Lately, i realized the many world in NJ, NY, PA, DE and MD have to know around the different species of pallets sizes and pallet weight. Fine look no further; below we will certainly cover all the most popular pallet dimensions, sizes and weights that are developed by Greenway commodities & Services.

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Pallet Standard

The standard size for a pallet is 48×40. In various other words, the typical pallet has 48 customs in width and also 40 inches in length. Generally, pallet sizes room inches. This typical pallet weight deserve to vary from 35 come 40 lbs, relying on the thickness of the wood. For example a 48 x 40 4way pallet v 5/8 wood weights around 40 lbs and also a pallet with ½ in boards would be 35 lbs.

Other Pallet Types

In addition, there are countless other species of sizes that Greenway creates that room most famous by our customers, which are 36 x 36, 42 x 42 and 48 x 48. Ours 36 x 36 pallets are roughly 30 lbs. The 42 x 42 pallets are approximately 35 lbs and the 48 x 48 pallet weight are approximately 40 lbs that course based on the thickness of the wood. Below, is a table that shows the different pallet sizes and also weight (all weights space approximate).Didn’t discover the pallet size you need?

Don’t problem if girlfriend didn’t uncover your pallet size that friend need. Greenway creates tradition pallets. Through our “PDS” Computer-Aided Pallet Design, we can style the right pallet for you that fits her needs. Desire to find much more information on tradition pallets, or pallet load contacts us and call Greenway products & solutions at 732-442-0200.

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Dominick Davi is the chairman of Greenway commodities & Services, LLC. The has remained in the pallet industry for over 20 years. Before going right into the pallet company He to be a CPA in a midsize certain in Manhattan. In his preventive time the enjoys security time with his wife and also two sons, being the Cub understand of a neighborhood Cub Scout load in Rockville Centre, and also participating in various charities such as St. Baldrick’s, and Cristo Rey. Greenway products is one of the largest pallets carriers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Greenway has five divisions: standard Pallets, Customized Pallets, Recycling, Mulch, and also Sorting. He right now employs 215 civilization in three locations.