As among the many recognizable draft horse breeds, Clydesdales room widely love worldwide. Clydesdale steeds are most renowned for pulling the world-famous Budweiser hitch.

Displaying a flashy trot and beautiful just coats with white feathered feet, these steeds are a vision to behold under a harness. Human being travel from all over, just for a possibility to see the famous Budweiser Clydesdales in person.

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However, you may have actually wondered after seeing these magnificent horses, just exactly how much walk a Clydesdale cost?

Typically, most Clydesdale steeds cost in between $2,000-$10,000. However, some top present horses and stallions can cost upwards the $20,000. Other determinants such as bloodlines, training, markings, and age can affect their price.

Though Clydesdales were initially bred for farming and hefty hauling, they do much much more than that today. Clydesdales have become quite versatile, mirroring in driving and also riding, while also making wonderful satisfied horses.

Known for their calm and willing dispositions, they are wonderful steeds for novice steed riders.

Factors influence the expense of a Clydesdale Horse

There space several determinants that affect the price of a Clydesdale steed such as bloodlines, show record, training, color and markings, age, and also conformation. Each of these determinants can beat a role in identify the price of a Clydesdale.


When buying a horse, bloodlines play crucial role in the cost. A Clydesdale with a win pedigree will frequently sell for much more money, together their bloodlines are much more sought after.

People will often pay close attention to Clydesdale’s bloodlines, in bespeak to breed the ideal quality horse. That is typical for world to research study a horse’s bloodline prior to purchasing them, for this reason they can acquire a much better understanding of the horse’s background.


Training will have a large influence on exactly how much friend pay because that a Clydesdale. Though countless Clydesdales space trained because that driving, they are ending up being increasingly renowned as riding steeds as well.

Training a equine requires a lot of tough work and also dedication. To store a equine in peak shape for showing will regularly require a expert trainer to job-related the horse several times a week.

A young steed with small training will sell much less than a 7 year old Clydesdale that is fully trained.

A Clydesdale with tiny to no training will often expense less 보다 $3,000, whereby a completely trained steed will likely expense $5,000 and up.

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Show Records

Clydesdales are ending up being popular equines to show. They present in a selection of class such as driving, in-hand, and riding, in both English and also western disciplines. At some shows, they even partake in pulling competitions.

Many owners enjoy showing your Clydesdales in a multitude of divisions. A equine with a winning present record will frequently cost $5,000 or more. Few of the most successful show horses will certainly go upwards that $10,000.


Though the breed is well-known, they room still fairly uncommon through only around 5,000 steeds worldwide.

America is house to the most Clydesdale steeds in the world, v numbers steadily raising with approximately 600 brand-new horses registered every year. They space a favorite amongst many draft horse enthusiasts.

Age, Coloring and also Conformation

Clydesdales stand the end for their long, well-arched necks, open foreheads, bright eyes, large hooves, feathering and also well-muscled bodies. Just as other equines do, a Clydesdale with an excellent conformation will offer for much more money.

Clydesdales are generally bay in color, despite they can likewise be roan, black or gray. When it comes to the Budweiser Clydesdales, they must be only with 4 white stockings and a white blaze, v no white all over else.

Some human being may look for this classic lookout, which might lead to equines costing more. However, a an excellent judge will certainly not present favoritism to one shade over another.

Age will additionally factor right into cost. The prime period for a Clydesdale is between 5-14 year old. A equine in that is late teenagers or at an early stage twenties will offer for less than a younger horse.

Owning a Clydesdale

Clydesdales are good horses come own, no matter how old girlfriend are. You can frequently buy a Clydesdale for under $10,000.

Whether you space wanting come ride or drive, a Clydesdale have the right to be a good horse come own. These gentle and giant steed breeds have wonderful dispositions that make them a great choice because that all.

Other alternatives Besides Buying

Buying a horse isn’t a practical option because that everyone. Fortunately, leasing and also joint ownership are also options that are much more budget-friendly than buying.

Some owners space willing come lease their equine out, providing the leaser full or partial use of the horse. In some situations a share partnership, such as a minimal liability coporation, group (LLC) is an option where the price of buying and owning a Clydesdale is split among the owners.

Visiting Clydesdales

If you ever want to see a Clydesdale in person prior to considering purchase one, climate you are in luck. The lovely Budweiser Clydesdales deserve to be viewed in human at warmth Springs Ranch in Booneville, Missouri, and also Grant’s farm in St. Louis, Missouri.

In addition, they deserve to be viewed at the Anheuser-Busch breweries in St. Louis, Missouri; Merrimack, new Hampshire, and also Fort Collins, Colorado because that public viewing. If you room lucky, girlfriend may likewise be able to check out them in one of the many appearances they do touring the country.

Long-term expenses of Owning a Clydesdale

With any type of breed, board, feed, vet care, farrier visits, dewormer, tack, and also grooming offers are simply some that the many additional costs to steed ownership.

Since Clydesdales are a breeze breed, over there are typically other costs and factors you must take into consideration.

Since Clydesdales space so large, they regularly need bigger tack 보다 the average horse, which might cost additional money.

Due come the large size of their hooves, shoeing expenses are generally an ext expensive than the median horse. That is not uncommon for trimming and also shoeing on all 4 feet to cost $200 or more.

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Depending ~ above the horse, the feeding may likewise cost much more than average. Because that grooming, Clydesdales’ beautiful, flow feathers require extr maintenance come be retained clean.

It is vital to take every these components into factor to consider to view if a Clydesdale is the right equine for you.