Taste is subjective. Sometimes readjust is better, in this case, that isn"t. Here are 20 that the worse West coastline Customs cars.

From their days working with Xzibit ~ above Pimp mine Ride jamming fan"s cars with every little thing hobby they happened to cite they have to Inside West shore Customs on Velocity, West shore Customs is one of the most renowned customizers on the scene today. Established in 1994 through Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson they have come to be a go-to for celebrity tradition cars and also outlandish customs.

Although, if you"re going to be bold it method you"re walking to need to take chances. If you"re walking to take it chances, climate you"re going to make some odd missteps ~ above your means to greatness. Not whatever you execute is going to resonate through everyone. Some things are just going to be outright garish.

On peak of that, when you"re make cars because that customers, specifically celebrity customers, they"re walk to desire some monster things.

currently I want to it is in clear around two things. First, West coast Customs creates some of the most distinct custom cars the end there and also is an iconic company. Second, no one is questioning me come customize anything.

Taste is subjective. If you"ve obtained a favorite auto that"s on everyone else"s dislike list, climate you know this also well. These space the 20 worst cars the West shore Customs has actually turned out.


20 Mitsubishi Re design A

In 2017 Mitsubishi want to storage 100 years of vehicle making through inviting the wizards in ~ West coast Customs to do a tribute recreation that their version A. Mitsubishi had actually its own model A. Constructed on top of the Outlander PHEV SUV and this is the result.

The (Re)Model A together they speak to it, challenged a lot of challenges. It"s spanning a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine and also two additional electric motors, therefore it"s a lot an ext than the original. Warm rodders, consisting of West coastline Customs, have actually been shoving larger engines inside flat radiator cars native the pre-war era for years, so that"s no really an excuse.

Ultimately the feels lazy as if they simply stretched the dimensions of the original design A over the SUV chassis and then took the an initial set of wheel they had actually on the shelf.

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The wheels room the biggest Achilles hoe of the whole thing. The wheel and tire file is nearly generic hot rod fair and also is good on a vehicle with fenders however on the running boards, that looks favor the wrong human body on the wrong chassis, which is exactly what the is.

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19 DOF Mobile

Honestly, this one is just a personal pet peeve. I"m not sure once camo patterns went from the thing that creepy children who had actually a knife repertoire wore, come something club children wore. Somewhere along the method that meant that it went native variations the grey and green to dayglow colors.

In this particular case, it was for YouTube star FouseyTube that wanted his exotic sports vehicle to resemble his shoes according to BMWblog.com. A Nike shoe specifically. Therefore the camo shade scheme (not supposed to camouflage the auto at all but made to was standing out) reflects the shade of the YouTuber"s favorite shoe.

This is a client order and also not something that West shore Customs made for one of their mirrors so it have the right to be forgiven if the level that "customization" is limited to a shoe inspired camo wrap, some wheels, and a performance chip. They also lowered it a bit and also put some under lamp on it. Because that me personally, I find that the camo style is awful.


18 GTA Banshee

Rockstar gamings hallmark title grand Theft Auto has a many going because that it. Due to the fact that its early on days, the game has expanded, adding features and also larger worlds. In ~ its core, it"s quiet a game about stealing cars. Together one can imagine it"s a bit daunting to get licenses from vehicle companies to have their cars stolen by mobsters and also then operation over prostitutes through them. So they go the tried and true path of just making car close to real cars. V a nod and a wink it"s not a Jaguar XF it"s a Felon GT. It"s not a Viper it"s a Banshee.

developed for a contest for GameStop, West coastline Customs smoothed over a Viper to do it a banshee from the game.

The best part here, follow to the day-to-day Mail, is that the automobile was won by a grandmother who teenage son had bought the video game on her credit card start her right into the drawing. She didn"t provide it to the kid, she marketed it because she likes her SUV better. The proceeds visited his college fund.

whether or no this is cool is going come involve splitting hairs. The banshee is a fake Viper. The real people has a real Viper. If we want a banshee in the real human being we require only look to the Viper. Seems silly, however for someone, it to be worth $180,000.

instagram veronica_the_bus
The story that this DeLorean that"s not a DeLorean is in reality a little bit crazy. The automobile was constructed custom for black Eyed Peas founder Will.I.Am and featured in the elevator of illustration of a West shore Customs show. The takes the simple and very 80s stainless stole look that the original and adds copious box flarings, wings and ducting of dubious functionality. Honestly, it"s not the craziest thing someone has been done to a DeLorean. There"s a male who bring away wrecked DeLoreans and also turns the thing into all manner of nonsense consisting of a monster truck and also limo with three sets the gullwing doors.

follow to reports from Jalopnik, that"s just the beginning. Indigenous the site, Will.I.Am went on Jay Leno and also introduced it together a new car from a company he to be going come start called IAMAUTOS. Except that he said it to be made indigenous the Chrysler components bin and also not, girlfriend know, a human body kitted DeLorean. Then, in a later article, the auto was impounded after Will.I.Am journey it under the street without a license plate or VIN or anything. I mean, it might have had those, if he just said it to be a DeLorean.

The auto now sits in the West coast Customs showroom whereby I take it this photo two years ago and is labeled as the DMC Delor.I.Am.


16 Firefall Bus

If the story of the DeLor.I.Am wasn"t stunner enough, there was the Firefall bus. As with the practice DMC, the mass of the crazy happened external of West coastline Custom"s doors. This bus to be featured top top a season 3 episode of Inside West shore Customs together a promotional device for a game that had yet to be developed.

Techinasia.com had the story of the bus in a larger story around the guy who believed to spend north that $3 million ~ above a bus to encourage a video game he hadn"t finished to be a good idea.

the was meant to it is in a promotion tool and a cell phone arena because that games. West coastline Customs was no able to come in on time or on budget plan nor were they maybe to incorporate all the functions that were asked for.

This wasn"t the CEO that Red 5s just problems, i beg your pardon apparently consisted of a video production firm that make music videos that had nothing to execute with the Firefall video game. This multi-million disagreement bus to be West coastline Custom"s part in it all and also now the bus sits in a lot somewhere collecting dust follow to the article.

There are two biases at work with this one. First, ns don"t hate "steampunk", but I execute think that it it s okay thrown approximately a little bit much. Throw part brass features and also some bright occupational on something and now it"s steampunk. It"s a rigid aesthetic the has become a design trend the I often tend to think is a little liberally applied.

The 2nd bias is the my daily driver for the critical many, many years has been a 1967 VW Bus. While my beloved Bus "Veronica" is through no means stock, that is stock in appearance. It"s not that I dislike the "Cal" or practice look, I simply tend to be fairly selective about customization.

In their defense, they began with an currently cut up Bus. 21 and 23 window Buses (windows along the top) are developed on Deluxe and Corner home window Buses (windows all down the side and also on the corner) and also this has windows prefer mine, i beg your pardon is a basic model however with a home window roof welded ~ above top. Honestly, air-cooled VWs are born to be customized. However to it is in this chopped up and also dipping into an overused design tend to make me not choose what is otherwise a pretty good looking custom.


14 Will.I.Am"s Volkswagen Morgan

speaking of custom Volkswagens and also crazy Will.I.Am tasks let"s take it a look in ~ this confuse kit. Again Jalopnik has the story the this also crazier build. The perfect product watch a little bit like a Morgan Aero 8 went v a Bentley beat Dough factory. Actually, if it looks choose a bunch of hastily assembled and also confused collection of unrelated influences, that"s because that is precisely what it is.

very first of all, it"s not built on a Morgan Aero 8 yet instead, favor so numerous custom kits before it, it"s constructed on an air-cooled VW Bug. Will had asked Austin Weiss native The Garage in Texas to rotate the an insect into a former engine low and sleek futuristic roadster. Regardless of being called it would certainly be easier to begin from scratch, will insisted on starting with the Bug. After transforming his mind about features prefer fenders and also what car it must look like, he created an impossible deadline to have the auto ready for the black color Eyed Peas halftime show.

This at some point meant that the car ended up at West shore Customs yet still didn"t do it come the halftime show. It satellite at the shop for two years before finally being finished, still suffering from architecture changes based upon Will"s happen whims.

The LS3 it is provided Morgan-like pest shares showroom an are with the DeLor.I.Am.

Like most these kinds of things, this comes down to problem of taste. This is a vehicle fan website and not a comic fan website, however indulge me because that a second. The "tank buggy" Batmobile was presented in open minded Miller"s Dark items Returns yet really ended up being popular v the Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan movies. Since then the "tank buggy" has been the architecture aesthetic of an option for the Batmobile which has spread to the games. The idea behind the tank buggy Batmobile architecture is the it"s an ext "realistic", that Batman would require a more rugged auto than the rocket-powered Futura of George Barris Batman "66 reputation or the short armored Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Batman movies. Realistically, a well-off dude beating up mental patients while dressed prefer a bat is silly. I don"t desire realistic, I want a human being where that provides sense.

beyond my gripes about "realism", this is a revolution piece and also not a car. It"s a sculpture through tires. It doesn"t drive and that simply won"t do. Any kind of car that can"t automobile gets all the strikes. Cars are for driving and this one can"t, make it appear on this list.


12 Michelle Wie Kia Soul

Kia was trying to do its brand "cool." It had actually a collection of ads featuring cute and cool Hamsters, they had their own version of the popular civilization mover cars, those sort of crosses of a hatchback, SUV, and wagon the all tend to look like a toaster. For the 2012 SEMA Auto Show, the biggest event for practice cars, Kia was bringing six "sports-themed" cars, according to height Speed. Among those was a automobile themed around golf legend Michelle Wie and also it couldn"t be an ext like West shore Custom"s time with Pimp my Ride cars, right down to the huge flat display with one XBox and artificial turf in the ago to play video golf. The cutsie design and creatures are down to taste, and also in this circumstances reflect Michelle Wie"s very own line of products but taken together a entirety it feels an ext like a one-of-a-kind edition hot Wheel than a usable practice car.

This to be the chief trouble with many of the customizations ~ above Pimp my Ride, they were an impressive list of attributes that had small to execute with usage or duty and more to perform with just how cool it would certainly sound once Xzibit pointed that out.

Why am i going the end to my automobile to play my Xbox? Am ns really walk to was standing behind my auto in a parking lot of playing video clip game golf? This is an additional instance of a car trying to do two things and doing no well.

This is an additional customer develop featured on their Inside West coastline Customs and also it stands together a master course in all that is tacky in custom vehicle designs. Constructed for Texas rap artist write-up Malone, let"s go with the bingo map of bad decisions. The giant Donk wheels through the weird white disks the look like they didn"t take every one of the packing material out as soon as they wheels acquired shipped is a great start. The grill looks come be covered by a plastic cutting board with a motherboard style for some reason.

then there"s the king that tacky custom touches, Lamborghini doors. No content with just one set of Lamborghini doors, this one had actually two. Looking in ~ the method they open, it looks like you need to open the prior doors in stimulate to open the behind doors and once you"ve don"t the you"ve blocked the front. Therefore what has to happen is anyone gets out or into the truck in sequence. While castle are certainly not open up all the means in this picture, they likely don"t clear the doorway totally which way that this doors are devastating at their one job, letting world in and out that the truck.


10 basic Lee

West shore Customs made its name making outlandish practice cars. They put seven-inch monitors in the fenders that MTV viewers cars because that no other reason 보다 to placed seven-inch monitors in the fender the a car. They were the ones that would placed a point in a point so you might thing when you point that introduced a thousands memes. For this reason to take a modern Charger, repaint it orange, and slap one 01 on the is just...too evident for a customizer prefer West coastline Customs.

Now, to it is in fair, that"s no all lock did. The car, which to be featured on your TLC display Street Customs, is shortened by 8 inches and also the roof is chopped so that the sedan much more closely resembles its 1969 fore-bearer.

that course, over there are modern-day touches that supposedly no custom vehicle can carry out without, choose ridiculously huge rims top top ridiculously short profile tires. Constructed in 2008, it does encompass the flag. You have the right to decide if that"s a an excellent or negative thing.

I have nothing against pink. My brother won local karting championships in pink and also dayglow karts due to the fact that he felt the most intimidating thing was being much faster than anyone else and it just looked good. The web is so complete of the shade for Paris Hilton ns can"t imagine the I might create a snide quip that wouldn"t just be a rehash that the thousands of things said about her. Together a gyeongju fan, I evaluate Bentley"s racing roots and the return to fast luxury cars that sweet as much as a truck.

Although there is something about the convergence the all 3 of these points that just doesn"t sit right. This is ultimately a monument to excess. It"s not engineering, it"s not design. There"s nothing interesting about the auto except castle infused it through pink and an ext pink and then gift it to who who likewise hasn"t really done anything new or interesting. That manages to it is in both garish and banal at the same time.


8 Hummer H2

This is one of numerous H2 designs West shore Customs has done and also I"m simply going to action out on the limb and also say they"re all bad. Every one of them. The Duramax bulletproof one, this one turn off Pinterest, they"re every bad. It"s not entirely West coastline Custom"s fault. The H2 is bad in a method that can"t be improved. First of all, the surname is silly. Derived from the army HMMWV or Humvee, for some factor they went for "Hummer."

It was developed on two different GM chassis shoved together and also dressed approximately resemble the an ext capable military HMMWV in the way a playing card in her spokes made your bicycle favor a motorcycle. The Hummer was everything that to be wrong with the American auto industry before its collapse.

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custom-mades invariably make this worse, making the so that the truck doesn"t also pretend to it is in a truck capable of anything various other than getting groceries and showing turn off your lack of taste. The only advantage they have actually is the the ridiculously huge wheels to the right the currently ridiculously huge truck.

The Mini Cooper is among the most renowned cars ever before made. While it didn"t contend well versus the Beetle in the claims for human being looking for something cheap, small, and simple, in Europe it was a vast success. So prefer the Beetle, there"s a the majority of them out there, and also like the Beetle, that means that there is a lot of of customizeds out there of varying success. This is the bedazzled cell phone instance of tradition Mini Coopers. This automobile is additionally in their showroom through Will.I.Am"s Tucker level attempts at ending up being a car brand. There"s not a the majority of information available for it. If it was simply pink, maybe. If it was simply the weird skirt and plastic looking wheels all might be forgiven in this Mini Cooper. But it"s the crystal infused roof the buries the car. In mountain Francisco in front of Ripley"s believe It Or Not! there was a Mini Cooper extended in gold coins. That car is now in front of Malaysia"s Ripley"s, therefore the idea the blinging increase a Mini has been done. This is just silly.


6 black color Panther Lexus

as soon as I to be a kid I preferred two things: hot Wheels and Spider-Man. If comic book movies were years away from the mainstream, merchandising of superheroes was not. Therefore of food I had actually a Spider-Man hot Wheel. Which was ridiculous because Spider-Man not only traveled via webslinging from structure to structure but Peter Parker was a struggling photographer no a billionaire like Bruce Wayne and also not likely to have a Peter Parker automobile much less a Spideymobile. This to be my an initial introduction to the pointless tie in. One idea developed by a human who take away a property and sees just how much they can graft on to something else.

That is what is in ~ the core of the problem with this West shore Customs advancement build.

Made as a triple promotional danger it"s together tacky as that would certainly be. Very first of all, that is the introduction of the Lexus LC500, their brand-new top line sports car that is featured in the movie. Then, it disclosure the black color Panther movie, a supervisor hero indigenous a secretive nation that hides its advances from the world. They"re not ones to repaint their king-protector on their hood. Finally, it was supplied to encourage West shore Custom"s car care brand. This is prior to we acquire to every the modern custom cliches favor undercarriage lamp and big rims.

This is whereby we admit that West shore Customs can"t success for trying. While many of criticism is going too much or as well silly, this upgrade of the Zippo car is frankly too subdued. That"s due to the fact that the initial Zippo automobile was fully bonkers. It was developed on a 1947 new Yorker, it covered the passenger section of the vehicle with two giant Zippo replicas finish with flames bent earlier in the wind but not walking out because Zippos room windproof. To monitor that vehicle West coast Customs, known for outlandish customs, mildly customized a Jeep.

What they go was give the van a grill storage of the wind guard about the wick of Zippo lighters and a flame imprint top top the door. They optimal it off v the silver- from the basic lighter. While the Jeep mirrors the rugged nature that the Zippo lighter and also the ethereal touches space tasteful, however who goes come West shore Customs for tasteful?


4 4. Geek Squad Wrap

Wraps have really readjusted custom cars. What would have actually been prohibitively high value or too daunting to do deserve to be published out and also applied on come the automobile for less than a continual paint job. This upgrade of the geezer Squad mobile adds more orange accenting throughout and then a collage of fully unrelated seize bag the relief photos lined transparent the exterior.

Frankenstein"s monster, cartoon wolfs, and skulls are type of cool and also all, but they"re no really "geek" and also really provides the impression that the human who drove increase is more likely to provide you a tattoo than settle your computer.

Also, due to the fact that it"s a wrap and a collection of wheel it could be the geek Squad vehicle but it"s a one-off with just sufficient custom bits to justify it however not enough to make it cool or in quiet convey that these space the hipster computer system repair people ready to gain you ago on the internet. This has actually the same feel together the black color Panther whereby they gain two details about the property and also just slap their first idea anywhere it nevertheless of whether it"s actually relevant.

The worst thing around this is that it"s no really a West coastline Customs design. The rather silly named variety Stormer to be a hot rod concept auto made to display off their brand-new sportier side. Climate someone in Dubai want one. So, West coast Customs constructed a $500,000 replica of one and sent it to Dubai. From the firm that bring you the type of designs that turn heads even if it is you choose them or not, a replica the a concept auto seems beneath them.

What"s worse is the after going through all this trouble to recreate this concept auto it had actually a less than mainly destiny. Speedsociety reports that the one-off two-door warm SUV had been left to go to particle in a Dubai parking lot favor so countless exotics prior to it. The had remained in a wreck and also gone v some various paint work to finally be abandoned. Among the WCC home builders discovered it and contacted the owner to view if he want to put it back together. There to be no native on what the leads to.


2 chris Brown"s Lambo

Lamborghinis space lightning rods for poor decisions. They room loud and garish and, challenge I speak it, bullish cars. They room a way to trumpet not just that you space rich, but you space bold, uncontainable. You room not refined, you room someone of way and action. Girlfriend don"t an especially know what taste and restraint are. Lab artist chris Brown is a notoriously known negative decision maker, including a an especially grievous occurrence that affiliated his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

The crucial element the this specific Gallardo custom is the graffiti artist writing the text to Tupac"s Lord Knows etched almost everywhere the car. It has actually the usual collage of human body pieces and interior bits, but it"s the lyrics that stand out. It"s the kind of costume feature you placed on a book cover in high school, not a deluxe exotic sports car.

Jalopnik covered it in your nice price or crack pipe noting the the automobile was because that sale for just under $90k, i beg your pardon is apparently around mid-price for a stock Gallardo which raises the question, is that the custom project suppressing the price or the ahead owner?

ago in 2005 once Chevy wanted to present their new PT Cruiser-like HHR (Heritage High Roof, usually a shrinky dink old college Suburban) they possibly knew that it was type of underwhelming. Therefore they gave one to West coast Customs to execute the whole West shore Customs thing. Reported by IGN of all places, the first thing they did was remove the cars necessary namesake, the high roof. The idea of chopped warm rods was no going come be stopped by branding. Besides, just how many human being knew what HHR stood because that anyway?

Anyway, it has actually all the check boxes. The huge wheels, the copious amount of screens in the car. Those boxed out flares space actually from the stock HHR. Contradictory to usual hot rod aesthetic they actually exaggerated the bumpers. It"s no that the West shore Customs HHR is bad, it"s simply that it regulated to take it a type of bland car and also made it also blander. That"s perhaps the worst sin of every for a vehicle customizer.

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