The mean salary because that a carpenter is $21.57 per hour in the united States and $6,750 overtime every year.

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The tasks requiring this skill have decrease by 36.85% due to the fact that 2018. Carpenters v this skill earn +15.03% more than the mean base salary, i m sorry is $21.57 per hour.

52 Carpenters task openings top top require this skill in 2012, it boosts by 52 in comparison come previous year.

Job TrendYearNumber of job openings top top request this skillChange native previous year20122013201420152016201720182019
52increase through 52
1225increase by 2255.77%
2833increase by 131.27%
2386decrease by 15.78%
3249increase through 36.17%
4908increase through 51.06%
3316decrease by 32.44%
2094decrease through 36.85%

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60% that Carpenters in the United claims think their earnings are sufficient for the expense of life in their area

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If she unsure around what salary is ideal for a carpenter, visit"s value Calculator to acquire a free, personalized pay selection based on her location, industry, and experience.