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ubraintv-jp.com chris Estep 760-672-0127

Aldabra Tortoises( Aldabrachelys gigantea ) Captive bredAwesome ideal shell growth, great Investments 4" -5" $2050.00 , 5-6" $2150.00,2 to 3 year old. 7-7.5" unique $2150.00 every , 8 - 8.5 inch dimension $2450.00 every Prices walk up shortly !!!

Aldabra Tortoises( Aldabrachelys gigantea ) 12 year old 29" most likely a woman Inquire

Keel Billed Toucans Hand fed flower July 4th, gift hand fed currently $4500.00 each ( pending sale, much more soon )

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot "Marvin" Tame & talking male, really fun young bird,Beautiful bird, with huge cage if local pick up talks sings, laughes etc etc... Special PRICE THIS week $3600.00

Blue front Amazon ParrotTame & talk , 6 yr old,Speaks part English however mostly sings and also talks Indian ( India ) Beautiful perfect bird, Likes human being interaction $2800.00

White Bellied Caiques, unrelated PAIR, DNA sexed, Tame however i am giving them together a pair just Male hatched June 7th, hen flower April 16th. $5500.00 PAIR

Military Macaws Calif. Sale only ( 2 ) approx. 18 months old, unsexed sample being mailed this particular day for DNA sexing $2100.00 every or $3900.00 for the two

Australian Kookaburras 2021 hatch hand fed babies $ inquire

"Simba" Congo afri Grey Parrot, Flawless large healthy super energetic 5 year old supervisor talking,Hates me, lol, loves mine Girlfriend i would keep this perfect age for breeding male for reproduction but he speak so an excellent I hate to see him combine up. When he imitates laughs or coughs that outrageous.. For this reason hilarious.. I have had Greys for 4 decades. His Laugh is the ideal I have ever before heard. He claims a lot and also a many sentences. Part cuss words, too many & several sounds together as putting water and also etc etc.. Really high high quality bird. Perfect is every way. Just 5 years old therefore he will discover lots more I deserve to ship Delta airline airport to airport or if neighborhood pick increase he can go with his cage and also his favourite toy. Deserve to be checked out by appointment at Toucan tropical office location in North san Diego County. One amazing BIRD. Would certainly be fine because that a female human for a companion yet just till some male walks by and lights him up...lol Miss-placed aggression ... An excellent BIRD !!!!! $4500.00

I am providing a nest of 6 pairs of Congo african Grey Parrots together one unit I have no desire to offer one pair in ~ a time. Cages top top legs room 6' x 3' x 4' with exterior L shame Nesting crate all 12 birds were pre owned pet bird I gradually put with each other over the critical 4 years. All DNA sexed , 3 that the 6 pairs room proven, producing babies. The other 3 bag were placed together in 2020 Youngest pair is simply now 4 years old. Lengthy story quick recently relocated the group into a climate regulated 40' shipping container. Lock love the privacy but due to a one-of-a-kind designed roof that doesn't acquire hot enough in the summer for them. Ideally lock should additionally have access to the organic sunlight which lock don't. It deserve to be 110 outside but doesn't gain over 90 within the building. 6 amazing young adult prepared to each other pairs with cages $60K, or without cages $58K ((( for sure ))) baby prices room high, wont take lengthy to pay earlier my asking price. I had to relocate the colony 3 month ago. One pair on egg now, if no sold most if not all have to be developing again soon. Ns am looking to buy Bird residential or commercial property Pet Designator "M" floor with home in North san Diego county. If I discover property to buy in the next couple months climate these greys will not be for sale.

Blue Crowned Pigeons, 6 easily accessible Parent increased 6 month - 3 year old , hen $1750.00 each

Reptiles, Snakes, Lizards, Turtles:

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Colombian Red Tailed Boa, about a dozen available.Well began Babies to 6 foot lengthy $100- $140.00 each

Blood Pythons sub adults approx. 2' - 3' ( black color & that knows what ) $250.00 each

Carpet Pythons ( lots, many different locals and morphs, beautiful specimens )adults 5-6 foot $250.00 each

Island Dwarf Retic, rare , Tame however 11' snake, 4 years old, will not get large $600.00

Kingsnakes: Blotched, Florida & Eastern below adults prepared to breed size SPECIAL: $100.00 each

Monkey Tailed Skinks ( Corusia zebrata) one-of-a-kind $550. Every / $1000.00 pair

Caimen Lizards Babies ( Dracaena guiannensis ) special $600.00 each $1100.00 Pair

Green Tree Pythons Biak plenty of to pick from $450.00 each

Peter's Gaint banded Skinks ( Scincus fasciatus ) $60.00 every SPECIAL: $100.00 Pair

South American Ornate lumber Turtles ( Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima ) $50.00 each one-of-a-kind $90.00 Pair

Red Footed Tortoise group of 12 adults for breeding, 4 males, 8 females heavy as rocks $5100.00 because that the group

Whites Tree Frogs adults aka Dumpy Frogs ( Ranoidea caerulea ) $25.00 each

WANTED:African Greys, Amazons, Conures,Hyacinth Macaws, Palm Cockatoos, Mynah Birds, & her Captive bred excess Birds & Reptiles / Tortoises

Please Note

What i say on the phone call or text, i won't remember.

(760) 672-0127

Price quotesareemailONLY. Pets can be choose up by appointment or shipped Delta Airlines.

Shipping ( Delta airlines ) bird $200.00 per shipment, Reptiles / Tortoises $100.00 every shipment