Pawning jewelry is just one of the fastest ways to do a fast buck once you’re in a pinch. It deserve to be sad to let walk of her old valuables, but sometimes paying receipt is the priority. You may wonder, though, how much cash your jewelry can lug in. Is it worth it come sell?


One that the many common types of jewel to market at a pawnshop is gold — yellow is constantly worth something. It’s traded 24/7 ~ above the jae won market, so price fluctuate every the time. This renders it daunting to determine precisely how much your bracelet, watch or chain will certainly be worth from sooner or later to the next, but you deserve to do some calculations to identify what you will likely receive native a pawnshop.

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Make certain it’s Clean

First, before you take her gold come a pawnbroker, make sure you clean that thoroughly. Just like any other type of item, pawning your jewelry will provide you the highest possible return once you make it look as brand-new as possible. And also use the ideal kind the cleaning solution — one specifically produced gold.

Know the Weight

The weight of her gold will certainly play into the total value. Pawnshops either use grams or pennyweights for measuring units. One pennyweight is 1.55 grams, therefore it’s simple conversion calculate if you have to compare supplies from many pawnbrokers

Find out the Purity

The purity the the metal will also influence your pawn offer.

10 karat: 41 percent gold14 karat: 57.5 percent gold18 karat: 75 percent gold

The purer the gold, the greater the value.

Assess industry Value

The price of yellow fluctuates constantly, so check current prices because that the most up-to-date estimate. Climate you can calculate the market value of your item based on this equation:

Trading price the gold/31.3 x portion of gold x weight.

If yellow is trading because that $1,200/ounce, you have actually a 14-karat chain and also it weighs 3 grams, your equation would look like this:

$1,200/31.3 x .575 x 5 = $110.22

Now remember, it is the sector price of her gold’s melt value, however pawnshops offer less in order to resell the item to make a profit.

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Get an Offer

Pawnshop customers who expect to receive the exact same value for their gold jewelry the they initially paid i will not ~ be satisfied. As soon as stores market jewelry, they are accountancy for the costs of manufacturing and also marketing the piece. You will certainly not recoup this cost. Also, pawnshop prices are designed to permit the pawnbroker to make a profit off one item. Otherwise, exactly how would they proceed to execute business?

It is feasible to gain a fair, reasonable price offer once pawning jewelry, you just need to walk to the appropriate place. If you have a realistic check out of the worth of her jewelry, it’s easier to call if you’re gaining a great deal.

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