Body measurements


169.5 centimeter (5 ft 6.75 in)


55 kg (121 lb)

Bra size


Chest size

93 cm (36 in)

Waist size

67 cm (26 in)

Hips size

94 cm (37 in)

Shoe size

8.5 US

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Date the birth

March 03, 1982



Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation


Eyes color


Hair color



Who is Jessica Biel?


Jessica Biel is just one of the sexy Hollywood actresses. She’s additionally an activist. 

Early Accomplishments

Since the at an early stage childhood, this girl proved an interest if the theatrical stuff, for this reason she had lessons that voice and dancing. 

Before her name was connected with movie roles, Jessica appeared in a sexy photo session because that Gear. 

Best well-known for

Among the films that made her name well known are: Valentine’s job (comedy film) co-starring through Jessica Alba and also Anne Hathaway, Elizabethtown (drama film), Blade: Trinity and Total Recall, co-starring through Colin Farrell (both of castle – science-fiction thrillers). 

In 2012, she additionally participated in an autobiographical film Hitchcock informing the story the that remarkable director. In the film, the girl play the duty of one actress Vera mile – among Hitchcock’s favourite ones.

Sexual Orientation

Jessica is straight and also she’s been happily married to Justin Timberlake because 2012. After having been date for a couple of years, they ultimately got married and in 2015 provided birth to a kid Silas Randall. 

Religious Beliefs

Worth to Know

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Using her recognizable name and also fame, Jessica Biel tries come evoke people’s consciousness worrying urgent worldwide issues. She participates in assorted charitable organizations and summits favor water crisis, poverty etc.