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With so plenty of different workout and also cardio machines on the market, it have the right to feel nearly impossible to know which one to buy. In this TreadClimber review, we’re walking to present you why it’s among the ideal low-impact workout devices on the market, and why you should most likely move it to the optimal of your brief list if you’re searching for something buy.

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Fortunately, Bowflex has made the decision a lot much easier with their full line the fitness equipment, and that contains their revolutionary TreadClimber.

There space a few things that make the TreadClimber so awesome, particularly for those of us who aren’t crazy around running:

First, friend can gain an impressive workout without ever having come run. That’s appropriate – you deserve to actually walk your method to much better shape. You might be wondering just how that is possible, yet with the distinctive TreadClimber design, it’s actually more than possible.

With the TreadClimber, Bowflex has combined the services of a treadmill through those native the stairclimber, to produce one exceptional fat blasting workout.

In this TreadClimber review, we’ll call you exactly what renders this machine so awesome, exactly how much castle cost, and where friend can find the ideal deal.

Why us Recommend the Bowflex TreadClimber

First, though, right here are just a couple of of the reasons, that this is one of our top-rated piece of fitness devices of the year:

simply WALK Your way to amazing Shape Burns as much as 2.5x an ext Calories than a traditional Treadmill 6-Week Buy ago Guarantee – If You’re no Satisfied you Can gain a Refund Right now You can Save end $1108! gaue won Available!

Ready to placed the power of the TreadClimber to work-related For You?

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TreadClimber advantages & Cons

When it involves the TreadClimber, there room a lot an ext pros 보다 cons, in ours opinion, however let’s take a look at both to provide you a better idea if this is the ideal workout machine for you.


some Assembly compelled (Can pay a experienced to put it with each other for You) The maker is Heavy getting Amazing Results needs Commitment not the Best maker for world who like Running to Walking


supervisor Low-Impact Workout deserve to Walk Your means to much better Shape works Multiple muscle Combines the finest of the Treadmill and Stairclimber A an excellent Cardio Workout have the right to Fit in Most residence Gyms Looks great Packed complete of the Latest an innovation Syncs with totally free Bowflex app Affordable – Financing obtainable

Real customer Testimonials

There space plenty of real Bowflex TreadClimber testimonials accessible online, therefore be sure to inspect them out once you gain a chance. Right here are simply a couple that we thought were were worth share here, though:

I love mine Bowflex. I’ve wanted among these because that years. I’m for this reason glad ns bought it. I always had a treadmill and elliptical. I began getting an extremely sore from the consistent use. This is a different motion. Ns feel prefer I get a great workout yet I don’t gain sore. -Kris, confirmed Buyer

I would certainly buy this product again! This device kicks my butt! I typically walk the trail close to our home which is 5 miles, or walk to the gym and also do 4-5 miles on the treadmill alternative inclines & speeds. I was on this maker only a few minutes and also could currently feel the in my glutes! -Janie, verified Buyer

Just execute the work and also you’ll obtain the results! difficult to gain a cardio practice in prior to the tread climber. Now I’m on and done in 30 to 45 minutes regardless the the weather. -Wayne, proved Buyer

Ready to compose your very own TreadClimber success story?

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How does the Bowflex TreadClimber Work?

Let’s begin this review with what the Bowflex TreadClimberis, because if you have never offered one prior to it’s essential to understand specifically what lock do and how lock function.

The bottom line is the the TreadClimber is a fantastic low-impact cardio option, and also when you really boil it down it’s acombination of the treadmill and stairclimber, together its surname suggests.

This way that you obtain the ideal of both worlds – the cardio services of the treadmill an unified with the fat-blasting exercise of the stairway climber.

But the one point that makes this device different indigenous a treadmill is the you don’t have to run your means to load loss – you just walk ~ above the TreadClimber, and also because of the stair climbing modern technology you end up burning a lot much more calories 보다 you would simply walking on your typical treadmill.

Rather than simply toiling away on a treadmill, they likewise blend in the fat killing ability of a stair climber, so friend truly acquire a 1-2 punch v this thing. When you hop ~ above the Bowflex TreadClimber, you space mimicking the idea of wade uphill and also actually climbing up something.


Think of the as an ext of a pretty leisurely hike.

The motion is a regulated movement and also you space stepping in the exact same spot repeatedly

In an easy terms, that is the climbing variation of among the bettertreadmills you could see on the market.

But, because of the climbing the is involved, you acquire a much better calorie burning workout than simply your conventional treadmill, and it can often be excellent in a much much shorter amount that time.

The Bowflex Treadclimber is also able come do much more than any kind of elliptical device ever could, at least when it comes to its fat burning abilities.

There important is miscellaneous special around this TreadClimber, and also the folks at Bowflex have been may be to build a technique for calorie burning that is pretty lot unrivaled, other than for maybe as soon as it concerns their Max Trainer.

And that’s another good aspect of the Tread Climber – it’s do by Bowflex – the exact same folks that are recognized for your world-class fitness and home gymproducts.

They have actually been approximately for decades now, and have a call for making some of the best and most innovative commodities on the planet.

What muscles Does the TreadClimber Work?


As you deserve to probably call from see the Bowflex TreadClimber in action, you’re walk to get a great lower body and cardio workout with this machine.

Of course, there’s walking to it is in a huge cardio benefit here, but because of the unique architecture the TreadClimber uses, you likewise get to work the lower fifty percent of your body, in a means that can’t be uncovered with your conventional treadmill.

As you’ve learned in this review, Bowflex TreadClimbers have actually a integrated stair climbing motion, i m sorry is going to activate many of the muscle in the lower fifty percent of your body.

This contains your quads, calves, butt muscles, and hamstrings.

If you’ve been trying to find a method to develop your glute strength, while also working your heart and also lungs, then the TreadClimber is the an equipment for you.

Bowflex TreadClimber Models: TC100 vs TC200

1. TC100

Price:Check latest Price


The TC100 is the entry level TreadClimber, however as you’ll see it isn’t brief on features!

USB Charging harbor Is had With device Variations In rate For an ext Control 2 Year guarantee On All components Maximum Motor rate Of 4 MPH LCD display (Fully Backlit) weight Loss overview Is consisted of Track Data with Bowflex affix Online Assembly Requiredbut deserve to Be purchased 4 features (Speed, Calories, Time, and Distance) Compact style Made For house Gyms Rear an equipment Step platform 158 lbs In Weight and can organize up to 300 lbs

The TreadClimber is an incredible an equipment and a good addition to any kind of home gym when it is all broken down. The is the cheaper that the twoTreadClimber however it’s a an excellent entry-level machine, and really can it is in a great fit for the novice or veteranfitness buff.

2. TC200

Price: examine Latest Price


The TC200 features part additional features and options when contrasted to the TC100, and truly is Bowflex’s flagship TreadClimber.

I have constantly opted because that the top-of-the-line machinesbecause ns really think that you will certainly be happy girlfriend did later. Friend can’t walk wrong through purchasing the best of the best, and also the TC200 important is an amazing piece of practice equipment.

Customizable Programming To control Workouts Bowflex attach Offered to Track every Data indigenous Workouts incorporated Bluetooth modern technology Maximum Motor rate Of 4.5 MPH Year components Warranty activity Traxx Workouts (4) integrated USB Charging harbor Assembly Requiredbut deserve to be Purchased irradiate Bar To track Heart price While ~ above The machine LCD display (Fully Backlit) 5 different Workout programs (Interval, Calorie Goal, just Walk, distance Goal, and Time Goal) longer Foot Treads for improved Comfort Compact design For residence Gym needs Weight Loss guide Is consisted of From Bowflex

This details TreadClimber model providesmore power and also speed when contrasted to the TC100.

The TreadClimber TC200 is likewise able to also provideBluetooth connectivity and other added features i beg your pardon the TC100 walk nothave. Ns have had the chance to exercise on both models, and also I can personally say that the TC200 feels much sturdier, and also a much more well-built when compared to similar machines.

That being claimed you yes, really can’t walk wrong through either the TC100 or 200, you’ll just have to decide which one is better for her budget and if it will aid you satisfy your fitness goals.

It is also important to mention that whileBowflex has producedmultiple makers under the umbrella the “Treadclimber” end the years, most have actually been discontinued, and the TC100 and also 200 or the just models right now being offered directly from the manufacturer.

TreadClimber Price: exactly how Much Does the Cost?

The Bowflex TreadClimber varieties in price native $1,799 for the TC100 to $2,399 for the top-of-the-line TC200.

Review Summary: where to Buy


You yes, really can’t go wrong with either the the current versions that the Treadclimber native Bowflexand hopefully, ours review has made her decision come buy one a bit easier.

I have had the chance to practice on both the TC100 and TC200 TreadClimbers, and in every honesty, both machines are high quality and provide good workouts.

While the TC200 is the higher end machine, girlfriend will need to pay for the included features and also overall quality, however if you plan to use the an equipment for plenty of years, climate the added investment is more than likely worth it.

If you’re ready to spring for the extra money, then theTC200 is the remarkable machine. That is normally the method I take, and also especially through fitness equipment.

Bottom Line: It’s precious the Investment

I truly believe it’s precious the invest to feather for the higher end equipment, specifically if you’re to plan to use it lengthy term, but if money is an issue, then go v the TC100. The is also a heavy option, and you will be happy with it together well. Bowflex likewise offers a generous financing package,which way you don’t must pay the full cost of the device up front.

The bottom line is that the TreadClimber native Bowflex is one amazing item of fitness equipment, and also is a great, low-pact alternate when compared to the treadmill.

On peak of that, that burns a lot an ext calories.

If the Bowflex TreadClimber sounds favor the ideal workout an equipment for you, you have the right to learn more below:

Check current TreadClimber Price


TreadClimber FAQs

1. Is over there a TreadClimber workout Plan? Yes…

15-Minute TreadClimber expression Training workout

If you’re trying to find a step-by-step guide from Bowflex because that maximizing her TreadClimber workouts, this is it! with this 15-minute high-intensity training program, you can obtain that lean, toned body you’ve constantly wanted, without having to pound the pavement for hrs on end.

Here’s the exceptional HIIT practice in activity (You have the right to Use This video clip as your Guide):

As you can see, this exercise is intense, however also very quick! that doesn’t have actually 15 minutes every day that they can collection aside for getting healthy?

Here’s how this HIIT exercise Works:

2 Minute warmth Up (Intensity of 3-4) 1 Minute High Interval (Intensity the 5-6 because that Beginners, 7-10 for Advanced) 1 Minute lower Interval (Intensity of 3-4) Repeat the High and Low Intervals 5 an ext Times 1 Minute Cool Down (Intensity of 2-3)

It’s really really simple, and once girlfriend cycle through this expression course end a couple of days, the should simply come naturally for you. Ns have likewise downloaded HIIT apps because that my iphone in the pastif you desire a an excellent way to store track of your interval times.

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There room plenty of free ones the end there because that both Android and also Apple devices, so simply search around in the application store and also you’ll discover one that functions for you.