Mary expect Kramer works in the steed industry and has a passion for careers in the pet industry. She wrote about animal-related work for The Balance Careers.

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Equine veterinarians room licensed pet health experts who room qualified to diagnose and also treat horses connected in competition and also production. An equine vet have the right to work many environments, yet they normally work closely with both horse patients and also their human owners.

The usual routine because that an steed vet contains performing basic exams, giving routine vaccinations, drawing blood, prescribing medications, assessing and bland wounds, performing surgeries, and giving post-surgical exams.

Other duties may incorporate performing pre-purchase exams, security the reproductive wellness of reproduction stallions and also broodmares, assisting v foalings, and also taking x-rays or ultrasounds. Horse veterinarians might work in conjunction v a farrier to correct angular body deformities, solve lameness issues, and ensure the the foot is properly balanced.

It is common for steed veterinarians to job-related a 5 to 6 day main with extr “on call” emergency hours as needed. Work may happen outdoors in varying temperatures and weather conditions. Veterinarians, especially those working with huge animals, should constantly follow ideal safety precautions to minimization the hazard of injury if working through their patients.

Career alternatives

According come statistics from the American Veterinary clinical Association (AVMA), much more than 75% that vets job-related in exclusive practice. Steed veterinarians in exclusive practice might either work-related from their car (making farm yard visits) or in an horse veterinary clinic. Many equine vets sell a mix of both clinic-based and mobile services.

It is not unusual for equine veterinarians to have actually a large animalmixed practice, which contains other livestock types such together cattle, sheep, or goats. Others select to offer a mixed practice offer both small and large animal patients.

According to the AVMA, just 5.7% that all vets are equine vets or about 4,000 in the U.S. Over there are an additional 4,220 vets involved in combined practice as of 2017.

Nearly half of steed veterinarians are associated with performance horses while other significant areas of company include pleasure or farm work, racing work, and reproductive work.

Outside of personal practice, vets also find job-related as college professors or educators, pharmaceutical sales representatives, army personnel, government inspectors, and researchers.

Education and also Training

All equine veterinarians graduate v a medical professional of Veterinary medicine degree, the culmination that a rigorous food of study entailing both small and big animal species. There are 30 accredited colleges of veterinary medication in the United claims that sell the DVM degree.

Upon graduation, vets must likewise successfully finish the north American Veterinary license Exam (NAVLE). In ~ the end of 2017, the many recent AVMA employment survey available, there to be 117,735 practicing U.S. Veterinarians.

expert Associations

The American association of steed Practitioners (AAEP) boasts 10,000 member vets from 67 countries, making the the world’s largest steed veterinary organization. The AAEP place on a significant convention yearly with end 100 hrs of lectures and also demonstrations available to equine veterinarians.


The average wage for veterinarians is approximately $90,000 follow to the many recent office of labor Statistics survey conducted in 2017.The average expert income for steed veterinarians is $64,000 per year follow to

Veterinarians who are board certified in a certain specialty area such together ophthalmology, oncology, or surgery normally earn significantly higher salaries together a result of their advanced education and also experience.

project Outlook

According come data native the bureau of labor Statistics, the veterinary job will expand at a faster rate than average—about 19% from 2016 to 2026. The minimal number that graduates from vet program will translate to great job future in the field.

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With end nine million horses in the United claims alone, need for horse medical solutions should continue to increase at a healthy rate for the foreseeable future. Need for equine specialists should continue to grow.