pounds.

Purchasing apples native the regional orchards will constantly be a an excellent way to shot out brand-new varieties due to the fact that sellers regularly have slices from every the arrays for shoppers to taste. Owners of orchards can additionally offer suggestions through regards come what supplies a particular apple variety is ideal suited for.

Smell the apples increase close because that its freshness factor. A an excellent apple will certainly not have a musty smell, and a good apple, as soon as examined up close, will certainly be firm, shiny and smooth with intact stems.

Red Delicious and also Honeycrisp apples will certainly not make good apples for pies. Red delicious apples, also, space not recommended because that applesauce or baking purposes.

While many apples have the right to freeze reasonably well, the Gala selection has been known to it is in a poor choice for freeze purposes.

As a general ascendancy of thumb, one lb of apples will certainly equate to four tiny apples, three medium apples or two large apples. The median apple, depending on the nutrient it receives, can weigh around 0.33 lb on average.

How deserve to I conserve money?

Try to buy your apples once in season. This is often throughout the beforehand to late fall months.

Be sure to inspect out your regional apple orchards prior to buying at a grocery store store. Not only will the apologize be new here, the prices can be substantially less.

The bigger the bag is, the less you will pay every pound.

CookingLight offers eight an imaginative ways to usage a bag the apples.

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