1889 Morgan silver- dollar value arrays from $21.25 to $24.71 because that most discovered today. Yet there are some worth considerably more.

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View the picture to the right, that "uncirculated" problem stands out as far better than most surviving 1889 silver- dollars. Lack of wear, bright colorful toned luster and also lack of contact marks set this coin apart. As a collectible that is a rarely example and the type collectors seek.

With its huge silver content as a start and collector need for the Carson City and San Francisco concerns your coin has actually the potential for much higher value. That the 4 mints that developed silver dollars in 1889, those struck in ~ Carson City are very scarce today. Add in the vast popularity of these coins and also the prices are well above average.

Your project is to judge condition and identify the mint the struck your coin. This varying levels of wear identify condition and also the worth chart is certain listing various values because that each. Also, mintmarks identify the mint are valued separately. Both room covered in information further under the page, discovering precise 1889 Morgan silver- dollar value.


Mintmarks are vital and deciding variable in value. Together collectors rally sets, most include examples from every of the four mints that produced silver dollars this year. Mintmarks of the branch mints space along the bottom reverse above the perform in "Dollar". These include an "S" san Francisco, "O" new Orleans and also "CC" Carson City mint. The main mint in Philadelphia go not location a mintmark ~ above 1889 silver dollars.

Rare 1889 Morgan silver Dollar Value

Listed together Rare in the worth chart above, it"s because any type of "uncirculated" 1889 Carson City silver dollar trades infrequently. Over there is however auction records of past sales to assist establish an approximated market value for this infrequently encountered problem rarity.

David Lawrence rarely Coin Auctions marketed the 1889 Carson City silver- dollar pictured to the right. It is a impressive rare coin, bright and also lustrous with no wear to its surfaces. Additionally appreciated by collectors is the absence of distracting nicks and also abrasions discovered on the coin. To a silver dollar collector this is crucial coin and also opportunities to bid on one space sporadic. The note: over there are numerous specialists who focus only ~ above Carson City issues. Thus this coin enjoys a wide range of popularity.

Now incorporate today"s Morgan silver dollar popularity, with the rarity that this 1889-CC dollar and also the result was bidding in ~ the David Lawrence auction got to $29,500. Your 1889 Morgan silver- dollar value rises easily once determined it"s a rare mint marked issue and especially as soon as accurately graded.


Find Value v a Close investigate

Condition provides a large difference, and here is where you can find included value. Follow in addition to the images and also descriptions as a Morgan dollar begins to wear from freshly produced "Uncirculated" condition, to a really worn instance in "Good" condition. By evaluate the various stages that wear, a "Grade" is determined. The higher the information remaining on your coin, the better your 1889 Morgan silver- dollar value.


Uncirculated: A silver- dollar in "uncirculated" condition has never circulated through commerce, therefore no stay has developed to that is surfaces. Your coin need to exhibit a "like new" luster. Undertake dulls this luster and also affects the high point out of Liberty"s check, temple and also hair. Top top the reverse the breast feathers and head that the eagle are subject come initial wear. If the luster is complete on both political parties it assures the coin is uncirculated. Note: A rarely auction record and value that the scare 1889-CC dollar is detailed below.


Extremely Fine: Slight but noticeable removal that design and also metal defines a worn silver dollar in "extremely fine" condition. Mint luster is now gone from the huge exposed areas, the field in front of Liberty and her face. Tiny details in her hair are currently missing, most noticeable over her forehead and behind she neck. Likewise the folds in the cap show wear on the greatest parts, the an outcome of use and also handling. This is a quite coin, and if yours is the san Francisco or Carson City issue, heavy 1889 Morgan silver dollar value.

Fine: Moderate wear and moderate ns of detail reduces Morgan silver dollars to the well grade. Although wear is apparent, significant design aspects of she cap and hair curls remain bold and also recognizable. However those original fine details space lost and replaced by level areas.

Good: Your 1889 silver dollar in "good" condition is well worn with many of the metal forming the high reliefs of design removed. Liberty"s cheek and also forehead have actually blended into one connecting through her hair and cap. The in salt is nearly gone, yet the stars and also lettering continue to be separate that the rim. Giving your coin character, some information remains, huge curls the hair behind the neck and a full "Liberty" in she coronet.





























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