How lot did an excellent Wall the China cost? Actually, that is not straightforward to calculation the an excellent Wall that China costs. Its construction spanned 2,500 years and the costs of various time periods were different; moreover, countless sections were developed separately by miscellaneous states or countries; also, plenty of sites had actually been destroyed and repaired several times. Therefore, no matter exactly how proficient engineers are, the total great Wall of China price can’t it is in accurately calculated. The above figures are only rough calculations based upon the Ming an excellent Wall. If you room interested, keep reading to know the methods and also basis that the calculation.

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According to the ways of present expense engineers, we have to count in these items to make a turbulent calculation of good Wall cost:Labor dues + Materials price + Living expense + Freight dues + management fee + design fee = total CostMing dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the last period in background extensively engaged in the construction. The well-known sections in Beijing including Badaling and Mutianyuwere all built then. The Ming great Wall is 8,851.8 kilometres (5,500 miles).Depending top top the price of modern-day projects, the designers calculated an excellent Wall expense for every meter, based upon the fact that the average elevation of great Wall is 7.8 meters, the base is averagely 6.5 meters wide at the bottom and 5.8 meter on the top.

Construction materials of One-meter an excellent WallUnit Price (CNY)Total cost (CNY)
6,000 bricks4CNY 24,000
7 cubic meters lime mortar400CNY 2,800
Foundation + planet inside foundation + other materials (water + machinery + management)/CNY 2,000
Labor: 30 people, 5 days20030 people ×CNY200 × 5 job = CNY 30,000
Total/CNY 58,800 ≈ CNY 60,000 (USD 9,000 )
The complete length that Ming great Wall is 8,851.8km, or 8,851,800 meters. The wall cost: CNY 60,000 X 8,851,800 meters ≈ CNY 531.1 billionThere is a clock tower or beacon tower every 300 - 500 meters. Presume there are two towers per 1,000 meters, there room as plenty of as 17,704 towers follow me the Wall. We assume the each tower expenses CNY20,000The tower cost: CNY200,000 × 17,704 towers ≈ CNY 3.5 billionAnother large expense is the passes. There are nearly 1,000 passes follow me the Wall, favor the famed Shanhaiguan Pass, Juyongguan Pass, and Yumenguan Pass.The pass Cost: CNY100 billionBased ~ above the above three costs, the full cost that the good Wall is 531.1 exchange rate + 3.5 billion + 100 exchange rate ≈ CNY 635 exchange rate (approximately USD 95 billion).

reason 1: Why to be the great Wall that China expensive to build? The main reason is that it’s yes, really long. The above is only an instance of Ming great Wall. Plenty of dynasties in background have built the great Wall. The Qin great Wall developed by Empror Qin Shihuang to be the earliest associated Wall. The Han an excellent Wall is also extremely long. In 2012, China National cultural Heritage management announced that the complete length the the an excellent Wall of China was 21,196.18 kilometers. If calculating by this length, the full cost may be 3 times of the above.

factor 2: The building and construction was organized by ancient governments, involving no land salvation fees. Based on the existing land acquisition price of CNY 20,000 every mu, at least CNY 30 billion would certainly be added.

factor 3: expense of lives. Just materials and financial resources are refered above. Together a matter of fact, the building and construction relied greatly on manpower in the ancient time. A huge amount of manpower were supplied in the construction. The took five years to construct the Qin great Wall, and millons of solid men, accounting for one-fifth of the country’s populace at the time were required to sign up with the construction. Besides, many human being died in the procedure of structure the an excellent Wall that China.

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The an excellent Wall of China prices USD 950 billion. Even today, it is indeed a at sight project. Let’s watch by to compare the price with world’s famed large-scale projects:

Great wall surface price about equals toCost
6.3 Selafield Nuclear strength Plant, UKUSD15 billion
3 Dubai Al Maktoum Airport, UAEUSD32 billion
1.5 Dubai Paradise, united Arab EmiratesEstimated cost USD64 billion
2.8 3 Gorges Dam, ChinaCNY207.773 billion, around USD34 billion
5.3 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, ChinaCNY120 billion, about USD18 billion
FYI: China’s world-famous at sight project, the high rate railway network plan to be 100,000 kilometers(62,135 miles), has actually a full investment of CNY100 trillion, equally to the cost of 160 good Walls. If the coffin the Emperor Qin Shihuang was no firmly nailed, also he would certainly be shocked out.