When human being talk around “office copy paper”, they’re referring to the types of record that most human being that is supplied in printers and also photocopiers in ~ home/work. This is likewise the type of paper that human being usually buy at their neighborhood office supply stores (ex. Staples, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, etc).

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The standard office copy paper weight is most typically called “20 lb. Bond”. Traditional office copy paper weighs roughly 10.0 lbs every 1000 sheets. Office copy document is the cheapest empty white file you have the right to buy.

Another name for this exact same copy record weight is: “50 lb. Uncoated text”

Yes, “20 lb. Bond” and also “50 lb. Uncoated text” are basically the exact same kinds of paper. Over there is no difference in between the 2 names because that the paper. Weird, no it?

Typically you watch the various names relying on where you’re buying the document from. Yet they’re both “office copy paper”; similar in color, thickness, and weight. It’s merely two various ways of manufacturing and also naming the same paper.

The reason why castle have different “poundage” is because of the principle of communication weight. Also though the document is the same, lock measured in two various sized stacks: shortcut is measured v 17” x 22” sheets weighing 20 lbs., and text is measured through 25” x 38” sheets weighing 50 lbs.


If you go to your regional office it is provided store, their traditional office copy document will be named “20 lb. Bond”.

When you order print or order paper from a larger record distributor (places buying/selling huge volumes the paper), friend will watch office copy file called both: “20 lb. Bond” and “50 lb. Uncoated text”.

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At ubraintv-jp.com, our “office copy paper” of selection is: 50 lb. Uncoated text, and also it also weighs about 10.0 lbs per 1000 sheets.

What other kinds of office copy file weights are there?

Customers that want other varieties the office copy paper can walk for thicker species of office copy paper. This outcomes in a an ext substantial feel, and an ext opaque (images ~ above a slim sheet like “20 lb. Bond” deserve to be seen through the back):

24 lb. Link (also dubbed “60 lb. Uncoated text”)28 lb. Link (also called “70 lb. Uncoated text”)

Take your huge office printing projects to ubraintv-jp.com!

Some print projects are too large or too color vital to print at the office. Because that those projects, order digital at ubraintv-jp.com! We offer printing ~ above standard record weights at a quick turnaround at competitive pricing. Once you have a job that requires a more professional looking paper, ubraintv-jp.com offers document like 80 lb text Gloss or Matte.

It’s it s okay if you room still unsure which paper type is best for you, since ubraintv-jp.com offers complimentary file samples. Email our customer company department come service