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Mulching is an essential spring chore for every gardener. Even if it is you’re mulching the vegetables garden to reduced down top top watering, dressing up your flower beds, or hope to keep weeds in ~ bay in shrub plantings, it’s vital to know how much mulch you need for the job. Getting stuck with too tiny mulch – or worse, also much! – has caused lot of of gardeners to scratch their head in confusion. This post introduces mulch calculator formulas you deserve to use to purchase the perfect lot of mulch for her garden each and also every time.

Step by action mulch calculator

Follow this an easy plan come calculate exactly how much mulch you’ll require for your garden and also landscape. The just tools you’ll need are a measuring ice cream or a measure wheel and the calculator on your cell phone.

Step 1: decision on the form of mulch come use

There are many different varieties of landscape mulch, native shredded bark and pine chips to compost and pine straw. It’s a smart relocate to basic the form of mulch you use on which tree are farming in the area and what’s easily accessible to girlfriend on the regional level. If you’re unsure of which form of see mulch come use, you can read all about different kinds of mulches and also where to usage them in this article.

Once you’ve made decision which form of mulch you’ll it is in using, the following mulch calculator formulas will help you calculate just how much you’ll need for any kind of mulch.

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Do you usage a mulch calculator at the start of every season? has actually it do you an ext cost-conscious? phone call us about your endure in the comment section below.