When it concerns refreshing your an are with a new coat that paint, Walmart is the go-to because that paint, brushes, and all various other DIY supplies.

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However, if girlfriend are in search of a unique shade to do your room stand out, you might be wondering even if it is or not Walmart mixes paint. Below is what i discovered!

Does Walmart Mix repaint In 2021?

Walmart walk mix repaint to order together of 2021. When ordering paint from Walmart, the repaint mixing organization will it is in free, and also the wait time is between five and ten minutes. If your local Walmart is open 24 hrs a day, you can still get your paint mixed throughout the night.

To learn much more about just how to gain your paint mixed at Walmart, accessible brands, and the kind of paints Walmart mixes, keep on reading!

How much Does it expense to Mix repaint at Walmart?

The great news is the Walmart paint is complimentary to mix! for the repaint itself, you have the right to expect come pay between $10 and $30 per gallon of paint to it is in mixed.

The price of repaint mixing at Walmart counts on the brand, the amount, and the kind of paint. Follow to the Walmart website, if you want to purchase Walmart’s pre-mixed repaint options, your Grab-N-Go paint costs between $14 and also $40.

Alternatively, you deserve to purchase a paint mixing drill attachment from Walmart and also do your repaint mixing at home. Among these attachments will cost you in between $4 and also $20.

What brand of paint Does Walmart Carry?

Walmart stocks every the major brands the paint, including:

General FinishesGliddenMontana CansKILZKrylonRustoleumThe genuine Milk repaint Co.Zinsser.

Walmart’s own official paint brand is ColorPlace and also is do by Sherwin Williams that likewise offers customers the pre-mixed paint choice in both cans and sprays.

What species of paint Does Walmart Mix?

Walmart uses its mixing service for both at home paint and also outdoor paint. They will also mix any kind of sheen type, consisting of satin, eggshell, matte, high-gloss, or semi-gloss.

However, Walmart will certainly not mix various sheen types, nor will certainly they mix a mix of indoor and outdoor paints.

How execute I Mix repaint at Walmart?

Paint mixing solutions are situated at the paint desk, in the Home development section the the store, and also have the very same opening hrs as the remainder of the store.

Simply carry in her desired shade swatch, and an employee will be able to mix the paint for friend on the spot.

Typically, the wait time of mixing repaint at Walmart is roughly 5-10 minutes, however, this have the right to take longer relying on the time of day and also how busy the store is.

Other Walmart repaint Services

If you desire to see just how your room will look with a certain paint color, Walmart has actually a handy virtual paint attribute on its website. You deserve to either walk with among their pre-selected photos or upload your very own to gain an idea of just how it will look.

Choosing between all of the colors that Walmart has to offer, friend can easily figure the end what your ideal paint mix will certainly look like.

Walmart also has lot of of helpful tips and also tricks on its website for painting your room flawlessly. No issue the dimension of that inner project, all you must refresh your room is a expedition to your regional Walmart, part time, and a drop fabric to keep the chaos minimal!

If you desire to for sure the product you room after is accessible in Walmart, you can see my overview on the finest time to shop in ~ Walmart and likewise my post on how often Walmart restocks.

Additionally, if you have purchased paint and are unhappy v the product, you have the right to see our article on the Walmart paint return plan to check out if you can obtain a refund.

Also, if you have actually a specific color you desire to match, you can additionally see our overview on the residence Depot paint color matching service.


Yes, Walmart go mix paint in-store—you can gain your perfect paint shade just right with their repaint mixing service without having actually to wait for also long. The business is affordable, with pricing between $10 and also $30 per gallon of repaint for mixing.

And because most painting specialists recommend purchasing 2 to 3 gallons of repaint for one average-sized bedroom—with enough left over because that touch-ups or emergencies—you should have the ability to paint a room because that under $100.

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Walmart paints have tendency to get good reviews from house renovators, making the a win-win for customers. So every little thing project you have on the go for refurbishing your an are with color, Walmart is the location to shop for every the offers you need.