Get PS3 Trade-In Value has actually the ideal price for her old playstations 3 with our PriceMatch+ guarantee.Let"s acquire Started

How to market Your playstation 3 through

How it Works

Selling to is a simple, 3-step process that turns your playstations 3 right into cash in as tiny as 2 days. The finest part? We have actually the greatest trade-in values approximately guaranteed—no issue the condition, quantity, or carrier.

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Unlike other selling platforms or trade-in programs, we have actually multiple payment options. We’re talk cold, hard cash—no gift cards below (unless you desire one, of course). Acquire your quote now to acquire started!

Get her Quote

Just fill the end our an easy formSelect her console, prize a couple of questions, and also get an obligation-free market instantly.

Ship her PS3

Signed, sealed, deliveredBox increase your supplied PlayStation 3 and also ship the to us for complimentary with ours prepaid shipping label.

Get payment Quick

Put money in her pocketChoose between a mailed check, Amazon gift card, or PayPal payment. Once your playstations is delivered, we’ll make sure you obtain paid ASAP.

Get the many Money Fast

Get the many money for her old PS3 once you market with With our PriceMatch+ Guarantee, fine beat any quote available by one of our authorized competitors. Once we’ve got your playstations 3, her cash will be ~ above its method to friend in as little as two days through PayPal, Amazon gift card, or mailed check.

Save Time and also Energy

Want to market your supplied PS3 quickly? Skip the hassle of selling your tablet in person, managing non-paying eBay bidders, meeting up v low-balling neighborhood strangers, and getting pennies top top the dollar native big-box shop by offering to Acquire your guaranteed quote in seconds, then send her old playstations 3 to united state for cost-free with our shipping kit and also prepaid e-mail label.

Receive unrivaled Customer Service

From helpful tips for first-time sellers to reminder texts for busy customers and also answers to every question in between, ours Customer partnership Specialists make getting paid a breeze. Every little thing you need, one of our customer-experience rock stars is just a message away.

Sell your PlayStation in any type of Condition uses the best price for her old PS3, no matter the condition it’s in. New, gently used, damaged, or just plain broken: if you’ve acquired it, we’ll to buy it.

Almost every one of them! Specifically, us buy the:

Nintendo SwitchNintendo 2DS XLPlayStation 4 Pro
Nintendo switch LiteNintendo 3DSPlayStation Vita WiFi
Nintendo WiiNintendo 3DS XLPlayStation Vita WiFi + 3G
Nintendo Wii U BasicGame young AdvancePlayStation Vita Slim
Nintendo Wii U DeluxeGame Boy breakthrough SPPlayStation Portable (PSP 1000)
New Nintendo 2DS XLGamecubePlayStation Portable (PSP 2000)
New Nintendo 3DSNintendo 64PlayStation Portable (PSP 3000)
New Nintendo 3DS XLNintendo Entertainment system (NES)PlayStation Portable (PSP Go)
Nintendo DSSuper Nintendo (SNES)PlayStation Portable (PSP Street)
Nintendo DS LiteSuper NES standard Edition (2017)Xbox One
Nintendo DSiPlayStation 3Xbox One through Kinect
Nintendo DSi XLPlayStation 4Xbox One S
Nintendo 2DSPlayStation 4 SlimXbox One X

Want to offer a video game system that us don’t currently buy? No worries—just call us and we’ll do it happen.

How do I know what my PlayStation 3 is worth?

We want you to it is in happy with your market from So prior to selling your PlayStation 3, that a an excellent idea to get multiple price price quotes to make certain you’re obtaining the finest trade-in value for resale. Beside from gaining your instant offer, a great way to evaluate the potential worth of your provided PS3 is by taking a look at at locations that will give you a fast valuation like finest Buy, Target, and GameStop. Don’t forget that, in many cases, your payment will come in the type of save credit if you select one that these other companies for your trade-in.

Remember, if you discover a much better price from any type of of this companies, will certainly beat it v our PriceMatch+ Guarantee. Simply message us to let us know the agency you’d favor to price match.

Here are some common examples of playstation 3 trade-in values v, Target, and also Best buy at the moment of creating (August 2020).

PlayStation 3 500GB, through one initial controller and also in great condition Trade-In Value: $20 (cash)

Target Trade-In Value: $13.89 (store credit)

Best to buy Trade-In Value: $10 (store credit)

Can I offer my old PS3 also if it"s broken?

Yes! accepts consoles in a selection of various conditions, indigenous brand-new come broken. We’re the finest place to market your damaged PlayStation since unlike other trade-in sites, we’ll pay you a same price.

You can sell old video game systems that are lacking original accessories or essential cables. Friend can also sell used PlayStations that are physically damaged or account-blocked. No issue the issue, you’ll constantly get the most cash by offering your damaged PlayStation 3 come

Can i sell much more than one PlayStation?

Definitely! Heck, you can sell tools of all kinds come, not simply gaming systems. Even if it is you have actually multiple consoles of the same model or a bunch of various devices, you can add any quantity important to her cart when obtaining your early stage quote. We even accept mass trade-ins from wholesale sellers or companies in search of IT asset recovery.

Do I need to sell mine PlayStation 3 ~ I get a quote?

Nope! every one of our estimates are obligation-free. Girlfriend don’t have to ship your PS3 unless you’re happy through the lot we’ve offered. And also if because that some reason you readjust your mind after sending it in, we’ll mail your provided system earlier to you because that free—no inquiries asked.

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How long do I need to ship my old playstations 3?

Your quote is locked in because that 14 work from the time you check out on ours website. As lengthy as the USPS tracking number mirrors you shipped your used PS3 within those 14 days, your market amount is guaranteed.

You deserve to still delivery your video game console after the 14-day, price-lock duration (some of our customers wait 30 days or more); however, her PlayStation will be topic to everything our existing pricing is at the time of evaluation. Previously is constantly better, but feel totally free to delivery your device whenever you’re all set to sell!

What execute I have to do prior to selling my provided PlayStation 3?

Unsure of just how to wipe a console come sell? simply follow these basic steps: