Shaquille Rashaun O’Nealwas born on in march 6, 1972 in Newark, brand-new Jersey come Lucille O’Neal and also Joe Toney. That kid thrived into a 7-foot-1 man-among-boys, both top top the NBA basketball court and likewise off of that in entertainment, education, legislation enforcement and some crawl investing.

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From Fruity Pebbles come Google, “The big Aristotle” has capitalized ~ above a ton of clever investments over the years. Today, the four-time NBA champion and 15-time NBA All-Star is worth so lot money, it overshadows his gigantic stature and also size-22 shoes.

Over a 19-year NBA career that featured three NBAFinals MVP awards, a league MVP in 2000, too countless playoff appearances to count plus signing several large contracts to pair through a list of smart investments, “The huge Galactus” produced a enormous amount the wealth, both on and off the court.

Although he’s no much longer a expert basketball player today, “Shaq Fu” is a TV analyst, a doctor, a key jockey, and around 100 various other things in ~ 49-years-young. We have to all be surprised he never tried to come to be an NFL player.

Basketball Career

After a being called a McDonald’s High school All-American coming out of Robert G. Cole in san Antonio (TX), “The large Agave” enrolled in ~ Louisiana State University. In college, he ended up being a two-time SEC Player the the Year and two-time All-American and also positively impacted people’s stays in Baton Rouge. He also won the Adolph Rupp Trophy in 1991, offered to the NCAA’s men’s basketball player of the year.

“Manny Shaq-iaou” was the No. 1 in its entirety pick in the 1992 NBA draft by the OrlandoMagicand automatically took end the NBA v his dominating presence, unmatched power and also deceptively rapid feet near the basket, which aided him take home the 1993 NBA Rookie that the Year trophy.

Right out of the gate, his dominance came to be opposing team’s nightmares.


In 1996, “The huge Conductor” signed a enormous seven-year, $121 million contract to sign up with the Los AngelesLakers. “The Diesel” announced his huge contract before winning a yellow medal in ~ the 1996 Summer Olympics through the joined States nationwide team. After being called the league’s MVP in 2000 come go along with three-straight NBA Championships and three-straight Finals MVP awards, “The large IPO” left California and Kobe Bryant because that his next destination: south Florida.

“The large Leprechaun” signed one more massive five-year, $100 million transaction to join the MiamiHeat, whereby he won his fourth NBA location alongside Dwyane Wade. Over the final four periods with the Phoenix Suns, joining LeBron James and also the Cleveland Cavaliers, climate signing as a cost-free agent with the Boston Celtics, “The large Maravich” take it home another $62 million.

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After a 19-year career, the superstar huge man left basketball for great as among the best players in NBA history, yet his accrual of some significant wealth was much from over.