The D and also O of dissension on the reverse of the fake 1894-O Morgan dollar room not spicy or crisp, appearing to slide toward the rim.

Original photos by Raymond Bruels III, courtesy of ANACS.

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The edge on the counterfeit 1894-O Morgan silver- dollar additionally has more reeding than that the a genuine coin.

Images through Raymopnd Bruels III, Courtesy of ANACS.

Detecting Counterfeits tower from Dec. 14, 2015, issue of Coin World:

The 1894-O Morgan silver- dollar is a better date, but it is definitely not a rarity choose the 1889-CC or 1893-S Morgan dollars. Coin world’s Coin values lists the 1894-O Morgan dollar in ~ $100 in exceptionally Fine 40 and $200 in around Uncirculated 50, therefore a modest financial incentive exists because that the counterfeiter.

The fake displayed here is an average quality counterfeit from Asia, with enough diagnostics that most collectors might make precise determination. First of all, the load is off — a actual Morgan silver- dollar weighs approximately 26.73 grams, if this fake weighs 26.93 grams. In my experience, the U.S. Mint production framework were extremely an excellent at preserving accurate weights, for this reason a piece that is 0.2 gram overweight should instantly send out alarms.

The sheet reeding on this fake is also a good diagnostic. The reeding is much finer than on a genuine coin, with around 20 percent come 25 percent more reeds, and also is also much sharper come the touch than on a actual example. This diagnostic will not help if the coin is inside a holder, but if you have actually the opportunity to organize one of this fakes, friend should be able to feel the difference.

Like numerous Morgan dollars from the new Orleans Mint, the typical 1894-O dollar comes through a weak strike. The carry process, whereby all the details the a genuine design coin are transferred over to a collection of fake dies, tends to magnify this weakness, through the an outcome that the central areas the the obverse and also reverse room both weak and also fuzzy.

Some the the peripheral letters also lost meaning during the carry process. You have the right to see in the enlargement the the D and also O that DOLLAR are not spicy or crisp, appearing to slide towards the rim.

Most collectors have the right to see this form of distortion much easier when they have actually a real coin side-by-side with the doubt piece.

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Finally, a number of raised concentric lines room on the elevated rim the the fake. ANACS graders have seen a variety of fake Morgan dollars v these currently on the rims — most likely the result of the counterfeit die-making process. If you spot them, take it a lot closer look in ~ the rest of the coin.