Hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts, room a renowned piece the clothing, specifically in cooler weather. They’re comfortable, versatile, and can be turned right into a stylish fashion statement, making them a dynamic item of clothing. The only slight downside to hoodies is the weight, which brings up the no so usual question, just how much does a hoodie weigh?

That’s not a concern you would typically ask around clothing, yet sweatshirts room not your common piece the clothing. Let’s dive right into answering that question below.

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How much Does a Hoodie Weigh?

Depending ~ above the type, a hoodie can weigh anywhere in between 8 ounces because that an athletic hoodie and also 1.5 pounds for a zippered hoodie. over there are plenty of different varieties of hoodies the end there; persons that room meant to save you heat in cold weather, ones the are an ext for comfort, and ones the are simply for style.

Regular, cotton Hoodie Weight

A regular, noodle hoodie like the one pictured listed below weighs around 1.2 pounds or 19 ounces. This is the most common kind of hoodie and probably what you’re reasoning of once you’re asking how much the weighs.


The hoodie pictured over can be found on Amazon here.

This type of sweatshirt is perfect, acting as a stylish fashion statement, while quiet doing the heavy lifting of keeping you nice and also cozy in colder weather, particularly if you desire to know exactly how to stay healthy and balanced in winter. It may not be sufficient for snow, however certainly a great sweatshirt because that Fall.

What reasons a Hoodie come Weigh in different way Than Others?

The 4 sweatshirts noted in the previous ar are several of the most typical hoodies out there, regular cotton, athletic, fashionably knitted, and finally a zippered hoodie.

Each has their pros and also cons and also the type of sweatshirt you’re searching for is most likely one the those, however you might be wonder why they every have really different weights. Let’s price that inquiry now.

Different varieties of Sweatshirts

The 4 different species of sweatshirts are regular cotton, athletic, knitted, and also zippered. The type of sweatshirt is the many common and also obvious reason for the difference in weight. Each one serves a different purpose.

Regular Cotton – The main purpose that this pullover is to store you warm. It’s not necessarily intended as a fashion statement and also certainly not made for exercise. That’s why it falls just about in the center of 1.2 pounds. Enough to give it a thick, trustworthy feeling, however not overwhelming.Athletic Sweatshirt – The key purpose that this hoodie is for exercise. You’re intended to wear this while working out, i m sorry is why it is the lightest at just 8 ounces. However, because of that it’s not going to store you super warm without actually working out. Once you occupational out, your body generates heat and also this sweatshirt is intended to retain the body heat. Knitted, Fashionable – The main purpose that this sweatshirt is because that looks and also to keep you warm, however it leans much more towards looks rather of warmth. It comes in approximately the mid-mark the 1 pound, so enough to store you warm, however not overwhelming. If you’re trying to find some stylish wear to take in the pumpkin patch, this is the hoodie.Zippered – The main purpose the this sweatshirt is break-up 50/50 between keeping friend warm and fashion. It does come in in ~ the heaviest load of 1.5 pounds, however that’s mostly since of the added zipper weight. If the zipper weight wasn’t there, this would certainly be about the exact same weight together the regular, noodle hoodie. Really, the just difference between the two is the zipper, i beg your pardon is an ext of a fashion choice. If you favor the zipper climate go with this hoodie, otherwise go through the continuous cotton.

Age the a Hoodie

The age of a sweatshirt deserve to also affect the weight. No drastically, yet enough that overtime you might an alert a difference. The factor this happens is that product starts to degrade or actually fall off completely.

Constantly washing a sweatshirt is a great way because that it to shed that thick, comfy feeling that the originally had when you first purchased it.

The method to avoid having a hoodie “lose weight” is to stop constantly washing it. You don’t should wash that every time friend wear it, however instead to wash it every 9-10 times.

There room exceptions, favor if you spill something on it or it it s okay dirty and also you must wash it, however it’s not essential to constantly to wash a hoodie, especially due to the fact that you are wearing apparel underneath it.

Sweatshirt Material

The last and another common reason why hoodies weigh in different way is since of the material that it is developed in. There are a few types of material that are generally used to do sweatshirts.

Cotton – This is a mid-weight type of material. It’s not an especially heavy, however not super light-weight either. Most of your garments are more than likely made through cotton.Fleece and Polyester – This is a light weight type of material. It’s used in a most sport and athletic clothing because of it’s light-weight tendencies. If you see fleece or polyester, there’s a great chance it is lightweight.Knitted – This is a heavier type of material. It’s offered in stylish clothing and is often used to store you warm since of the more heavier material. If you view a knitted item of clothing, chances are it will certainly be more heavier than various other types.

There are lots of different species of material out there and choosing the best one counts on what you’re in search of in your clothing. If you searching for comfortable and soft, walk for cotton. If friend want apparel to work-related out in, go v fleece and polyester. Finally, if you desire fashionable, go for knitted.


There are lots of different species of hoodies and also sweatshirts out there, several of which weigh much more than others. For any kind of hoodie, you have the right to expect that to weigh from 8 ounces to 1.5 pounds, depending on the purpose and type of material.

Athletic sweatshirts expected for exercise are going to load the lightest at 8 ounces. The typical or stylish hoodie is walking to sweet in at around 1.2 pounds, and a large, zippered sweatshirt will certainly weigh in the most difficult at around 1.5 pounds.

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Hopefully this short article has assisted answer the not so common question the “how much does a hoodie weigh” and will be beneficial in helping you pick your next hoodie for the cooler, upcoming seasons.