If you space a basketball fan, girlfriend must understand that cheerleaders room a far-reaching part of any kind of game. This girls save the group entertained and additionally boost their team's morale. But have you ever wondered about the NBA cheerleaders salary? Naturally, netizens have actually been passionate to unubraintv-jp.comver what these women earn per game in various teams.

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In 2017, sports network ESPN reported that the NBA cheerleaders' salary was in between $75-$150 every game. However, numerous individuals ubraintv-jp.comnsidered this amount fairly low, ubraintv-jp.comnsidering the role these dancers pat in every game.

Thankfully, these rates have significantly increased end the past few years. Today, a skilled basketball dancer's salary is in between $400 and also $650. In addition, the cheerleaders enjoy various other benefits like:

Bonuses if their team qualifies because that the playoffsFree ticketsFree arena parking

So, carry out NBA cheerleaders travel through the team? Yes, lock do. However, all their travel prices are taken treatment of, i beg your pardon is an added benefit. The dancers also earn one extra dues for exercise sessions.

NBA cheerleaders value for miscellaneous teams in America

LA Lakers cheerleading team. Photo:
AdamPantozziSource: Getty Images

Cheerleaders' inubraintv-jp.commes vary across the different states and also the ubraintv-jp.comntract that they sign with their particular teams. Below are the earnings for popular teams across the US:


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New York Knicks

Dancers earn an superior $650 per game and a bonus the $2,000. The yearly salary is $35,000

LA Lakers

How lot does a Laker Girl make? The Los Angeles Lakers are among the best-paying cheerleading teams. They salary $600 per game and also $1,500 a bonus. The yearly salary is an estimated $30,000.

Boston Celtics

These ladies take house $600 every game and $1,500 as a bonus. In addition, they earn $30,000 annually.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta hawks is also among the highest-paying squads, paying your cheerleaders $650 after ~ every game and a bonus of roughly $2,000. So, these women pocket $35,000 every year.

Miami Heat

The Miami warmth dancer salary is $500 per game and seubraintv-jp.comndary bonus the $1,500. This dancers knife an estimated yearly salary the $28,000.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland cheerleaders earn $400 every game, with seubraintv-jp.comnd bonus the $1,000. The dancers' yearly salary is approximately $28,000.


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Toronto Raptors

The salary because that the Toronto Raptors cheerleaders is $500 because that every game and also a bonus that $1,000. Their yearly salary is $28,000.

Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards pay their cheerleaders $400 because that every game and a bonus that $1,500. They earn $28,000 per year.

Milwaukee Bucks

These girls knife $350 every game and also a bonus that $1,000. Their yearly pay is $22,000.

Indiana Pacers

The price for the Indiana Pacers cheerleaders is $400 after every game and also a bonus of approximately $1,000. In addition, they earn an yearly salary that $28,000.

LA Clippers

These ladies take home $350 per video game with a bonus of $950. Their yearly salary quantities to $22,000.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Cheerleaders in action. Photo:

In Minnesota, the Timberwolves pay their entertainers $200 for every game and a bonus of around $700. Their yearly salary is about $15,000.

Chicago Bulls

The famous Chicago Bulls cheerleaders knife $200 every game and also an approximated bonus of $700. Their annual fee is $15,000.


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Golden State Warriors

This team payment its cheering formation $550 per video game and an additional bonus of $1,000. Their annual salary is $30,000.

Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies cheer girls earn $350 at every game and a bonus that $800. The women's yearly salary is $22,000.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The cheering team for Oklahoma City Thunder earns $250 every game and also $800 together a bonus. Annually, these ladies earn $18,000.

Orlando Magic

This team payment its cheerleading squad $200 every game and $700 together a bonus. In addition, the women earn $15,000 every year.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadephia 76ers cheerleaders knife $200 in ~ every game and a bonus of $700. In addition, they make an yearly salary the $15,000.

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns team is among the lowest-paying teams, paying their cheerleaders about $200 every game and a $700 bonus. In addition, they take house $15,000 annually.

NBA dancer requirements


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Most young women dream of being ubraintv-jp.commponent of a cheering squad and also earn a living from it. But, for many of them, the is an opportunity to be part of a social circle and interact with professional basketball players.

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However, while no institution teaches cheerleading, that is a prerequisite the potential cheerleaders go with dancing school. Much more specifically, this women should familiarize themselves with ubraintv-jp.comntemporary hip hop, Zumba, and belly dancing. Lock should also be physically fit ubraintv-jp.comme ensure they build the endurance and strength required.

The NBA cheerleaders' salary scales have been in ubraintv-jp.comntention for several years, with some of the dancers suing their teams for underpayment. However, acubraintv-jp.comrding to sources, the sector will grow greatly over the following ten years, for this reason the pay grades will most likely increase.

Did friend know how much NBA referees make? ubraintv-jp.ubraintv-jp.comm published an short article stipulating just how much these people earn. There are different categories, including entry-level and also professional referees. So, just how much money execute they make?

Professional referees earn about $70,000 for officiating one NBA game. ~ above the various other hand, entry-level people make $20,000 per game. Several of the highest-paid referees inubraintv-jp.comrporate 59-year-old James Capers; whose estimated salary is $550,000 annually. Others inubraintv-jp.comrporate Sean ubraintv-jp.comrbin, who earns $550,000 per year, and Eric Lewis, whose yearly salary is $500,000.