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The fuel filter, together with any type of filter, will remove any unwanted debris. In the situation of a car, this filter is responsible because that remove any kind of of this debris from entering the fuel line, preventing any type of unwanted damage.

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In general, a fuel filter will must be replaced at the very least once per year, but a greater mileage vehicle may require it replaced much more often than average. Mechanics recommend replacing it every 40,000 come 80,000 miles.

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Fuel filter replacement cost

The average expense of a fuel filter replacement is pretty standard throughout the board from what us researched. For many cars, a local mechanic or dealer will certainly charge almost everywhere from $50 to $150, including parts and also labor, yet if you were to execute it your on your own, you might purchase the proper parts because that as small as $15 to $55, depending on the vehicle you drive. Often done with annual service for most vehicles, the price of the fuel filter will certainly be tied right into the whole package cost. In general, many technicians will certainly recommend an altering your fuel filter annually to preserve the health of your engine.

In several of the newer cars, carry out keep in mind the the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump module and also the filter itself cannot be changed on that own.

ModelPrice Quoted
BMW 528i$300
Chevrolet Cavalier$110
Chevrolet Cruze$135
Chevrolet Silverado$125
Chevrolet Tahoe$105
Ford Explorer$85
Ford F150$85
Ford Focus$95
Ford Fusion$65
Ford Taurus$100
Honda Accord$130
Honda Civic$85
Jeep grand Cherokee$145
Nissan Altima$100
Toyota Camry$125
Toyota Corolla$125
Volkswagen Golf$100

At Pep Boys, for instance, they insurance claim their fuel filter replacement solutions start in ~ $79.99, according to their main price sheet.

At Jiffy Lube, when we got to out come our neighborhood location, they declared it would certainly cost around $65 come $100+ to replace the fuel filter, depending upon the car you drive.

As for just the parts, together mentioned, you’re looking at $10 come $40. At development Auto Parts, many of the premium filters to be in the $10 to $25 range, while AutoZone had actually filters as small as $4.

What is a fuel filter?

The function of a fuel filter, together mentioned, is designed to help trap any type of massive bits that debris/fuel before it can also reach the fuel lines and also engine. If any type of of these larger particles to be able to do its way into the engine, it might create severe damages to the engine as it have the right to plug the fuel injectors, i m sorry would protect against the cylinder from acquiring the conventional amount the fuel, eventually leading come an injector replacement.

As there are numerous varieties that fuel distribution arrangements ~ above vehicles today, the fuel filter will vary from one vehicle to the next. A carburetor fueled engine, because that instance, will usage a vacuum to aid suck the fuel into the engine while utilizing low pressure. Together the fuel passes v the rubber hoses, this kind of fuel filter, generally made native plastic or metal, will have actually both one inlet and outlet tube, enabling the fuel come pass with while gift filtered. As for an digital fuel injection, the fuel is squirted into every cylinder via the injectors with high pressure. Because of this, the filters will certainly be produced from steel to avoid it native crumbling down over time.

The fuel filter instead of process

Before the fuel filter is also removed, the press will an initial be relieved from the fuel heat by disabling the fuel pump. Come disable the fuel pump, this will certainly be done by removed both the fuel pump hose and also the fuse box.

Once the pressure has been cut in the fuel lines, the lines will certainly be disconnected native the engine to accessibility the fuel filter.

The filter, now exposed, will be contrasted to a new one to see how dirty it is. Like any filter, the dirtier that is, the less reliable it will be. In ~ this time, the mechanic will recognize if the filter needs to be replaced. Together mentioned, if it has been longer than 12-24 months, climate a mechanic will change it for security reasons.

With the brand-new filter, the old one will certainly be take away out and also the new one will certainly be inserted in its place, ensuring the arrows space pointing the appropriate direction that the appropriate flow.

Once fitted, the fuel lines will certainly be reattached and also the fuel pump fuse and pump will certainly be re-installed.

The vehicle will currently be started and also the mechanic will investigate the brand-new filter for any leaks.

How to conserve on a fuel filter repair

Replacing a fuel filter, believe it or not, in reality isn’t that difficult at all. In fact, also if you do not have actually much in state of automobile repair experience, you deserve to do the task with ease as long as you follow a how-to video, which we will short article below. The parts, together mentioned, should price you much less than $30 and will take less than an hour come replace. For instance, on Amazon, we found numerous universal parts for much less than $25. Just refer to her owners hands-on or search online to make certain you’re buying the ideal filter. If friend really desire to save, think about purchasing an aftermarket part rather 보다 an OEM part to save a few more dollars.

How to tell if fuel filter is bad

Hard start – A dirty fuel filter could lead to a difficult start as the fuel circulation is constricted. This isn’t always the case, though, as spark plugs and your carburetor could reason a difficult start as well.

Hesitating engine – as soon as you press down top top the gas, if you notification the engine is hesitating, then it might be a authorize the fuel filter is clogged. As soon as clogged, the filter will certainly restrict the circulation of gas, an interpretation the abnormal burning will mitigate the car’s power and also responsiveness.

Stalling out – as your engine will require a constant supply that fuel, it will not run properly if it i do not care dirty or even clogged. Even with the slightest clog, the auto can stall as, again the flow of gas will certainly be restricted.

Won’t start – In order because that the car to start, the will need both a mixture the gasoline and also air come fire up. If there’s no gas coming through, then the failure to start could mean your fuel filter is clogged. However, this isn’t constantly the instance as the trouble may depend upon the battery or ignition.

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