The average American eats 1,996 pounds (905 kg) the food every year. That adds up easily if you take into consideration the average person eats three meals a day. Times the by 365 work a year, and you get over 1000 meals – or a lot of food.

That’s almost one ton the food or the weight of a 1979 Volkswagen Beetle, Giraffe, or baby Humpback Whale. <1>

That’s also a hell of a lot of loo roll! (Americans use an typical of 141 toilet rolfes per human a year.) <2>


In a examine by USDA from a couple of years ago, they found that in the mean day an American just spends 67 minutes eat without distractions. And also with increasing display screen time, trends display that number decreasing. <13>

However, the study found that Americans likewise spent secondary 23.5 minutes eating while multitasking. So, that’s a complete of 90.5 minutes a work eating. In one year, the adds approximately over 33,000 minutes, over 550 hours, or virtually 23 days spent eating.

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How lot Does A human being Drink a Year? 

Studies present that americans drink an mean of 44 gallons (200 liters) of soda every year, and around 58 gallons (263 liters) the water. For soda, that’s around 14 exchange rate gallons (63 billion liters) spend a year throughout the US. <14>

That might sound like a lot, yet that just averages to around 2.5 cups a work which is not sufficient to stop dehydration. And 58 gallons is actually less water than countless mid-sized fish tanks hold.

According come the mei Clinic, you must drink 15.5 cups a day for men, and also 11.5 cup a day for women. However, the actual amount of water you need depends ~ above your practice level, environment, and also health. <15>

If americans drank the encourage amount that water, then they would drink all over from 260 to 350 gallons (1181-1591 liters) the water a year. From that perspective, the 58 gallons (263 liters) we in reality drink seem like barely a drop in the bucket.

How lot Food does Average human Consumes In Lifetime?

Evidently, we normally eat in between 3.5 come 5.5 pounds (1.5-2.5 kg) the food a work and, if we eat healthy and balanced foods, roughly 4 pounds (1.8 kg) will fill us up. As discussed above, critical year, the average westerner ate 1,996 lbs (905 kg) over the year…

Suppose we assume the typical lifespan is around 79 year of age and also that annually is around 365.25 job (remembering leap years) and that we’re claimed to have actually an average of 1800 power calories a day. In the case, different nations will differ.

For instance, the USA has an median of 2,700 calorie a day, whereas part African claims such as Eritrea in west Africa consume just 1,590!

So, if we occupational out the women require 2,000 calories a day and also men 2,500, then the everyday average for a human being is 2,250 calories, which makes it 64,923,187 calorie consumed in the mean human’s lifetime – whoa.

It is approximated that the average human being eats about 35-40 tons of food in a lifetime. To offer you a far better visual expertise of that figure, a fully-loaded 18-wheeler semi-truck through a trailer weighs about 40 tons. That’s not so good, people!

Time to cut back…

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Heavy Stuff!

It transforms out the although negative diets are a major factor for 1 in 5 deaths roughly the world, we room still life longer.

Because it appears that although human beings are life for much longer – in the united state the typical death, nevertheless of our poor diets, tends to be 78.54 years, we room spending more years in okay health as result of our poor diet choices.

Diet is, in fact, the second-highest risk variable for early fatality after smoking.

So, it’s no so much about how much we’re cramming into our faces, but what we’re eat – after all, if we’re eat healthy and nutritious food choices, we have to be pour it until it is full ourselves up v nutritious good-for-us foods items which, unlike handle junk foods, means we won’t desire so much of it at each sitting.

Bon Appetit!

The human relationship v food is complex.

Even since the job of Plato, who believed humans have to make options like a charioteer that the soul commanding two steeds – one noble and one wicked.

So the following time your hand reaches for the bacon sandwich oozing through tomato sauce, should it really be veering in the direction of the salad instead?

We obviously need to eat come survive and also for our bodies to keep a healthy and balanced balance the nutrition and sustenance however getting the balance ideal isn’t constantly easy.

Because supposedly we are what we eat…

Food seems to constitute our an extremely being – the affects ours health, offer up our sensory delights, and also makes us human being – what various other mammal fusses end food in the same means as the human?

Did you understand that the typical grocery shop stocks about 32,000 different commodities which we humans love come devour, and we take it an median of 2% of ours lives checking out those grocery aisles to watch what we have the right to consume to ensure ours 35 loads of food is completed by the finish of our lives?

As humans, we intensively regulate our sustenance sources and also shape castle to feeding our needs and also desires, which ultimately affect the environment on a global scale.

Did you know that around four can be ~ of Spam are opened every four seconds?

And the 400 quarter-pound hamburgers can be made from one beef carcass?Nope? Not numerous of united state do…

Strawberry Fields

It may be the surname of a popular song, but if us humans have actually too lot of a great thing, then all this too much food eating can’t be act us much good…

Sadly because that us typical humans, eating isn’t as simple as simply refueling a car.

We don’t just fill ourself up once the indicator nudges towards empty. 

And we never treat oneself by pour it until it is full up v a vehicle with fuel.

In fact, ours obsession through eating method that, ~ above average, a human likewise eats roughly 2.8 unhealthy snacks in a solitary day.

So what beginning out together a biological need ends up ending up being far more complicated and messier, especially when you litter in emotions, memories, ideas, and rituals into the mix.

Our partnership with food bring away on lots of different meanings, such as punishment, appeasement, celebration, obligation, and also reward.

It depends on our moods, the moment of day, and who we’re through – which deserve to lead to our overeating, undereating, or making bad food choices.

Okay – so us all recognize that stuffing our deals with with poor food choices is negative for us, yet did you know that:

Skipping a healthy and balanced breakfast is negative for us? missing a enjoy the meal doesn’t typical it’s healthy…And that eating too plenty of calories late at night is linked to obesity? mental the old saying, ‘Eat her breakfast choose a king, eat lunch like a prince, and also eat your dinner choose a pauper.’Juicing isn’t as good for you as some health and wellness pundits maintain since when you are eating solid, nutritious, and filling foods, chemistry reactions wake up in her body that leaves you emotion satiated and full longer that keeps girlfriend from emotion peckish or crave because that food for hours.Watching tv or doing other multi-tasking things while you space eating no a great idea together you’re regularly distracted around how lot you’re eating!

Come on, girlfriend Foodies

Have you i found it that as soon as you try and cut ago on her food input by dieting or eating much more sensibly, there always seems to be more adverts, and every form of ‘bad’ food choice which you typically love appears to be screaming in ~ you in temptation native everywhere?

But, you recognize that stuffing your plate native edge to edge, and stacking the food up high, is not helpful. Remember, it’s constantly your choice – nobody is forcing girlfriend to pile up.

Eating when you are actually not that hungry, might be because you room depressed or worried, can provide you a lot of of troubles in the long run. So, protect against comforting yourself v food as soon as you feel like this.

Eating means too much and also having no for for part sizes have the right to have quite a bag consequences such together diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and also obesity. 

In technical terms, overeating or binging means eating an quantity of food the is ‘inappropriately considerable for an object of given energy expenditure.’ shot to go without eating in between meals. If you feeling peckish, don’t reach because that snacks or food but try drinking water first, and if you still feeling hungry, shot something healthy and balanced like fruit or nuts.

Remember, as Benjamin Franklin said: ‘One have to eat come live, not live to eat.’

So, next time you with for that butty, think, perform you really want a life time of obesity and ill health, or would you favor to live a long, healthy, and also happy life?

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Food Fun

Food can be exciting, and also we should shot and reap it. It doesn’t need to be a issue of good and bad food.

Moderation and also a tiny forward planning room the way ahead for united state all.

We shouldn’t constantly believe what the huge food industry moguls tell us either – remember lock want us to to buy the food commodities that castle put into the grocery store aisles, therefore they dangle temptation v over-processed and unhealthy food choices before united state all the time.

So, next time you’re in the supermarket, you can still have lots of yummy food choices, yet just ensure her food choices are wise and also avoid the ultra-processed-food sections.

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Make certain you gain lots the plant-based products, and you can still have actually beef and bacon, however in moderation, variation and diversity is the key, and try and aim for roughly 30 different species of tree in a week, including nuts and also seeds. Fasting sooner or later a week can work because that you…

So, litter away old ideas and also work the end what works ideal for you as we’re every unique.