A close inspection identify if your 1901 Indian head penny value is above average. Most of this old pennies surviving today are heavily worn, detect one v the majority of the architecture remaining is worth dual the others.

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Indian pennies began as carefully detailed coins, the headdress and headband, curls and also ribbon in she hair, every well defined. However, circulating in everyday use, wear indigenous handing quickly smoothes and flattens the high points and finer parts of the design. Pictured is one "uncirculated" 1901 penny, there is no wear come the surfaces. Spring closely, all features are crisp and also sharp. It is amongst these top condition coins value regularly reaches over $30.

Many old coins, including yours, even if circulated and also worn are often worth far over the minimum. The stages in wear together it relates to value are described with photos below. Comparing your coin to the images quickly gives a feeling of the condition. Because that example, finding little details remaining within the feathers especially towards the tips indicates better condition.

Collectors of Indian pennies are committed to including quality to their sets. Nice, original ethical coins room in the greatest demand. True, the highest 1901 Indian head penny worth is awarded to those v no wear. Likewise true, easy circulated examples are still very collectible.

1901 Indian Head coin ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1901 Indian Head Penny worth Updated2021
1901 $1.48 $2.49 $8 $31

High Auction value of a Gem 1901 Indian Penny

This coin is both over average in value because it is uncirculated and secondly over average in ~ the uncirculated category. Taken into consideration by collectors as one of the top problem examples that a 1901 Indian penny remaining.

As a result of energetic bidding at a David Lawrence rare coin auction the last price was set a $494. Contrast that price come the median uncirculated price of $30 come $35. The coin pictured meets the minimum of having no wear to its surfaces but far over in eye appeal. Bright initial mint luster, no distracting point out or nicks and a interlocutor well identified strike.

While judging her coins, add pleasing eye appeal together an indicator pointing to above average 1901 Indian head coin value. Your coin walk not have to be uncirculated, circulated copper coins turn assorted shades of brown some much more pleasing than others. Her eye can pick out the nicer color, provide these old pennies a closer look.


Condition leader to over Average Indian Penny value

With 1901 Indian head penny worth rising easily for much better condition coins, exact "grading" the end a coin precious a couple of dollars from the hundreds dollar penny. Complement your coin come the images and grading descriptions.


Uncirculated: Desirable because no stay is affect the surfaces. This penny despite its period is in like new condition. Toning may show up as a dark redness or brown on your coin, but no parts of the design have to be worn from contact. V a magnifying glass research her cheek and also the tips of the feathers because that wear. Minting imparts a particular grain come the surfaces of coins, stay can show up as a rather glossy or smooth area and also sometimes through dullness to the area.


Extremely Fine: Sharply characterized describes this grade. You have to look near to uncover the small amount of wear existing on the hair just over the ear. Notification a slight flattening come the cheek below her eye, and also the ribbon trailing listed below her headdress. In its entirety a quite coin through a satisfaction appearance.


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Fine: Separation of the major design facets are clearly shows on 1901 Indian pennies in "fine" condition. The worn surfaces are obvious but roundness specifies the forehead indigenous the eye and also cheek. In the area close come the headband the quill and also inner parts of the feathers are start to display details. Just the high profile ends of the feathers space worn lacking any kind of design. Hair curls space recognizable behind the neck. These moderately worn 1901 pennies are extremely collectible.

Good: A an extremely worn coin yet still recognizable as a 1901 Indian penny is referred to as "good" condition. Also at this low finish of the problem scale the main style elements space prominent. Her profile is outlined with some detail separating she cheek and neck. Although very small of the headdress is visible, over there is part slight roundness come the feathers. Traveling about the rim all lettering is visible, also if some room faint.