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Since 2016, race purses and prize money details have been private, leave fans combining guesswork, outdated numbers and rare peeks behind the curtain come glean information around the economic snapshot of the sport.

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But just prior to the 2020 Daytona 500, the association released the gyeongju purse — a record-setting $23.6 million will certainly be distributed among the 40 drivers.

Below is every little thing you have to know about the Daytona 500 purse, including approximates of just how much the winner will make.

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What is the Daytona 500 purse because that 2020?

2020 Daytona 500 purse: $23.6 million

The $23.6 million 2020 Daytona 500 purse is the greatest in American motorsports history, follow to a NASCAR announcement.

In 2015 — the last year NASCAR disclosed gyeongju purses until this week"s announcement — the Daytona 500 purse was $18 million. According to a bankruptcy filing from BK Racing and released through NBC Sports, the 2018 Daytona 500 purse was $15.5 million.

How much money perform you get for win the Daytona 500?

This calls for some guesswork, since NASCAR didn"t release place-by-place prize money.

The 2015 winner, Joey Logano, earned about $1.6 million, roughly 8.8 percent that the full purse. That share that the purse was around on par v the ahead Daytona 500"s in current history.

If the 2020 edition has a comparable share, the winner that the Daytona 500 will certainly take home about $2.06 million. It would likely be the an initial NASCAR race to compensation the winner increase of $2 million.

How lot money walk a NASCAR driver make per race?

The amount of money a NASCAR driver makes in a race counts on what the gyeongju is and also where they finish. Due to the fact that the data isn"t publicly available, the finest we can do is estimate based off past data.

The amount of money on the line at a given NASCAR gyeongju varies significantly. In 2015, the biggest purse was the Daytona 500"s $18 million, and the the smallest was $4,494,688. The average purse was $5,556,775.

Then, motorists earn money based upon their final position. Under the previous, windy system, over there were much more variables and incentives that affected payout of a race, however that went away (along with publishing those payouts) in 2016.

At the 2020 Daytona 500, teams have the right to make in between an estimated $2.06 million and $365,000. Other races historically had a lot flatter payout structure, v payouts that would certainly line up with approximate estimates between $320,000 and $78,500 in the 2020 season.

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Daytona 500 prize money break down 2020

The following table is one estimate, based turn off the percentages of previous Daytona 500 purses earned by finishers, applied to the updated $23.6 million purse for 2020.

PositionPrize money (estimate)
No. 1$2,064,397
No. 2$1,512,975
No. 3$1,114,836
No. 4$936,544
No. 5$784,844
No. 6$624,009
No. 7$566,133
No. 8$529,577
No. 9$495,596
No. 10$470,354