Getting a brand-new pet can be expensive, and rabbits are no exception. Over there are numerous costs connected with bringing a pet hare home, from fostering fees come food and also water, no to cite emergency and medical fees. It’s essential to be prepared and also know costs associated with hare ownership come make sure you can afford it. Below we go.

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How much do rabbits Cost? There room many costs associatedwith gaining a rabbit, but overall a rabbit will certainly cost approximately $1000/year notincluding upfront expenses when you very first get the rabbit.


Do All rabbit Breeds cost the Same?

No, some rabbit breeds are much more expensive than others. Over there are countless different each other of rabbit, and practically any breed have the right to be expensive if the rabbit has actually a pedigree. Purebred hare bought from breeders will price much an ext than rabbits embraced from a shelter, and particular breeds are an ext in demand such together Holland Lops or Lionheads. However, where you buy the hare has much more of an affect than the breed of the rabbit as soon as it involves cost. Rabbits native a breeder or auctioned in ~ a show may cost as lot as $1000 nevertheless of breed, while you can adopt a Lionhead hare for as little as $20 indigenous a shelter or rescue.

How lot Does a pet Rabbit price at Petco?

Petco no longer sells rabbits as result of pushback from PETA, andhas no done so due to the fact that 2009. The only rabbits you’ll find at this pet storechain are carried in by fostering agencies come be embraced at everything price theagency sets. Petco has fostering events every weekend, which may includerabbits. You can likewise view adoptable pets in your area with the Petcowebsite and also contact the individual adoption agencies. Petco tho sellsferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, and mice.

How much Does a pet Rabbit price at Petsmart?

Petsmart also does not sell rabbits due to petitions by PETAand that supporters. Petsmart stopped offering rabbits in 2007. Lot like Petco,they will host rabbit rescues and fostering agencies to be adopted out at thatagency’s prices. Petsmart has adoption events every weekend, which might includerabbits, but there no a means to check out adoptions or affiliate organ online.You should contact your local Petsmart to see if they arrangement on having any rabbitadoption events. Petsmart still sells mice, gerbils, chinchillas, rats, andguinea pigs.

How much Does a pets Rabbit expense at various other Pet Stores? $25-80

Pet stores will offer rabbits because that as small as $25-30 or asmuch together $70-80 depending upon the store, your competition, and the breed and ageof the rabbit. Intend to pay an ext for babies and rare breeds because of theirpopularity, and also in locations where over there are couple of or no various other sources of petrabbits. It’s no a an excellent idea to buy rabbit from pets stores due to theconditions the the hare are retained in. Hare can regularly come indigenous the storeunhealthy or traumatized, i m sorry can price a lot of time and energy in additionto money to transaction with. Rescuing rabbits or gaining them from a reputablebreeder is a far better option 보다 going to a neighborhood pet store due to the fact that pet storesaren’t held to any certain standard.

How much Does a Rabbit price from a Breeder? $5-250

Rabbit breeders will charge a wide variety of prices dependingon the situation. If they are looking to remove rabbits quickly, lock maysell them for as tiny as $5-10, especially if they are marketing wholesale, theprice they would charge a pets store. However, castle may additionally charge up tohundreds of dollars, especially if they have a pedigree obtainable for therabbit to come to be a present rabbit fairly than simply a pet. Because breeders areindividuals quite than companies, they have the right to charge whatever they want. Thismeans the prices can also vary greatly in between breeders. If friend buy a rabbitfrom a street seller you may pay only a few dollars for it, although you shouldbe mindful in those situations due come the opportunity of inbreeding or poorconditions. Constantly make certain the breeder you space buying native is dependable andtreats their rabbits well.

How much Does a Rabbit cost from a present or Auction? $250-1000

This is most likely the most expensive way to obtain a rabbit. Showrabbits come v pedigrees and also are regularly sold come the highest possible bidder, whichmeans that competing bidders may drive the price up. Purebred hare withshow suffer or the come from display bloodlines will certainly be more expensive thanany other rabbit because of the idea that the genes are superior. Display rabbitsare often bred to produce very expensive babies, which room then offered duringshows or at other events. You may pay as lot as $250 come buy a rabbit from ashow, possibly even an ext if it comes with a pedigree or display experience, andthousands the dollars to success a show or pedigreed hare at an auction.

How lot Does Rabbit cost from an fostering Agency? $5-150

Adopting is usually the cheapest and best means to get arabbit. Typically, it will certainly be cheaper than anything various other than a really generousor very desperate breeder, and you additionally get to provide a hare a new chance at agood life. Adoptions deserve to be as low as $5in some areas or together high together $150 in others, however this usually consists of vaccinesand spaying or neutering, which other sources will certainly not include. Becausevaccines and also fixing can price hundreds that dollars, it’s a clever idea to adoptfrom a rescue the has currently done those points for her rabbit or will certainly dothem when you adopt. Rescues can also give advice and also will sometimes sell hayand other resources to assist you acquire started.

How lot Does a pet Rabbit cost Per Year? $750-1000

The average cost of a rabbit per year is around $750-1000 perrabbit, not including emergency vet bills. This has food, water, litter,insurance, and routine vet visits. This doesn’t encompass the upfront prices ofgetting a rabbit such as fees and also initial investments in cages or toys, andalso doesn’t include the upkeep on item such as toys and beds that might need tobe replaced at differing intervals throughout your rabbit’s life.

How lot Does a hare Cage Cost? $30-100

A great rabbit cage shouldn’t price less 보다 $30. Part cheap cages advertised as rabbit cages are much too small, and also your rabbit will certainly be unhealthy and miserable. It’s far better to buy a dog pen or build your own rabbit cage out of NIC grids. NIC grids are the best bet and also will usually price $50-100 come build an entire cage depending on how numerous rabbits you have. This allows you customize the size and also shape the the cage as well as build lot of levels, and also the materials are sturdy and rabbit-proof. Make certain your hare enclosure is at the very least 12 square feet, with an ext depending top top how countless rabbits you have. Utilizing NIC grids, you deserve to fit this quantity of room into any type of shape to fit her household.

How lot Do Rabbit playthings Cost? $5-10

Rabbit toys deserve to be an extremely inexpensive if she creative. Rather than paying a most money to a pet store for a toy the your hare is probably simply going come destroy, go to a disagreement store and also get simple toys prefer balls and rope toys for her rabbit to play with. These need to only cost $1-2 each. You can likewise get sticks from your own backyard and stick lock in a toilet document roll to make a practically complimentary chew toy for your rabbit. Rabbit toys will either get chewed increase or ignored, therefore there’s no point in spending a lot of money once you can be creative instead.

How lot Does A Litter crate Cost? $5-15

Litter boxes room not that expensive, especially due to the fact that rabbits only need a straightforward open-top box. You deserve to purchase a cat litter box if you have a smaller sized rabbit, which will run you in between $5-15. You can likewise use a cement mix tray indigenous a hardware save if you have a big rabbit, which will run you around $8-10, which will be cheaper 보다 buying a dog litter crate or a specialty box that’s bigger. Litter deserve to be a bit more complicated as you deserve to only buy certain kinds for her rabbit and you’ll go v it reasonably quickly. Nothing buy clay or clumping litter because that a rabbit, or any litter than has actually a scent. It’s best to use brands choose Yesterday’s News that provide document litter, as this is the most safe for your rabbit.

How much Does A Rabbit us Cost? $10-200

A hare “house” such as a us can price anywhere from $10-200 relying on the size and also quality. Cheaper normally isn’t better, together this method that the us is smaller and may it is in made the treated wood that might be harmful for her rabbit come chew on. You have to expect come pay between $100-200 because that a nice hutch, or girlfriend can build your own for simply the price of materials; it just depends on just how handy girlfriend are and whether you have the time and also energy to construct a rabbit hutch.

How much Does Bedding Cost? $20-40

Bedding is reasonably cheap, yet you’ll usea many it to store your rabbit’s us clean and also fresh. For a large bag ofshredded record bedding such together Carefresh brand, you will do it pay approximately $20. The high quality of this bags can an extremely even justfrom batch come batch, so be cautious when to buy these much less expensive options.More expensive brands together as small Pet choose will run you about $40 per bagbut commonly are softer and smell far better than various other brands.

How lot Does organize Cost? $20-200

If you room comfortable grooming your rabbit, you’ll only pay a one-time expense of the materials it calls for to groom it. However, execute your research and also be cautious when it pertains to trimming nails or teeth. It will certainly cost about $20 for nail clippers and a brush to groom your rabbit. You commonly shouldn’t attempt snipping teeth in ~ home, and also this is frequently done just in emergency situations. If you do encounter one of those situations, you might pay as lot as $200 to have your rabbit’s teeth trimmed. When it involves regular grooming, groomers will commonly charge roughly $15 because that a pond trim or $40-50 because that a complete grooming.

How much Does Food and also Water Cost? $300-700

Food and water because that a hare will usually cost about $300 a year per rabbit. This contains hay and also pellets yet does not include any fresh fruit or vegetables you may want to feed her rabbit to save their diet interesting. Hay will certainly cost roughly $250 a year and pellets will cost about $50 a year. Depending upon how lot you feed your rabbit and how countless rabbits friend have, this could cost an additional $200-400 dollars a year. It’s slightly cheaper to obtain your hay straight from a farmer quite than a pet store, conserving you approximately $60 a year.

How much Does Rabbit-Proofing Cost? $130 and also up

Rabbit proofing will cost different amounts depending ~ above the size of her house and the dimension of the area you plan to let your rabbit free-roam in. For a tool sized house, you will probably spend around $35-40 in cord protectors uneven you deserve to hide most or all of your cords, and about $70 in plastic carpet runners come cover spots in the carpet wherein your rabbit tries to destruction or chew. Baby gateways will cost around $25 unless you walk for a greater end one. If your rabbit destroys things in her home, you’ll likewise need to variable in the price of the item. It’s wise to remove expensive or precious objects indigenous rooms wherein your rabbit will certainly be staying.

How much Does A take trip Carrier Cost? $25-40

A great travel transport will cost you atminimum $25, normally closer to $35-40, particularly if you have a enlarge rabbit.While you may be tempted come skip this cost, you’ll need the carrier to takeyour rabbit to the vet ~ above at least a yearly basis, in enhancement to otherlocations such as to board the rabbit when you walk on vacation or to take it therabbit for grooming sessions.

How much Does Medical treatment Cost? $100-1000

Medical care will cost different amountsbased on the needs of her rabbit and also the instances you uncover yourself in. Someof the an ext expensive procedures include x-rays at as lot as $300 andadministering anesthesia at as much as $300. Usual vet visits will differ in pricebased on your area. Save in mental that typical vets aren’t trained to take careof rabbits, so you’ll need to uncover a particularly trained vet in order come haveyour rabbit checked up on. If you have very few rabbit vets in her area, thecost for a checkup could be as lot as several hundred dollars, conversely, if youhave several obtainable vets you have the right to price shop and also find the finest deal,sometimes together low together $50-100.

How lot Does hare Insurance Cost? $120

Nationwide is the only insurance companythat supplies rabbit insurance, and also they frequently charge around $10 per rabbitper month. This comes the end to $120 a year and covers a specific cost per expedition tothe vet. It may cost more if her rabbit has special wellness needs or has actually hadhealth problems in the past.

How lot Does Spaying or Neutering Cost? $250

Spaying or neutering her rabbit have the right to be reasonably expensive, usually roughly the $250 range, i m sorry is a an excellent reason to get your rabbit from a rescue or shelter. Those rabbits are usually currently fixed or will have the fixing consisted of in their fostering fee, which is normally much much less than the price of getting a rabbit spayed or neutered at the vet.

Related Questions

How lot money have to I have before I obtain a rabbit? Youprobably want approximately $500 because that the upfront costs and also a good source of income toprovide the $1000 because that the next year. Girlfriend may likewise want to collection aside $500-1000for emergency situations such together vet visits.

What if ns can’t afford to take my rabbit to the vet? Bynot going come the vet you could be placing your rabbit’s life in significant danger.Discuss payment choices with your vet or reach the end to others for aid with vetbills quite than placing it off.

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How much food need to I get for my rabbit? A singlerabbit have the right to go through as much as 10lbs the hay in a month, which will certainly usuallycost about $20-30 depending on the type of hay and also where you acquire it from. Toget the cheapest feasible hay, to buy from farms or rabbit rescues.