It’s no an enig that NASCAR drivers get paid the large bucks to execute what they do. However, the racers aren’t the only ones do a good living. Return it’s exceptionally hard to gain into the position, securing a spot together a NASCAR pit crew member for one of the race teams will prize you v a quite comfortable lifestyle, together well.

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Now, these males on pit roadway are superstar in their very own right. To also be considered, you have to possess pure mastery that automotive knowledge. Together a matter of fact, just around all pit crew members have the right to identify and also assemble every single piece to a race car. On peak of mechanical knowledge, they likewise have a distinctive athleticism that permits them to move at lightning-quick speeds during pit stops. Let’s check out what the takes to obtain the job, and also how lot it pays.

NASCAR Pit Crew Member Salary

For the average person that wanted to seek this kind of job in auto racing, the timeless path would require years of schooling and gain some endure as a mechanic. After ~ mastering the general automotive knowledge, you’d probably want to think about pit crew-specific training. Here, they’ll go over whatever from the race engines come aerodynamics come chassis repair. Welding endure would additionally pay off, because you’ll need to learn exactly how to construct the human body panels and roll cages throughout this training.

So, let’s assume you’ve mastered stock vehicle biology, and you lastly land a project with a NASCAR team. You’d most likely start out together a mechanic for the racing team before you’d acquire a shot at a tryout for the really pit crew team. As a mechanic, there are some benefits, including a less-stressful environment. These guys get to do their work-related in the lull of a shop in between the actual races.

They might not be compelled to relocate as fast as the pit crew, but they consist of for the with extreme accuracy. A task as a rookie mechanic can bring in an mean salary between $45,000-$65,000 per year. If you have a high level of design knowledge, or you’ve gained enough experience v the team, the basic salary deserve to break with the $100,000 every year barrier.

As for the actual pit crew members, over there is a premium paid for their extremely quick and an accurate repairs during the races. Physical requirements are likewise extremely high because that these positions, for this reason you’ll often discover former athletes law the job. However, their hard work is rewarded with a value in the kingdom of $150,000 every year. The really number can vary relying on the actual position of the individual.


Tire carriers will certainly break right into six figures, however they won’t obtain paid almost as lot as the higher-pressure work like a tires changer. You screw increase one lug nut, and also it could expense you the race. The jackman and fuelers additionally land ~ above the greater side that the pay, and also the crew chief has potential to make around $200,000 each year.

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We’ve all watched various NASCAR Cup series races and seen these pit crews in action. Those guys are truly a different breed, and also they defy the laws of physics each and also every time their vehicle comes in to pit. It’s a hard job to land, but it sure would it is in one hell of an interesting career.