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Triple H Height, Weight, age Body Statistics: Paul Micheal Levesque is best known because that his wrestler name “Triple H.” anyone wrestling pan out over there knows who he is. His iconic sleeve tattoo and also jacked-up body provide it all away. Needless to say, he’s been a trademark the the WWE world.

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Unfortunately, we won’t be talking about his job in this write-up no matter exactly how intriguing that could be. Our men at will let girlfriend in top top that. Examine out Triple H’s Bio and also Net Worth!

This article will it is in digging more into Triple H’s Height and Measurements, particularly:

Triple H Height
How He lost Weight
Body Statistics, Age
His Love for His wrestles Shoes
And many more!
Alright, prior to I get ahead that myself, let’s gain ready to rumble!

* Cue in Earl Hebner.

Triple H vital Stats (2021): Height, Weight, age & lots more…

How high is Triple H?

Triple H is 6 feet and also 2 inches (188 cm) tall.

A pretty huge guy….

You can see in this photo how Triple H elevation is contempt taller than Stephanie McMahon (who’s attract heels in spite of being 175 centimeters or 5’7” tall)

In fact, Triple H height is thought about to be higher than most American males which is 5 feet 9 inches.

How Old Is Triple?

Paul Michael Levesque AKA Triple H period was born ~ above July 27, 1969 making him 52 today.

Source: Flickr

How lot Does Triple H Weigh?

Triple H billed weight is 116 kilograms (255 pounds) or 18.2 stone

How go Triple H weight Lose?

Source: Wikimedia

I gambling you’re curious exactly how Triple H controlled to shed off some weight method back 2015.

Well, we’re simply as curious together you are. The businessman – slash expert wrestler – lost 6 kilograms (15 pounds) during his intense diet and training.

Besides that, his other dimensions – favor his chest and waist dimension – both trimmed down! 

His chest is currently 55 inch or 140 centimeters while his belt circumference is measured at 36 inch or 91 centimeters.

However, the real question is this: what’s the an enig to Triple H weight loss? 

According to some sources, Triple H has been maybe to shed some that his weight – thanks to his nutrition-rich diet. Additionally, Triple H makes sure he doesn’t eat noþeles junk – the eats protein-rich foods items instead. 

He included that self-control in food intake had actually a large impact ~ above his weight…

… giving him a much more healthy and also fit body.

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He additionally eats a lot of of entirety foods, including some fruits and also vegetables, proteins from fish and also chicken, and also high-fiber grains. 

What a nutrition-packed diet the surely has!

Want to shot this diet? If so, we’d love to watch your results and also reactions in the comment section.