Have friend ever uncovered the perfect pattern and started ~ above it with some left end yarn from her stash. You obtain to the end of the pattern to uncover out that you don’t have enough yarn!!! This has happened to all of us crocheters and it suck ☹️.

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What if i told you over there is a simple way to discover out how much yarn you have without having to measure it. All you require is a digital kitchen scale and the yarn label. If girlfriend no longer have the label, you deserve to look the dimensions up online.

The yarn brand are full of information. The label below is large Twist yarn native JoAnn’s.


Find how numerous yards every ounce are in the skein

The info we will certainly be focusing on is the yards and also the ounces to calculation yarn yardage. So for 6oz the yarn, over there is 371 yards.

Every yarn skein is different so be certain to inspect this on every one. 

Weigh your yarn scrap

Take your yarn ball and also place it on the kitchen scale. Sweet it in ounces. This sphere of yarn weighs 2.2 ounces.


Calculate Yarn Yardage

Since 6oz has 371 yds, how countless yards walk 2.2oz have? we will use cross multiply identify how plenty of yards over there are.

Multiply 371 x 2.2 = 816.2

Divide 816.2 through 6 = 136 yards

So, this round of yarn has about 136 yards in it. If ns were come go do an adult hat, many of them are >150 yards, i wouldn’t have enough yarn. But, I can make one Earwarmer or a toddler hat.

Check the end Crochet It inventions YouTube Channel for crochet videos and also tutorials!

Another Method

Another method is to recognize the yardage per oz of the skein. The skein has 317 yards per 6 oz. Division 317 by 6 = 61.83 yards. Then take her weight of your yard scrap and also multiply through the 61.83 yds/oz. Many 61.83 by 2.2 = 136.03. 

There friend go! This also works to identify how many yards were used in an item using the same method.

Determine how countless yards used in a project

Following the same method – First, weigh the crochet items in ounces.


This ceiling weighs 1 lb 3.2 oz. Due to the fact that there is 16 oz in a pound, it’s 19.2 oz. This blanket is likewise made out of big Twist Yarn indigenous JoAnn’s. So, it is 371 yards because that 6 oz.

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TO calculate yarn yardage overcome multiply again. 6 oz has 371 yards, how plenty of yards perform 19.2 oz have??

371 x 19.2 = 7132.2

7132.2 separated by 6 = 1187.2

So, this ceiling requires about 1200 yards the yarn!

Pretty cool, huh? So, following time you go to make a task out of your yarn stash, grab her kitchen scale and determine how plenty of yards girlfriend have!

Looking because that the blanket from the photo. That is beautiful and also the sample is simple. Inspect it the end here.