Jeff Probst network Worth and Salary: Jeff Probst is an American reporter, producer, and also Emmy award-winning reality show host who has actually a network worth of $50 million. That is ideal known for being the host of the hit reality TV show Survivor. Jeff Probst has won numerous awards end the food of his career, including multiple Emmys. Jeff earns a salary of $8 million per year as host of the long running CBS reality display Survivor.

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Early Life: Jeff Probst was born ~ above November 4th of 1961 in Wichita, Kansas. His family members later relocated to Bellevue, Washington, whereby he was raised. That attended Newport High School and graduated in 1979. He climate studied at Seattle Pacific University prior to working as a narrator and producer because that marketing videos developed for the Boeing Motion picture Studio.

Career: Jeff Probst an initial got started in television with hosting duties for FX. One present called Backchat involved answering letters sent in by viewers, while another focused ~ above music. Probst then held Rock & role Jeopardy from 1998 to 2001 and also worked as a correspondent for Access Hollywood. These were several of Probst"s earliest work prior to hosting Survivor.

In the year 2000, Jeff Probst started hosting Survivor. The show ended up being a huge hit and also has deserve its location as among the longest-running reality series with an outstanding 40 seasons and also counting. Jeff Probst was released to stardom as a an outcome of the show"s popularity and became famous for currently such as "the tribe has spoken."

Jeff keeps a souvenir from each season that Survivor; the wooden "snuffer" offered to extinguish the torches of contestants as soon as they"re voted turn off the show.

In 2012, CBS offered Probst his own show: The Jeff Probst Show. It just ran because that one season before it was ultimately canceled. Short ratings led to the show"s demise.

In addition to his hosting function with Survivor, Probst has showed up in a wide variety of different TV shows. He frequently appears in Jeopardy! And Celebrity Jeopardy! because the ninth season the MadTV, he has appeared on the series every season. In 2009, he appeared in CBS"s I obtain That A Lot. In 2011, he also appeared in a cameo role in How ns Met your Mother. In addition, he showed up twice in Two and also a half Men and also once in Life in Pieces.

Additional Ventures: Jeff Probst wrote and directed a 2001 film referred to as Finder"s Fee. The movie starred Ryan Reynolds and received greatly positive reviews. It also won many awards and was screened at miscellaneous film festivals. He also directed 2014"s Kiss Me. He also wrote a publication called Stranded. The publication contains behind-the-scenes information around Probst"s endure with Survivor and details about his an individual life. In addition, Jeff Probst partnered through Scholastic and also released a kids" adventure book collection called Stranded.

Personal Life: Probst"s first wife was a psychotherapist, and they to be married from 1996 come 2001. Throughout the ninth season that Survivor, Probst occurred an attention in among the contestants, Julie Berry. They began dating after ~ the series ended in 2004, although they damaged up in 2008. Probst married his 2nd wife in 2011 and also became the stepfather that her kids from a vault marriage. Probst is a minister, which method that he have the right to legally wed couples. He has actually presided over the weddings the his friend in the past.

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Real Estate: In 2011 Jeff payment $5 million because that an 8,000 square-foot home on almost 4-acres in Studio City, California. Because that decades, native the 1940s to late 1990s, the home belonged to legendary singer/entrepreneur Gene Autry. For number of years after ~ Autry"s death, his widow test to obtain the home turned into a Gene Autry museum. After failing to acquire zoning permission, the residential property was placed up for sale because that $6.9 million. As we proclaimed a moment ago, Jeff finished up the buyer at $5 million.