While there room plenty the competition fact shows the end there, few are as real and terrifying together Naked and Afraid. The display features 2 survivalists per episode — one man and one mrs — as they combat the elements and also do their finest to survive for 21 days. So, carry out contestants obtain paid to show up on the discovery show?

What is ‘Naked and also Afraid’ about?


Molly Jansen, a contestant ~ above Discovery’s ‘Naked and Afraid,’ used these items when on the show | Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver write-up via Getty Images

Naked and Afraid is the perfect adventure for those that really desire to test their survival skills. The episodes chronicle the adventures that each brand-new pair as they embark ~ above 21 job in the wild together. Discovery GO likewise notes the man and women who room surviving with each various other don’t recognize each various other prior to the show. And also the settings they’re exposed to are quite extreme.

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“They’ll suffer the world’s many hostile climates and encountering new and deadly animals including large cats, bears and some the the world’s most deadly reptiles,” the website notes. “They will should surmount physical challenges to develop shelter, forage for food, and find water.”

A contestant indigenous the show talked to Outside regarding simply how complicated it yes, really was. She provided her experience dealing with off with vast snakes in the wild and also trying to number out what foods were for sure to eat. Ultimately, she tapped out before 21 work in the wilderness. She also detailed she had a wound on she cheek the possibly began as a spider bite and also “had come to be necrotic” during her last days.

Do ‘Naked and also Afraid’ participants gain paid?

Not a good sign ~ above the an initial day. #NakedandAfraid pic.twitter.com/Cf7828xgo3

— Naked and Afraid (

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Do participants on Naked and Afraid received compensation because that what they’re placed through top top the show? according to TV Overmind, lock do. The publication notes contestants can comprise to $5,000 for your time invested on the show. Because that 21 job in the wild, they could make an ext staying in ~ home, though.

It’s not simple to obtain on the show, either. The publishing adds none of the contestants deserve to have any preexisting clinical conditions, as the wilderness may prove also dangerous for them. They likewise have to be U.S. Citizens and over the age of 18 to participate.

“Every season the variety of people applying increases,” Kristi Russell, the president of metal Flowers Media, called Channel guide Magazine. “Unfortunately, the number of people who actually room qualified sufficient to get on the show remains the same, and that is a scant number of submissions.”

Is ‘Naked and also Afraid’ ago in 2021?

Maybe not the worst nightmare, but pretty high increase there.#NakedandAfraid earlier with two brand-new episodes tonight beginning at 8P on
discovery and also streaming on
discoveryplus. Pic.twitter.com/E2SUTP0XDi

— Naked and also Afraid (
NakedAndAfraid) march 21, 2021

So, is Naked and also Afraid back in 2021? It seems season 13 is finally here. Exploration notes the new season premiere because that the show aired on march 7, 2021, at 8 p.m. EST via the exploration Channel, and also it’s also streaming top top Discovery+.

It looks prefer this season is currently creating immense obstacles for that is participants, too. Meghann, a contestant top top the current season, went residence after dealing with biting insects the didn’t have any respect for her privacy, Yahoo notes.

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“The emotion of them crawling into my personal parts and also areas of my human body that ns don’t want them in is just a tiny too much for me,” she said. After almost four days in the wild, Meghann dubbed it quits.

We’re looking front to seeing an ext of what’s in store on the present in 2021!