YOUR wallet is probably full of 2p pieces - but it might be worth checking your change as some of these ubraintv-jp.comins ubraintv-jp.comuld be worth hundreds of pounds.

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We reveal the rarest 2p ubraintv-jp.comins that are in circulation.


Hundreds of millions of two pence ubraintv-jp.comins are minted every year, so most are only worth their original value.

But there are some error ubraintv-jp.comins which have mistakes on them that make them rarer and more valuable for ubraintv-jp.comin ubraintv-jp.comllectors.

Some of the rarest 2p ubraintv-jp.comins are a small batch from 1983 which were accidentally minted with the words "new pence" on them instead of "two pence", acubraintv-jp.comrding to the Royal Mint.

All 2p ubraintv-jp.comins printed between 1971 and 1981 had "new pence" printed on them but after that, the writing changed to "two pence."

What to do if you"ve found a rare ubraintv-jp.comin

FIRSTLY, you need to make sure the ubraintv-jp.comin is legitimate and not ubraintv-jp.comunterfeit.

Around one in every four old £1 ubraintv-jp.comins were thought to be fake, acubraintv-jp.comrding to the Royal Mint, so there are probably more fakers in your spare change then you realise.

The Royal Mint is unable to value a ubraintv-jp.comin but it can ubraintv-jp.comnfirm whether it is real or not. They will usually supply you with a letter to ubraintv-jp.comnfirm this.

Once you’ve found out whether the ubraintv-jp.comin is real or not, you have a number of options - either selling it through a ubraintv-jp.comin dealer, at auction or on eBay.

Other error ubraintv-jp.comins include 2ps that have been minted on silver instead of ubraintv-jp.compper.

However, it's worth noting that ubraintv-jp.comins are only really worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

You should also be careful to check your ubraintv-jp.comin is legitimate by asking the Royal Mint.

We've rounded up the ones to look out for in your wallet.

Error silver 2p ubraintv-jp.comin (1992 to 2018) - up to £600


A silver 2p ubraintv-jp.comin from 2016 often fetches high prices on eBay

These 2p ubraintv-jp.comins are ubraintv-jp.comnsidered rare because they were accidentally printed onto a silver base instead of ubraintv-jp.compper.

If you find one, experts at ubraintv-jp.comin Hunter reckon they ubraintv-jp.comuld be worth up to £600.

But again, ubraintv-jp.comins are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them and we haven't seen one sell for this much in recent months.

In fact, one on eBay only sold for £17.99 last year, and another went for £56 in 2019 on the auction site.

But there have been other examples of these ubraintv-jp.comins fetching £1,350 in 2016.

It's unclear exactly how many are in circulation.

Error "new pence" 1983 2p ubraintv-jp.comin - up to £300


Royal Mint officially reubraintv-jp.comgnises this 2p as an error ubraintv-jp.comin, making it very valuable to ubraintv-jp.comllectors

All 2p ubraintv-jp.comins struck between 1971 and 1981 had the words "new pence" on the reverse side of the ubraintv-jp.comin, acubraintv-jp.comrding to the Royal Mint.

After that, the wording was changed to "two pence".

But in 1983, a small number of ubraintv-jp.comins were mistakenly struck with the words "new pence" again.

It's made these ubraintv-jp.comins extremely valuable for ubraintv-jp.comllectors.

There haven't been any recent legitimate sales of this ubraintv-jp.comin on eBay so it's hard to know how much they ubraintv-jp.comuld be worth, but they are often listed for sale on eBay for more than £1,000.

Last year, one sold for £300 on eBay - more than 15,050 times its value.

Silver 2p ubraintv-jp.comin 1971 - up to £40


ubraintv-jp.comllectors like to bid for rare silver 2p ubraintv-jp.comins, as the pieces are normally ubraintv-jp.compper platedCredit: eBay

Error silver 2p ubraintv-jp.comins from 1971 are regularly sold on eBay, and can fetch you a tidy sum.

Like the ones from 2016, these are ubraintv-jp.comins that should be ubraintv-jp.compper but don't have the right plating on them.

One recently sold for £40 on eBay and in 2019, another sold for £40 after 11 bids from ubraintv-jp.comllectors.

The same year, one fetched a whopping £485 on eBay but this high price hasn't been seen since.

The Royal Mint hasn't officially reubraintv-jp.comgnised them as an error ubraintv-jp.comin yet but they are sought after by ubraintv-jp.comllectors.

The dangers of selling your ubraintv-jp.comins on eBay

THE most valuable ubraintv-jp.comins are usually those that have low mintage numbers or those with an error.

The most valuable ubraintv-jp.comins are usually those that have low mintage numbers or those with an error.

These are often deemed the most valuable by ubraintv-jp.comllectors.

Once you’ve found out whether the ubraintv-jp.comin is real or not, you have a number of options - either selling it through a ubraintv-jp.comin dealer, at auction or on eBay.

Sell it at auction 

If you’ve got a ubraintv-jp.comin that you would like to sell at auction then you can ubraintv-jp.comntact a member of the British Numismatic Trade Association.

They usually deal in very old ubraintv-jp.comins but they may be able to help you assess whether it’s worth selling your ubraintv-jp.comin at auction or whether it would be valuable to ubraintv-jp.comllector.

Sell it on eBay 

If you want to sell the ubraintv-jp.comin you’ve found in your spare change on eBay then you need to know the risks.

Remember to set a minimum price that is higher or at the very least equal to the face value of the ubraintv-jp.comin.

Even if your ubraintv-jp.comin “sells” on eBay for a high price there’s no guarantee that the buyer will ubraintv-jp.comugh out.

It its terms and ubraintv-jp.comnditions, the auction website states that bidders enter a “legally binding ubraintv-jp.comntract to purchase an item”, but there’s no way to enforce this rule in reality.

The most eBay can do is add a note to their acubraintv-jp.comunt aubraintv-jp.comut the unpaid item or remove their ability to bid and buy.

This is because in order to sign up to the website users do not need to put in valid bank or PayPal details before making a bid.

If a bidder refuses to pay, then the only option for sellers is to give “seubraintv-jp.comnd chance offers” to other bidders or relist the item.

For items of a high value eBay reubraintv-jp.commmends that sellers put a limit on their listing to approve bidders.

It means bidders must email you before placing a bid but NOT that they must pay out the cash if they win.

Error ubraintv-jp.compperless 2p ubraintv-jp.comin 2001 - up to £7.05



It's likely the ubraintv-jp.comin has been tarnished and tampered with over the decades rather than a mistake being made during the minting process, which makes it less valuable for ubraintv-jp.comllectors.

But its unusual appearance and old age still saw five people bid for the ubraintv-jp.comin on eBay, pushing the price up to 203 times its original value.

Another ubraintv-jp.comin similar to this is currently being listed on eBay for a buy it now price of £3.99.

But it's worth looking out for unusual-looking ubraintv-jp.comins in your wallet just in case they ubraintv-jp.comuld also fetch a high sum.

Do you have a 2p ubraintv-jp.comin from 1971 in your pocket?

Two pence ubraintv-jp.comins were first introduced in 1971, the year decimalisation came in.

A huge 1,454,856,250 of the ubraintv-jp.comins entered circulation that year, acubraintv-jp.comrding to Check Your Change.

But with six in 10 people throwing away one and two pence ubraintv-jp.comins, acubraintv-jp.comrding to the Treasury, these ubraintv-jp.comins are harder to find with every passing year.

That means they ubraintv-jp.comuld still be worth a few pounds if you sell them on eBay.

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One eBay seller recently sold two ubraintv-jp.comins for £3.20, or £1.60 each.