I just discovered out that the curb weight of a Lamborghini Mucelargio is 3,600 pounds. That"s 500 pounds heavier than a Ford Ranger pick-up truck (3100 pounds). That"s crazy. I assumed that at sight exotic sporting activities cars were claimed to be exceptionally light. Why for this reason heavy?

Robert M

It is a VW product yet that way NOTHING really! LAMBO is heavy for comfort usually and loaded with accessories! STRIPPED down RACING LAMBO is s various matter! The weight is because of HANDLING and also GRIP as a light car would drift away together well! A FAST automobile that is to OLIGHT will not host the road! They usage the AIR together a way to actually boost downward force, choose WEIGHT go naturally! taking leave NOW!


The engine. Perform you recognize what a 6-liter V12 weights? and also then it"s the 4wd. It"s alot of stuff. If you want a yes, really light load sports auto you could buy one Alfa Romeo 4c v a carbon fibre chassi and also 4 cylinder turbo engine.

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to be There Done that

If you have a automobile that have the right to go 200 MPH and also it only weighs 3000lbs. You will end up AIRBORNE in NO time pal. The slightest imperfection of the pavement in ~ that rate will execute you in.

You need some weight. There"s many of power to get rid of the weight, wouldn"t you agree?

Comparing a Ford Ranger come a (heavy) Lamborghini is to to compare apples and also oranges. Because that one thing, if the Lambo is 500 pounds heavier, it is a far much better built auto with 5 times or an ext the hp the the Ford Ranger, in order to negating any type of weight advantage the choose up truck has.

Over the last decade cars have gained heavier because of safety items developed into the chassis and also the ever before increasing digital gear packages and even deluxe items. The Murcialago is no so lot a sports car as that is a an effective GT cruiser. As soon as it comes to building cars because that the track, remainder assured, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini (owned by VW together is Audi), BMW and the rest, strip all the excess out of the dare to get them under to fighting weight. In the situation of a couple of manufacturers, they carry out sell specialty car that room thinly veiled monitor cars, favor the Porsche GT3.

They make them hefty for security at an extremely high speeds, wind has no effect and also even in ~ 160mph the underdraft can"t elevator the car

A ranger isn"t yes, really a an effective truck. Most have actually an i4 or v6 engine where a lamborghini murcialago has actually a 6.2 or 6.5L V12 engine. If girlfriend look in ~ an F-150 v the 6.2L V8 you"ll notice that the is lot heavier.

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just remember that with more power, you also need stronger parts like gearbox, differentials, chassis, brakes and clutch. A lamborghini even compared to a 6.2L F150 has a lot of power for this reason you deserve to just imagine how solid these parts had to be. Add in the the murcielago doesn"t really have actually a lot of carbon fibre construction and also the load gets yes, really high. Also with such a high weight, these cars still have actually a very an excellent power come weight ratio which is what renders them quick in acceleration. Their vast tires and also AWD make them amazing when transforming and their enormous brakes do them amazing as soon as stopping.

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