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MyFreeCams is one of the peak ranked camer sites ~ above the web, and also for great reason. They’ve obtained some the the sexty models, together with an easy-to-use interface and reasonable pricing. Like countless sex cam sites, MyFreeCams has it’s very own private money - MyFreeCams Tokens, additionally abbreviated to MFC Tokens. Rather of security cash directly, MyFreeCams makes customers purchase bundles the tokens in specific quantities and also prices. Larger token packages provide you a greater value for your dollar.

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These tokens deserve to be provided to get in private chat, watch group shows, spy on exclusive shows, and also tip models in totally free shows. In general, if you desire to steer the direction that the present you’re watching, you’ll need some tokens. So, exactly how do you acquire the finest deal, and what have the right to you buy with them? We’re around to find out!

How much are MyFreeCams tokens?

The first step come buying MyFreeCams tokens is to authorize up for an account. A an easy account is free. Just sign up v your email address, produce a username and also password, and also you’re ready to absent out through your cock out! yes sir a many of totally free content top top MyFreeCams, therefore feel cost-free to poke around and see what the site has to offer. The said, without buying tokens, you’re going to be limited to what the models sell in cost-free chat. Typically, this way they’re either teasing, or they’re enjoying tip-controlled toy action from other users.

Not only that, however with a totally free account, girlfriend won’t be able to take benefit of every the site’s features. MyFreeCams kinds its users right into two camps - complimentary and premium. In general, a premium user is who who has actually made at the very least one acquisition on the site, for the the smallest token package - a cost of $19.99. Most models block free users from their chat rooms, therefore you normally won’t be able to chat v a design or various other users without paying for some tokens. However, there is one way to obtain premium condition without ever buying tokens! For more on this, read the section listed below on exactly how to get complimentary MyFreeCams tokens making use of their referral program.

You deserve to buy MyFreeCams tokens through most significant credit cards. In addition, you deserve to pay v PayPal. And also unlike most significant cam sites, yes sir no extra fee because that paying via PayPal. Therefore if you choose not to usage your credit card, you’re not going come pay any type of penalty because that that. Here’s a fast overview of MyFreeCams’ token packages:

Token PackageCostDollars/Token
200 tokens$19.99~$0.10 every token
500 tokens$49.99~$0.09 every token
900 tokens$74.99~$0.08 per token
1875 tokens$149.99~$0.08 per token

Premium users get access to every the MyFreeCams functionality. Girlfriend can contact models and also talk easily in any type of chat room. Girlfriend can also buy smaller sized token packages in ~ discounted rates. You additionally get accessibility to the MyFreeCams Lounge - an to exclude, chat for premium members. It’s a fun location to cave out and also talk with other users around what hot performances are going on.

Premium users have the right to purchase MFC tokens for little amounts between $1.49 and $9.99 for a expense of ~$0.105 per token. They can likewise initiate a bank wire transfer for $300 or greater. Tokens bought because that over $300 gain the ~$0.08 every token price. Every in all, a premium membership is fine worth her while, even if you arrangement on spending many of your time in cost-free chat. MyFreeCams is also an extremely generous with their models; performers that earn MFC tokens deserve to cash them the end at a continuous rate the $0.05 every token. As a result, you’ll watch some genuine porn stars top top here, not simply amateurs.

How deserve to I Get totally free MyFreeCams Tokens?


In general, MyFreeCams tokens should be purchase with genuine dollars, however there is one method to obtain Premium standing - and tokens - without spending any type of money. To perform this you’ll have to take benefit of the MFC “Bring a Friend” referral program. As soon as you create a cost-free account, click “My Account”, then uncover the “Bring a Friend” section. In right here you’ll discover a unique URL that you can provide out come friends. If they usage that URL to develop an account, climate you get the complying with bonuses:

If you’re a premium user, definition you’ve purchased some amount that tokens ~ above the site before, climate each ad user gets you 20 tokens, and an extra 200 tokens the very first time they do a purchase. If you a totally free user, then any type of referred user who makes a purchase instantly makes you a premium user.

This means if girlfriend send the URL out to 10 friends, the very first one who indicators up and also spends money will acquire you premium status, and the next will gain you 220 complimentary MFC tokens. That’s every without girlfriend spending any money at all! but if you have actually horny, well-off friends, climate you can benefit from their purchases. Not just that, yet you’ll get the various other benefits the come through premium membership, such as the capacity to participate in team chat.

If any type of other sites the end there indicate a hack for MyFreeCams tokens, or a token generator, then run away, due to the fact that it’s no a legit website. There space NO token hacking approaches on MFC. So-called “token generators” room scams, and also they’re only trying come steal her login information. In the best case scenario, you’ll gain locked the end of her account. In the worst case scenario, you’ll uncover a bunch of unwanted charges on your credit card. An ext importantly, these electronic came models are working hard. Do you really desire to cheat them the end of their hard-earned money?

Speaking of tough work, yes one other method to obtain tokens there is no paying. Girlfriend can come to be a design yourself! together we mentioned, models knife $0.05 for every token they acquire paid, so even a brief wanking session can pay fairly well. Admittedly, this choice isn’t because that everybody. Obviously, you require to have an exhibitionist streak, or it’s no going to job-related for you. Moreover, MyFreeCams only enables female models top top the site. Sorry, guys. Just ladies have the right to earn tokens there.

What can I Buy v my Tokens ~ above MyFreeCams?


You may be wonder what this tokens deserve to actually execute for you. Tokens are important to take part in any private or exclusive cam show - one where the girls get more sexual since they’re being paid by the minute. Even better, in this kind of show, you have the right to make requests of the model. Save in mental that no every model is okay with every type of kink. If you have a fetish the falls external of the “mainstream”, friend should more than likely message the model an initial to make sure you’re top top the very same wavelength. Tokens can additionally be spent in public mirrors as tips to relocate the present along, do requests, or simply flatter her favorite MFC electronic came girl.

In public reflects you can tip 1 token at a time, and there’s no top limit, so you deserve to be together frugal as you’d like. Much more intimate experiences have actually fixed costs. Examine out the table below to see what type of reflects your MyFreeCams tokens can acquire you. Keep in mind the these room approximate costs. In practice, models collection their own prices, so your mileage might vary. If you’re watching a bona fide porn star, your rates will it is in higher. Top top the other hand, if she watching a new model who trying to do her mark, you can obtain a far better deal!

Show TypeTokens/MinApproximate Cost
Group Show10$0.8 - $1
Spy Show20$1.6 - $2
Private Show60$4.8 - $6
True exclusive Show80$6.4 - $8

A fast explanation the the show varieties above - “group shows” room exclusive, yet they still have actually multiple viewers. These space the cheapest method to view some real activity on MyFreeCams. In a group show, users all tip together towards a typical goal. If the model meets she goal, you’ll gain to watch a pre-agreed show kind for a pre-agreed time frame. And also if she doesn’t satisfy her goal, you acquire your money back. No harm, no foul.

“Private shows” are simply you and also the MFC girl of your choice, though other users can “spy” ~ above the show, they won’t be able to interact. The course, you pay a premium to it is in the human being who directs the show. But as lengthy as the girl is down v what you’re questioning her to do, you’re going to have actually a an excellent time. By contrast, a “spy show” is simply what it sounds like. You obtain to clock a private present at a discounted rate. The downside? you don’t obtain to direct the activity or interact with the model. You just gain to peep ~ above the action. If you okay with that, you’ll acquire to see few of MyFreeCams’ hottest action at a discounted rate.

The last option - “True private” - is a private display that can not be spied on. These are absolutely the many expensive. ~ above the plus side? You gain to be together freaky together you want, without strangers peeping in top top the action. It’s simply you and the model. But, favor we said, if did you do it got any kind of unusual kinks, it’s finest to talk about that increase front. Provided you’re a premium user already, you have the right to do this through private messaging.

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That’s probably much more than you ever before wanted to know about MyFreeCams tokens. If girlfriend haven’t by now, authorize up because that MyFreeCams for totally free here. Friend can also check the end our comprehensive review here.