Q: I own at least 100 Norman Rockwell plates. Each has its certificate the authenticity and duration box. How deserve to I uncover out their value and where have the right to I sell them? - D.J., e-mail question

A: The answer to the first part of your concern is easy. The worth of any kind of one of her Rockwell plates is what the sells because that on eBay.

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When ns reviewed Rockwell plate "completed auctions" top top eBay, it to be clear that plenty of sellers effort to guarantee a profit by charging exorbitant shipping costs. In nearly every instance, the shipping cost is more than the revenue price that the plate. Only one in 10 come 15 bowl sold. The remainder went begging.Do not trust any type of values you uncover in antiques and also collectibles price guides. They space wrong far an ext often than they space right. The same holds true because that Rockwell plates available for sale at antiques malls, shops, shows and flea markets.

When marketed at auction, Rockwell and other collector version plates room usually sold in lots of five, 10 or a cardboard box full. Once sold in this fashion, seldom does the value exceed $2 per plate.

The second market because that Rockwell bowl is flooded. The exceptions space those v crossover themes that tempt other varieties of collectors.

None the the over changes the truth that girlfriend have an ext than 100 Norman Rockwell plates that you want to sell. Offered what ns wrote, the might appear that you have actually no sales options. No true!

Your Rockwell plates have actually decorative and also nostalgia value. If you space willing come forget what castle cost new and assume that any type of money is better than no money, there are options.

The most obvious is a garage sale. Start the day v a sign that says "Your pick for $5." adjust the price come $4 in ~ 11 a.m., $3 in ~ 1 p.m. And also $2 at 2 p.m.

An auction is a second option. Her return will certainly be small, however you will prevent the time and effort forced to phase a garage sale. Execute not it is in surprised if an auctioneer refuses to offer them; save searching and you will discover one that will.

Consider donating them to a church (they make an excellent bingo prizes) or various other charitable group. Watch my "Sell, Keep, or Toss?: exactly how to Downsize a Home, work out an Estate, or Appraise personal Property" (House the Collectibles, Random house Information Group, 2007) for more details on how to perform this.

Whatever you do, eliminate them. Their possibility of raising in worth is nil.

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