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As a nutritionist, my target is to help busy ladies eat healthily. One of the means to do this is to monitor the basic nutrition advice to reduce the salt in her diet. So, how can you perform this when what you’ll check out on a food label and on any reubraintv-jp.commended daily intakes is sodium?

What’s the difference between salt and also sodium?

Chemically salt is sodium chloride i beg your pardon is consisted of of one atom of sodium plus one atom the chlorine. While half the salt molecule is sodium, the not fifty percent by weight. You can’t just halve the weight of salt to find your salt intake. Sodium is approximately 40 per cent the the load of salt, v chlorine the staying 60 every cent.

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In tiny quantities, both sodium and chlorine are crucial for health and also growth. The trouble today is we eat means too much sodium.

Two means to convert

To assist you, I"ve placed together my rapid converter table in action 1 or else usage the handy rule in action 2.

1. Fast sodium and also salt converter table
Salt in gramsSodium in mgThis is around equivalent come Nutrition cut-offs
1400Good pinch that salt
1.25500One-quarter that a teaspoon salt
2.3920One-third of a teaspoon saltLower limit of the RDI
2.51000Half a teaspoon salt
41600¾ that a tespoon salt
52000One teaspoon saltAim for this together your best day"s intake
624001¼ teaspoons saltUpper border of the RDI
1040002 teaspoons salt
1248002½ teaspoons saltAverage intake top end

So, 5 grams the salt is equal to 2000mg that sodium, both of i m sorry are contained in one teaspoon of salt. If a recipe calls for one teaspoon of salt and serves 4 people, you"re gaining one-quarter of a tespoon of salt from it or about 500mg salt per serve.

2. Usage the switch rules

To transform the salt to salt or salt to sodium, use these rules:

Sodium come salt

To convert sodium come salt, multiply the sodium number in milligrams (mg) by 2.5 and then divide by 1,000. So:

milligrams of sodium x 2.5 = milligrams that salt

Divide by 1,000 to transform to grams of salt

Example 200mg of salt 200mg x 2.5 = 500mg salt ... Then divided by 1,000 = 0.5 grams saltSo 200mg the sodium equals 500milligrams or 0.5 grams that salt

Salt come sodium

To convert grams the salt come milligrams that sodium

Divide the salt number in grams through 2.5 and then multiply by 1,000 to gain milligrams.

grams the salt ÷ 2.5 = grams of salt

grams of salt x 1,000 = milligrams the sodium

Example6 grams of salt 6g ÷ 2.5 = 2.4g salt ... Climate multiplied by 1,000 = 2400 mg of salt So 6 g that salt amounts to 2400 milligrams of sodium

How much sodium is too much?

Our sodium intake need to be much less than 2,300 mg every day, roughly a teaspoon (or 6 grams) that salt. Ideally, gaining your salt to less than 1600 mg per day is even better as that can aid prevent ill health later in life. I imply you use the mid-point figure of 2,000 mg sodium as a convenient figure to remember.

However, the average day-to-day intake is somewhere in between 6 to 12 grams the salt (or 6,000 come 12,000 milligrams) which about equates come 2,300 to 4,600 milligrams of sodium. This means we"re consuming dual the amount we need.

Sodium - what"s low?

Less 보다 120 mg salt per 100 grams is a low salt food. These are unsalted foodstuffs such as unsalted butter, unsalted margarine, canned tomatoes through no added salt and also fresh produce like vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, fish, meat, eggs, oils, rice, pasta, couscous, pearl barley and other grains.

Sodium - what"s high?

More 보다 600 mg salt per 100 grams is a high sodium food. This have the right to vary from category to classification e.g. Any bread under 400 mg is considered acceptable, however for salty sauces anything under 1000 mg is a an excellent achievement.

Other forms of salt apart from salt

A food may contain NO salt (sodium chloride) but may still it is in high in sodium since of the presence of naturally-occurring salt (as in celery or spinach) or various other sodium comprise ingredients and additives together as:

Baking powderBaking sodaSodium bicarbonate
Flavour enhancerMonoSodium Glutamate (MSG)
PreservativesSodium benzoate, sodium nitrite, salt sulphite
AntioxidantSodium ascorbate (the salt salt that ascorbic acid or Vitamin C). You"ll check out this as an additive in many white wines under the additive password No 300

ubraintv-jp.compare high, medium and lower salt foods

Look at these 3 categories of similar foods split into the high, medium and also lower classification e.g corn flakes (highest in salt) vs weet-bix (medium) vs oats (lower). Friend will see the very same gradation for baked products such together croissants and also crumpets and also for soups.

Sodium category



mg salt

per serve

g salt

per serve

Breakfast cereal

High - end 600 mg per 100 g

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

1 metric cup, 35 g



Medium - in between 120 and 600 mg every 100 g

Sanitarium Weetbix

2 biscuits, 30 g



‘Lower’ - less than 400 mg every 100 g but see note listed below *

Uncle Toby’s rolled oats

1 serve, 40 g uncooked


Less 보다 0.1




1, 57 g




Golden crumpet

1, 50 g




Sunblest white bread

2 slices, 60 g





Campbell’s Chicken Stock

1 cup, 250 ml




Continental Chicken Noodle soup

1 cup, 250 ml, 1 packet makes up 4 serves




Home-made chicken stock, no included salt

1 cup, 250 ml



Suggested day-to-day maximum



Figures taken native food labels together at 2020

* We have actually classed these items together "low" ubraintv-jp.compared to other products. However, several of these carry out not accomplish the main government an interpretation of less than 120 mg per 100g. However they room all under 400mg per 100g.

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Editor"s note: This article was to update in respectable 2020. Catherine Saxelby aims to assist busy women eat healthily and keep up-to-date ~ above the latest nutrition information. Sodium levels in general have reduced due to the fact that this article was an initial published and the latest numbers have been included to the tables.