The actors of Dance Moms isn"t exactly struggling to do ends meet. Together fans, us don"t gain to share in your wealth, of course, yet who doesn"t love a an excellent Cinderella story? Watching someone go from gift a no one with fairly nothing to being a somebody v everything is weirdly addicting. Yet with Dance Moms, the success the the stars is really just the cherry on height of the drama-filled sundae.

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The series, i beg your pardon premiered in 2011, mainly focuses on the dancers that the Abby Lee Dance company and, as the location implies, their mothers that always brought the drama. There were jealousy fits, competitions, and lots the tears — and also that was simply in Season 1. Year later, though, those tears appeared to have actually been precious it as the cast of Dance Moms is worth quite a most money in 2020. Here"s a watch at how much your favorite stars have in the bank.

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One that the many memorable stars the Dance Moms was Abby Lee Miller, the teacher, choreographer, and also owner the the studio wherein the girl danced. Abby Lee was harsh to the moms and didn"t exactly mince words because that the daughters either. However after Dance Moms had a successful very first several seasons, Abby Lee"s life kind of got off track. Complying with a yearlong prison sentence and also cancer diagnosis, fans can not recognize what to intend from Abby Lee, but as it transforms out, she"s doing just fine financially.

In fact, follow to Celebrity net Worth, Abby Lee is precious an approximated $2 million. Abby Lee has been may be to preserve her wide range in a selection of ways. In addition to her big paychecks from Dance Moms back in the day, Abby Lee likewise wrote a book entitled Everything ns Learned about Life, i Learned In run Class, i m sorry undoubtedly features to her net worth. Even though she life has been filled to the brim through drama, Abby Lee doesn"t seem to suffer any type of money concerns as a result.

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Maddie Ziegler"s legacy has actually remained intact due to the fact that her leave from Dance Moms in 2016. Part of that might be due to the fact that Maddie to be definitely Abby Lee Miller"s favourite student (something everyone noticed), but another reason was that even before she left the show, Maddie had established a effective career in the entertain industry. Maddie is most widely recognized as the girl from Sia"s "Chandelier" music video, i beg your pardon really released the dancer to stardom in 2014.

Because that that, it have to come as no surprised that Maddie"s net worth is quite impressive. According to Celebrity network Worth, the starlet is approximated to be worth $5 million. However, Maddie has much more than she time on Dance Moms and also her partnership with Sia to give thanks to for she wealth. Maddie also penned a memoir, The Maddie Diaries, and wrote a series of books, i m sorry all add to her net worth. On top of every one of that, Maddie has booked acting gigs, including a duty in the remake of West side Story, and has actually a Fabletics fashion line. Clearly, she have the right to do it every — and also make a most money in the process.

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Chloe Lukasiak may just be one of the most well-recognized original cast members the Dance Moms. StillChloe finished up leaving the show after the 4th season, just to return 2 years later prior to ultimately leaving because that good. V Dance Moms behind her, you can wonder just exactly how Chloe has been may be to do a living, yet as it turns out, she hasn"t had any kind of issues in the department.

Chloe"s net worth is apparently an astounding $6 million. So how did she get to be so rich? In enhancement to amassing a huge Instagram following, a YouTube channel through over 2 million subscribers, and her Dance Moms past, Chloe has actually also achieved success in her exhilaration career. Chloe has appeared in movies such together Center Stage: on Pointe, Loophole, and The Message, according to IMDb.

On optimal of every her various other projects, Chloe has also written a book entitled Girl ~ above Pointe: Chloe"s guide to taking on the World. Though dance is what she"s primarily known for, Chloe revealed in one interview v Education and also Career News that creating is she one true love, dubbing it among her "ultimate goals."

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Though many former Dance Moms cast members have actually gone ~ above to have actually successful careers in the entertainment industry, Brooke Hyland doesn"t seem interested in Hollywood — in ~ least, not in the usual sense. The original cast member of Dance Moms that was recognized for her superior acrobatic tricks — and, tbh, her mom — has definitely moved on since leaving the show and also has developed a life of her own.

While Brooke might not it is in raking in the millions or starring in movies and also shows, she still has actually an superior net worth because that someone her age. Follow to The Richest, Brooke reportedly has actually a network worth of around $250,000. Despite Brooke hasn"t danced professionally in a while, she"s has began her very own career. After ~ graduating indigenous Ohio college in 2019, Brooke top to Los Angeles to make her dreams of making the in the fashion sector come true.

In an interview through A-List Nation in January 2020, Hyland explained, "I have actually a full time job in the fashion/e-commerce industry. I execute influencer relations and PR." Brooke"s network worth will most likely increase, together she told the publication, "It is my first job after ~ college and my goal is to exceed my higher ups" expectations and also hopefully be advocated in the near future."

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Like her sister, Brooke Hyland, Paige Hyland additionally said goodbye come Dance Moms forever in 2014, and leaving the show might have been the finest thing the younger Hyland sister might have done. Not only did saying goodbye to Dance Moms average a lot less drama in Paige"s life, but it also meant a lot more totally free time, which cleared the way for Paige"s net worth to climb to reportedly $250,000.

As Paige and Brooke"s mom, Kelly Hyland called OK! magazine, the girls to be able to it is in normal youngsters after leave the show. "That was among my problems being on the show," she explained. "Having my youngsters do normal activities that kids their age do. They want to walk to school dances and do that type of stuff and they were never allowed."

For Paige, that meant doing common teenager things favor hanging out v friends, beginning a relationship, going off to college, and —oh, yes — modeling for Sherri Hill, according to E! News. Follow to Paige"s Twitter bio, she is also slated come graduate indigenous West Virginia college in 2023, for this reason one have the right to only assumption: v what she"ll be up to in the future.

Nia Sioux is one of the most memorable original actors members of Dance Moms. And also though Nia said goodbye to the collection in 2017, the young star wasn"t done with the silver display screen just yet.

Nia"s net worth is apparently an impressive $1 million — and that probably has a lot of to carry out with she career after she left Dance Moms. that course, the show surely contributed to Nia"s wealth, as well, due to the fact that she was among the longtime original actors members. According to Screen Rant, it"s most likely that Nia made about $1,000 come $2,000 per illustration of Dance Moms, which certainly could add up. On top of that, Nia had a yearlong operation playing Emma Barber top top The Bold and also the Beautiful, and several various other television jobs which most likely all contribute to her substantial wealth. Additionally, Nia also authored a photo book, Today ns Dance, i m sorry was published in April 2020.

The youngest of the original cast members that Dance Moms is none various other than Maddie Ziegler"s little sister, Mackenzie Ziegler. Pan of the show"s an initial season most likely remember Mackenzie as being the adorable tiny girl who can pull off some serious acrobatic tricks. Still, Mackenzie has actually made her mark on the civilization even ~ leaving Dance Moms through her sister in 2016.

According come Celebrity net Worth, Mackenzie is worth an estimated $3 million, i beg your pardon is a seriously large number because that someone for this reason young. In enhancement to her time ~ above Dance Moms, Mackenzie additionally released two albums, showed up on Dancing with The Stars: Juniors, and became a bona fide TikTok star. However out of every one of her talents, it shows up as though to sing is the one she"s many passionate about.

In an interview v BBC News, Mackenzie said, "I just want my music to speak to civilization in a good way and, girlfriend know, it"s not about blowing increase or anything. I just want to relax music because I love it." v the way her career has risen already, her net worth is also going to it is in on the climb sooner fairly than later.

Although kendall Vertes wasn"t part of the an initial season the Dance Moms, she still ended up being a huge part of the core group of girl from the 2nd season on. Kendall showed off some pretty exceptional dance skills on the series, yet perhaps even an ext memorable were her mom"s screams. We"re simply being honest. Once Kendall eventually left Dance Moms in 2017, fans weren"t quite sure what she would carry out next. But, together it turns out, she had a plan.

Kendall"s net worth is reportedly an approximated $1.5 million, i beg your pardon is an exceptional amount considering the reality that she wasn"t also on the very first season the Dance Moms. Nevertheless, kendall has found plenty the success, including appearing in several movies such as Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time and Anastasia in 2019. However acting isn"t Kendall"s only skill.

While still starring on Dance Moms, kendall released the single "Wear Em Out" and accompanying music video, which beat Taylor Swift"s "Bad Blood" music video clip on the iTunes music video chart, together the International company Times reported. There is no a doubt, kendal excels at every little thing she puts she mind to.

If there is one Dance Moms star who has truly outgrown the show, it is JoJo Siwa. JoJo joined Season 2 of Abby"s Ultimate run Competition in 2013 and also took 5th place. She also, of course, starred on Dance Moms for 2 seasons. After ~ that, JoJo"s star only rose higher and higher, and when she released her tune "Boomerang" and its accompanying music video, which has over 900 million see (and counting!), she take it her place as queen that the tweens. 

According come Celebrity network Worth, JoJo"s wealth has really included up over the years and she is precious a report $12 million, as of this writing. That"s right, she is worth an ext than her previous coach! however you can"t say that JoJo hasn"t earned every her money. In addition to her hard work and also long hrs put in touring throughout the country, JoJo additionally has number of merchandise present that sell at locations like Walmart and Target, i beg your pardon both really lug in the cash. Over there isn"t a tiny girl the end there that doesn"t love JoJo and her signature bows, and the star"s wealth is surely come grow because of that.

Kalani Hilliker might not be as familiar to you as several of her various other Dance Moms actors members, but the dancer absolutely made a splash during her time top top the reality show. Kalani joined the series in 2014, and though her mommy obviously acquired in on the drama, they finished up speak goodbye in 2017, just three years later. Now, Kalani wasn"t on the present as long as part others, but that doesn"t median her network worth has suffered since of that.

Quite the contrary, actually. Kalani is reported to have a network worth of $2 million — and her career after she left Dance Moms is more than likely to say thanks to for that. Kalani is now a full social media influencer, boasting six million pendant on Instagram and also over 800,000 subscribers ~ above YouTube, together of this writing.

Clearly, Kalani knows what she"s law in the soil of society media, and also she"s scored some great partnerships as well, consisting of Bang Energy and HeySilkySkin. With influencers earning an average of around $1,000 because that every 100,000 followers, follow to Mic, it"s no wonder Kalani has done so well for herself.

Perhaps the most famed dance mom from Dance Moms was Christi Lukasiak. The mommy of Chloe Lukasiak had some seriously explosive moment on the show, as well as some hilarious ones. In one interview v Feeling The Vibe, Christi stated that pan will constantly remember she one-liners native the show, like this one: "Jill"s running around and she"s throwing shoes and she"s cursing, and all I"m thinking is i can"t take it you serious wearing that hat!" Christi stated of among her most famous lines, adding, "And human being will say the to me all the time!"

But ~ leaving Dance Moms and the drama behind her, Christi has focused much the her attention on building her social media following on TikTok. Though, that hasn"t to be without hiccups. "I would say my best failure has been trying to develop my very own brand, because at very first I believed you had actually to it is in original. I didn"t realize the if you just jump on the trend out there, that whatever performs much better," Chrisi told Feeling the Vibe. Christi also began launching digital courses via the social media platform. V a reported network worth in between $1 million and also $5 million, Christi"s new gig is obviously walk well.

Though Melissa Gisoni may simply be the summary of a "dance mom," she go on come live rather a normal life after she and also her daughters left Dance Moms. Well, a normalish life.As her daughters, Maddie and also Mackenzie Ziegler, room still pursuing fame and also fortune, Melissa"s life will constantly be entrenched in that. Yet now that she"s no much longer in prior of the camera, she can be her true self. In a 2016 essay because that Cosmopolitan, Melissa described that she was done through fame. "I never ever wanted to it is in on TV and I never want to it is in on TV again," she revealed.

Despite she wishes not to be famous, though, Melissa still has an impressive estimated net worth of $2 million, although it"s not totally clear where exactly she gets her money from. Of course, Melissa has a big social media following, with practically four million Instagram followers, as of this writing, for this reason she may pull in a great amount that money from that. Regardless, though, she"s happy to remain home. "Literally, I"m just a mom from Pittsburgh," she wrote for Cosmopolitan.

Love her or hate her, anyone remembers Kelly Hyland indigenous the original Dance Moms cast. Kelly to be a fierce support for she daughters and also had a complex history with Abby Lee Miller, so it wasn"t surprising once the two clashed. Yet after kissing the present farewell in 2014, Kelly has actually pretty lot stayed the end of the spotlight. 

Still, Kelly reportedly has a network worth in the $1 million come $5 million range. It"s not entirely clear where she it s okay all the money from, however her fame and notoriety after ~ leaving Dance Moms may have actually something to perform with it. In 2014, Kelly filed a lawsuit versus Abby Lee claiming that she and her daughters "were mistreated top top the show, their contract has been breached, and they have not to be paid for the fourth season and also were deliberately subjected to emotional distress," follow to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The suit was ultimately dismissed, but Kelly"s name may forever be linked with it.