Also known as blowfish, this Tetraodontidae family members member is such an interesting species because the its capacity to punch or inflate its human body to protect itself native predators; other its clumsy swimming format is no able to provide.

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Saltwater puffer fish, especially the one called “Fugu”, is taken into consideration a cook delicacy in asian countries prefer Japan, south Korea, and China. Although known to contain powerful toxins that room poisonous and lethal to humans, plenty of from these nations still can not resist obtaining a taste the it.

The semi-freshwater ones, on the other hand, are famed to pets enthusiasts due to the fact that of their vibrant scales and also puffy cheeks. However, taking care of a puffer fish no easy.

One-Time Expenses

A live puffer fish or a blowfish have the right to be to buy from virtual pet stores. The price arrays from $17 to $60 depending upon its rarity and on the pattern of that scales.

That Pet place offers a wide selection of puffer fish for sale. The many expensive ~ above its list is the Crowned Toby – Canthigaster coronata, which prices $59.99. Meanwhile, its Caribbean Sharpnose Toby – Canthigaster rostrata is the cheapest one in ~ $16.99.

Apart native the actual cost of the puffer fish, you also have to take into factor to consider the following expenses:

Fish Tank

Most puffer fish space solitary in nature. That is never ever recommended to maintain two or much more of this in one tank. Nonetheless, a single blowfish still demands a big fish tank ~ above its own.

For the small-sized, there need to at the very least 20-30 gallons that tank room while the big ones require 100 gallons your area will reason stress and may lead to a to decrease in their survivability.

The expense of one aquarium relies on that is size and design. A 20-gallon tank is priced at about $169.99 come $379.49 when the cheapest for a 100-gallon is $669.99. Fish Tanks straight has a wide selection of containers for your puffer fish, the price of which relies on exactly how they are set up.


You deserve to use one of two people gravel or sand, however the latter is the appropriate substrate for a blowfish. The average cost for this one is about $10-$20 for every 20lbs. Bag. Pets Co. Sell Imagitarium White Aquarium Sand ($12.99) and also CaribSea Arag-Alive Hawaiian black color Aquarium Gravel ($16.99), both in a 20lbs. Bag.


A puffer fish thrives in one optimal water temperature of 74 to 82 degrees F (23 – 27.5 C). You will require an aquarium heater to maintain this. If that gets past the suggested range, it may reason stress to your pet and also can even result to that is untimely death.

This machine will cost roughly $12 come $45. However, because your blowfish will require a big aquarium of around 50 gallons (for medium-sized), that is recipient to opt for a heater with a high wattage (150 W). Chewy provides one for $21.59.


An aquarium heater can failure especially if left unchecked for also long. You will need a thermometer to ensure that the temperature continues to be at a level that suits the requirements of her puffer fish. The price range for this one is around $2.49 to $6.99.

HydrometerAir Pump and also Filter

Lastly, friend will have to purchase an waiting pump and a partner filter which room must-haves for any kind of aquarium setup. The pump because that a large fish tank will cost you around $65 while a strength filter is sold at roughly $84.67 for 30-100-gallon tank.

Possible Inclusions

Most digital pet shop that sell a puffer fish likewise offer food suitable for her pet. These merchants may give you a small portion of it together a starter.

Upon the acquisition of a puffer, the seller will most likely provide you a little container or a plastic because that the fish together a short-term vessel. The vendor might even carry out you a sample food so you would understand the appropriate diet for a blowfish, like mealworms.


Puffer Fish maintain Costs


Don’t bore her puffer fish v pellets and also flakes. In the wild, puffers feed greatly on snails, shellfish, and also other crustaceans. However, providing your pets something indigenous the wild is not advisable as this prey might harbor parasites and also other microorganisms that may harm your blowfish.

The ideal food because that a puffer room mealworms and also frozen bloodworms. These will administer your pet an excellent enrichment and are proven safe. Chewy sells 28 oz. Fill of Tetra Frozen Bloodworms because that $2.99.

Water therapy Solutions

Water treatment services are supplied to prevent the growth of undesirable organisms within an aquarium such as parasites and also fungi. These pathogens can cause your blowfish to shed its natural color on optimal of the health problems that may arise.

You must select a therapy that can be supplied on both freshwater and saltwater setups. A16 oz. Bottle of this solution costs around $7.89.

Factors affecting the Puffer Fish Price

The prices because that puffer fish differ based on its range pattern, and also location. Many of the time, puffers that have usual appearances are marketed for a cheaper cost. For example, the Green-spotted puffer fish is among the most common types on the us market and is thus offered for a lower price.

If you live close to the ocean, girlfriend may find locals who offer saltwater blowfish. It usually is cheaper in those areas because there is an lull of access. The very same holds true for the instance of the freshwater ones.

Additional Tips and Information

Taking care of a puffer is not an easy task. This form of fish is not recommended because that beginners together it requires a tedious setup. You must an initial make sure that you are prepared for such commitment.

It is recipient to keep only one blowfish in a tank. That is a solitary animal and also having an ext than one in a solitary container may result in fighting and even lead to the death of one or more.

Feed your blowfish something hard such as shellfish as soon as in a while. Its mine doesn’t protect against growing. If your puffer stops working to have actually its mine grinded, her pet may have actually a tough time eating v an oversized bill.

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Finally, a puffer may have unique necessities however it still requirements the same care as the of a usual aquarium setup together as continuous water replacement and other maintenance.