Ever due to the fact that its inception ago in 2019, AEW has successfully climbed through the ranking to end up being one the the best wrestling promotions in the world. Although AEW is i do not have anything close to complicated WWE’s supremacy, the promotion has still played a critical role in reshaping the see of skilled wrestling today specifically after the premature birth deaths that ECW and also WCW.

While we’ve watched plenty of rings promotions over the years, nobody of this promotions has controlled to send ripples throughout the rings world, favor the means AEW has done.

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In simply its first few years in the market, AEW has actually not only controlled to come to be a household name, but also a brand with millions of followers throughout the world.

The versatility of the firm and the genius behind that creatives and also storylines enabled the promo to morph into WWE’s biggest contender in a expectancy of just two years.

Founded by some of the brightest name in wrestles such as Cody Rhodes, Adam Page, Nick Jackson, and also Matt Jackson, AEW immediately placed the entire wrestling cosmos on notice.

The company went ahead to lug in countless renowned and also seasoned stars such as man Moxley (Dean Ambrose) and also Kenny Omega. In together a short time, AEW managed to end up being a fan favorite, selling close come 100,000 tickets throughout its inaugural pay-per-view event.

The introduction of AEW came at a time when fans had actually just started to lose interest in pro wrestling early out to bad bookings and also predictable scripts.

Apart from giving wrestlers greater wages, every Elite Wrestling likewise provides wrestlers v a lighter schedule and an ext freedom. Plenty of of the best names in AEW received multi-million contracts. In addition to a lighter schedule and more pay, AEW also offers all the wrestlers added benefits such together accommodation and also travel expenses.

Unlike the WWE where many mid-carders and lower carders take treatment of your accommodation and travel expenses, the AEW provides a an ext on hands approach, catering for all these expenses.

AEW Salaries and Earnings

AEW wrestlers earn an average annual salary the $300,000 per year. If this might be slightly reduced than what numerous WWE wrestlers earn, AEW wrestlers receive numerous perks and also benefits that plenty of wrestlers in the WWE room not licensed has been granted to.

In the WWE, just the top-tier wrestlers, veterans, and also main eventers receive totally catered travel and also accommodation packages.

On the various other hand, every AEW wrestlers, regardless of of the role or tier in the promo receive this perks and benefits.

So exactly how much carry out AEW wrestlers earn?

The 10 highest possible Paid AEW Wrestlers

1. Dean Ambrose$6 Million
2. Chris Jericho$3 Million
3. Kenny Omega $3 Million
4. Cody Rhodes$3 Million
5. Brandi Rhodes$2 Million
6. Dusty Rhodes$2 Million
7. Nyla Rose$2 Million
8. Lucha Bros$2 Million
9. Young Bucks$2 Million
10. PAC$2 Million

Our Favourite AEW Merchandise


Highest paid AEW Wrestler: that is the Highest-Paid AEW Wrestler?

Jon Moxley is the highest-paid AEW wrestler, earning an yearly salary that $6 million. Being a main eventer, Jon Moxley earns one of the highest base salaries at the promotion along with earnings indigenous pay-per-view events.

Prior to joining AEW, Jon Moxley operated with the WWE, wherein he wrestled under the moniker Dean Ambrose.

Apart from the basic salary and also earnings indigenous pay every view, Jon Moxley likewise receives VIP treatment from the promotion which has travel and also accommodation expenses. In 2015, Jon Moxley earn an yearly salary that $900,000 if working through the WWE.

Other wrestlers ~ above the highest-paid list incorporate Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page, and also Chris Jericho every earning over $3 million.

After functioning for WWE for quite some time, Dean Ambrose choose to leaving the agency once his contract expired. Prior to this, Moxley had interacted with the firm that the was not going come renew his contract.

With the WWE, Jon Moxley controlled to come to be one of the this firm brightest stars to win the desire WWE championship title, and also the Intercontinental and also tag team championship title.


Highest payment AEW woman Wrestler: who is the highest-paid AEW female wrestler?

Brandi Rhodes is the highest-paid AEW woman wrestler through an yearly salary of $2 million. Apart from being component of AEW’s women’s roaster, Brandi Rhodes at this time serves as the promotions, chef Branding Officer.

Brandi Rose started her skilled wrestling career v the WWE ago in 2011 wherein she wrestled under the moniker, Brandi.

She later on joined the live independence circuit prior to ultimately joining TNA and also ROH. In 2019, Brandi climbed joined the newly founder AEW as the CBO. Cody Rhodes, Rose’s husband is among the founders of the promotion.

Nyla increased is the other female wrestler who renders it into the company’s top 10 highest-paid wrestlers list through an annual salary of $1.8 million.

Unlike the WWE, AEW has done a good job that ensuring that the disparity in between male and also female wrestler’s salaries is insignificant.


Richest AEW Wrestler: Who is the richest AEW wrestler?

With a network worth of $18 million, kris Jericho is the wealthiest AEW wrestler. Personally from gift a agree wrestler, kris Jericho additionally doubles up together a podcast present host and successful musician.

Prior come joining AEW, kris Jericho was among the highest-paid wrestlers in the WWE, earning $900,000 a year.

For an ext than 30 years, kris Jericho has been in the wrestles business, working with numerous promotions such as ECW, WCW, WWE, and also NJPW.

With all these rings promotions, kris Jericho managed to become a main occasion wrestler, winning several of the biggest and most desire accolades and also titles.

In 2019, chris Jericho signed a complete 3-year contract with AEW. In ~ the company’s inaugural event, chris Jericho take it on Adam Page ending up being the company’s first-ever world champion.

Who is the Lowest-paid AEW Wrestler?

Darius Martin, Serpentico, and also Daunte Martin space the lowest paid AEW wrestlers v an annual salary that Earning yearly salary of $300,000. Unlike their WWE counterparts, AEW wrestlers obtain a hefty salary with a much less demanding schedule.

In addition to the base salary, Darius, Daunte, and Serpentico tho receive income from pay Per view appearances as well as plenty of other perks and benefits.

While little to no data ~ above the salary of AEW contractors, all AEW wrestlers room entitled to travel and also accommodation allowances. 

How much Do AEW Wrestlers do in a Year?

On median AEW wrestlers make about $300,000 every year, through the many experienced wrestlers earning an ext than $1 million. Apart from their base salary, AEW wrestlers additionally earn indigenous PPV appearances.

Unlike WWE wrestlers, all AEW wrestlers are entitled to the exact same privileges together as fully catered travel and also accommodation packages.

In addition, AEW wrestlers likewise earn commissions from merch sales. When the percentages space not yet available, we have the right to estimate the these rose are an ext or less what your counterparts in the WWE earn.

Do AEW Wrestlers gain Paid Weekly or every Match?

Like your counterparts in the WWE, AEW are contracted employees and also thus receive their revenue after every two weeks. except the basic salary, AEW wrestlers also receive plenty of various other benefits such together travel and accommodation allowances.

Main occasion wrestlers obtain the highest base salary, with most of castle earning $1 million or above. Mid-card AEW wrestlers meanwhile receive anywhere in between $300,0000- $900,000 while lower-card wrestlers obtain an annual salary that $100,000 to $300,000.

In enhancement to the base salary, AEW wrestlers likewise do earn commissions from merch sales and also PPV appearances.

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Do AEW Wrestlers gain Paid once Injured?

Being contractual employees, AEW wrestlers execute receive their revenue whether hurt or not. Favor their WWE counterparts, AEW wrestlers do sign a downside agreement that cushions them versus such occurrences.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that because many injured wrestlers are not maybe to attend PPVs events, they will certainly not get commissions from these events.