There room several species of home oxygen therapy options.

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Each alternative is design to fulfill a variety of patient needs: ambulation, dosage delivery and also other needs. I beg your pardon oxygen tools patients obtain is dependency on what their doctor prescribes. Some world need oxygen therapy only once they practice or while castle sleep. Others should use oxygen approximately the clock. Us hope this Oxygen Cylinder Comparison guide can help patients and also medical professionals accordingly find the finest oxygen tools for the patient's therapy.

Here space some considerations to keep in mind as soon as looking in ~ oxygen cylinders because that treatment:

Many oxygen cylinders are very lightweight and also work an excellent for both active and less energetic patients.Oxygen cylinders space most often used in conjunction v an oxygen concentrator. The "home-fill" oxygen systems allow small, portable cylinders (i.e. M-6's, M-9's) to be re-filled straight from oxygen concentrators.Cylinders come in various sizes. The size of the cylinder determines the volume the gas contained and also the length of time prior to the oxygen in tank operation out.Oxygen cylinders come equipped with a regulator that controls the flow of oxygen to the patient. If the regulator is offered without an oxygen-conserving device, the flow of oxygen come the patient will be continuous. If the regulator has a conserving maker built in, the circulation of oxygen is released once the patience inhales and also is cut off when the patient exhales.

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Below you will watch a to compare of 6 oxygen cylinders through specifications (i.e. Weight, height). We likewise have cylinder durations listed. Ours M-60 cylinder is ours heaviest, but it's only offered to patients together an emergency.

Oxygen Cylinder comparison Guide



Height: 11.6 inCapacity: 164 litersDiameter: 3.21 inWeight: 2.2 lbs.Comes through carrier bag



Height: 7.68 inCapacity: 165 litersDiameter: 4.38 inWeight: 2.8 lbsComes v carrier bag



Height: 10.7 inCapacity: 255 litersDiameter: 4.38 inWeight: 3.7 lbsComes through carrier bag



Height: 16.5 inCapacity: 425 litersDiameter: 4.38 inWeight: 5.3 lbsComes with carrier bag



Height: 24.9 inCapacity: 680 litersDiameter: 4.38 inWeight: 7.9 lbsComes through wheelchair bag or cart



Height: 23.5 inCapacity: 1738 litersDiameter: 7.3 inWeight: 22.3 lbsNot portable- emergency back-up tank