A an equipment designed for low-impact workouts the are additionally highly efficient and effective, the TreadClimber TC100 is the brand brand-new entry-level version TreadClimber through BowFlex. As part of this brand-new line of innovative models, the TC100 gives a low-impact, calorie torching workout v it’s unique 3-in-1 architecture that acts together a treadmill, a stairs climber and also an elliptical trainer every in one.

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Two different treadles with relocating belts, similar to the of a treadmill, relocate in an up and also down motion to accomplish this distinct workout experience that have the right to burn approximately 2.5 times an ext calories than a timeless treadmill. Over there is a rear maker step platform because that safety, and also the weight capacity is 300 pounds. There’s not much information disclosed ~ above the motor in this machines, but based on the decent load capacity, we can assume it’s a fairly reliable journey system. The TC100 reaches speeds of up to 4.0 mph, appropriate for walking.

The console area on the TC100 functions an interactive, completely back lit LCD display screen which is an improvement from the TC10 (which is currently discontinued) the featured four smaller separate LCD display screens. This brand-new and enhanced console also comes with two large cup holders, a an ext spacious design, and also a media holder to keep your favorite devices safely in ar while working out. You can track speed, time, distance, and also calories melted while security your an individual fitness purposes using the two customizable user file that room included. The TC10 go not also feature personalized choices like this, for this reason it’s a step up because that sure. In addition, the console is equipped through a dual-purpose USB harbor that deserve to power up your devices while in use. Come monitor her heart rate, over there are contact grip sensors conveniently put on the resolved handlebars. There are no wireless heart rate monitoring alternatives on this model.

The TC100 comes through a two year vouch on the entire machine.

What we Like:

Unique Design: The 3-in-1 design of the TC100 is one incredibly distinctive set-up that permits users to enjoy a low-impact workout there is no compromising a daunting workout. BowFlex even promises that you’ll burn approximately 2.5x much more calories 보다 you would on a timeless treadmill.Compact: In enhancement to the tiny footprint and compact design overall, the TC100 is additionally equipped v transport wheel so it’s easy to move and also store this an equipment as needed. Just because it’s three machines in one doesn’t mean it has to be bulky!Price: The TC100 retails for $1,599, i beg your pardon isn’t negative when you think about that girlfriend are gaining multiple equipments in one. And also with the new updates to this models, it’s even an ext affordable with added features included to boost the performance and overall comfort.Customizable Options: two user file are included with the TC100 for this reason it’s straightforward to track and store personalized exercise data to aid you reach and also meet her fitness goals.Console: The console area top top this version is much an ext spacious and roomier than the former TC10 through oversized cup holders, a media holder, contact grip sensors, and also a much more attractive design. In addition, the screen screen is currently one large screen rather than the four small screen set-up ~ above the TC10.Guaranteed Satisfaction: While the actual warranty made our “what we don’t like” list, the fact that BowFlex uses a 100% satisfaction guarantee, together with their “Worry-Free” warranty that covers 2 years on the whole machine.

BowFlex TreadClimber TC100 Treadmill - an essential Specs:Star Rating:Motor:Incline:Running Area:Folding:Top Speed:Weight Capacity:Dimensions:Built-In Programs:
300 LBS
57\" together x 31.5\" W x 59\" H
4 digital Functions
What we Don’t Like:

Console Area: While there have been countless improvements made to the new TC100 model console from the former TC10 model, the console area is still doing not have some simple features favor a integrated cooling fan, complete audio offerings, and also entertainment features.Program Variety: The TC100 did no come with enhancements to regime variety, and also this model still comes v a shabby offering of exercise programs.

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Our Verdict:

The TreadClimber models are ideal selling 3-in-1 cardio makers that yield fast, efficient results. The TC100 provides some impressive renovations from the TC10 (which is now discontinued), particularly with the console area, and also it’s still reasonably affordable as well. If the warranty could use part work, and some other issues like shabby regime variety, this design is one ideal machine for anyone seeking a low-impact workout. We would not recommend the TC100 come runners, but otherwise, it’s a unique, reliable an equipment from a reputable brand.


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