I am keying my paper in ms Word. Need to I usage the \"word count\" feature? It states \"3700 personalities without spaces\" \"4532 personalities with spaces\" Which have to I take right into account if i should also be using that tool? go the app shrink it a small bit because paragraphs space all stuffed? i am having actually trouble shrinking this thing. many thanks :thumbup:
ns am keying my paper in multiple sclerosis Word. Should I use the \"word count\" feature? It states \"3700 characters without spaces\" \"4532 personalities with spaces\" Which must I take right into account if ns should also be making use of that tool? go the application shrink the a tiny bit since paragraphs space all stuffed? i am having trouble shrinking this thing. thanks :thumbup:
You need to take right into account personalities with spaces. Unfortunately, ~ above both the AMCAS and AACOMAS, the PS contains letters and spaces. Friend may have actually to uncover some means to cut it further.

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By the way, because that AACOMAS...the border last year was 500 native or 3000 characters WITH spaces. It most likely won\"t change...
I go some severe editiing in between the two application solutions to obtain my PS under to the \"acceptable\" limit. Seriously, would certainly it ache to offer us a little an ext room come write about our futures?
I understand I had a difficult time fitting my initial essay into the box detailed because of the character count. I ended up combine a few paragraphs to reduced down top top the spacing, since each space is a character, ns believe. I would just write the essay and type it into the offered box ~ above AACOMAS..when it tells you that you are over the limit..just go back and execute some revising..that\"s what i did and it finished up being better than the one I began with..
Edit in word then copy & paste right into notepad then copy indigenous notepad right into app. If you\"re really close, watch the \"print application\" option and scroll to the essay and also see if you still fit within the limit. Adjust accordingly. :)
Your essay will certainly all be crammed right into one i on her actual application, so you might as well form your drafts and revisions this way. It\"s really crucial that the entirety thing has really smooth transitions and also is enjoyable to read. You don\"t want the civilization reading it come be boring or worse yet, to just forget about you prior to they complete reading it. -NS
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