An Indian camel herder arrives with his camels for the annual cattle fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan state, India, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013. (AP Photo/Deepak Sharma)AP



If you’re among those civilization who think camels drink water by lapping it favor a dog, or think the animal’s hump is provided to keep water, did you do it something to learn, but you’re not alone.

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According come a Newsweek report, a clip posted to TikTok has actually revealed that fairly than lapping, the creatures suck increase water with their mouth — a complete surprise come Clevergirl757, who mutual a video last month, captioned: “Who knew camels drank water prefer this? I believed camels lapped increase water choose dogs.”

The clip reflects two camels approaching a trough, wherein they dunk your heads, maintaining their lips just below the water line and also expanding their jaws to quickly gulp massive amounts of water.

The leggy animals are well-known for their capability to go for lengthy periods there is no drinking water, make them well suited to arid environments, the news outlet noted, and further explained that the camel’s hump — or humps, relying on the species — does not keep water, contradictory to famous belief.

The news outlet cited “Encyclopedia Britannica,” which explains, “camels, known as ‘ships the the desert” for your usefulness together pack pets for travelers,” keep in their humps “fatty tissue, not water, which is supplied as a resource of nourishment once food is scarce.”

“Britannica” adds: “Although the humps carry out not save water, camels room still incredibly reliable in the quantity of water they usage per day, i m sorry is why they are able to go nearly a week there is no drinking.”

According to Britannica, part of the reason camels deserve to go so long without drinking is because of the “unique form of their blood cells.” Camels have actually oval-shaped blood cells which permit them to consume huge amounts of water (up come 30 gallons at one time), “since the cell are more elastic and can change shape much more easily,” Newsweek cited.

Newsweek said that the video of the 2 camels drink from a trough was eventually found to have actually been published last year through a tik user named
KK 55, garnering much more than 13 million views. That was also shared ~ above a selection of society media platforms, including YouTube.

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