once was the critical time you were dry your hair and thought, “I wonder exactly how this affect my electrical power bill?” chances are, the thought has never crossed your mind. Yet it should! Every appliance and maker you very own draws electricity, i beg your pardon affects the bill that originates from your energy provider every month.

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When it pertains to hairdryers, though, not all species are produced equal. We wanted to take it a closer look at the brand-new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Yet first, we’ll provide you some understanding into how a usual blow dryer works and how lot power lock draw.

Hair Dryer power Consumption

Hairdryers or punch dryers are popular household tools used for dry your hair by blasting cool, warm, or hot air in the direction of wet hair to increase the evaporation the water. Many hair dryers will have a power rating label to suggest the best wattage, which frequently ranges native 800 to 1800 watts.

The energy use the a usual hair dryer first depends ~ above which design it is using. Unheated air deserve to use as couple of as 70 watts of power, yet a hairdryer ~ above high warmth will use about 1500 watts.

The next element for consideration is the length of time peruse. The typical woman spends about 40 minutes styling her hair every day, v 15 minute allotted for blow-drying alone.

As of best now, the average price of electrical power in the United claims is 13 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This means that the typical woman security $17.81 come dry she hair ~ above an annual basis.

The typical lifespan that a hairdryer is generally 800 hours. This method that in ~ 15 minutes’ usage per day, the typical hair dryer must last for 3200 offers over the food of practically 9 years.

Therefore, the average hairdryer – i m sorry retails for around $100 – will price you $260.29 before it dies.

 Dyson’s Hair Dryer electrical power Usage

“Discover what Dyson engineering can carry out for her hair,” argues the webpage because that the new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. The product has actually received 2,449 evaluate on the website, v 95% of customers agreeing that they would certainly recommend the product, i beg your pardon retails for $399.99 online and also in select stores such as finest Buy and Ulta Beauty.

Dyson boasts that they’ve “considered every role and feature” so that you can “discover whatever that provides the Dyson hairdryer different” indigenous our previously mentioned typical punch dryer. Few of the Dyson Supersonic power consumption features include:

Helps prevent too much heat damages to defend natural shine: air temperature is measure up 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control.Fast-drying: drying shouldn’t take forever. For rapid drying, you require controlling, high-velocity airflow.3 an exact speed settings: fast drying, consistent drying, and also Gentle drying4 an exact heat settings: 212°F quick drying and also styling, 176°F continuous drying, 140°F tenderness drying, consistent cold

And finally, we acquire down to brass tacks: this hairdryer offers 1600 watt of electricity. So, if this to be a hairdryer the took the average amount that time, 15 minutes, to dried ahead the hair, then a Dyson Supersonic owner would spend $18.99 a year – $1.18 end the mean – to dry she hair.

But, what around that “fast drying” claim? most product reviewers argued that Dyson “cut dry time in half,” definition that it only took castle 7.5 minutes rather of the median of 15. If that’s the case, climate a Dyson owner will just spend $9.79 every year come dry she hair.

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And, with an average market lifespan of 9 years, that means you’ll spend a grand complete of $488.11 come dry your hair before the Dyson Supersonic requirements to it is in replaced.

Using a hairdryer top top a day-to-day basis because that a short period of time will certainly not usage a far-reaching amount that energy. Prolonged use the a punch dryer top top high heat can cause damage to hair. You can save part energy, and also hair damage, if friend towel dried or air dry her hair instead. Learn more about our home power plans