Is it just a coincidence the one cubic foot the water weighs 1000 ounces (to within 0.1 percent accuracy)?



The details weight that water is 62.43 pounds (avoirdupois) per cubic foot.

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62.43 pounds * 16 ounces = 998.88 ounces. This is a coincidence.

However, what is no a simultaneously is the details weight that water express in kilograms per cubic meter. The thickness of pure liquid water in ~ 4 degrees centigrade is 1 gram every cubic centimeter, or 1,000 kilograms per cubic meter.

One gram initially was characterized to it is in "the absolute weight that a volume that pure water same to the cube the the hundredth component of a metre, and also at the temperature of melt ice".


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Is the a coincidence the 1 liter water has actually a massive of 1 kg if 1 cubic meter has actually 1000 liters of water?

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