Watching just how much electricity you use can save you money end the lengthy run and potentially leaving you with a substantially cheaper electricity bill vs. Someone who uses high wattage appliances and also leaves them running all the time. However when it concerns TVs, just how much electrical power do lock consume, and also what is the specific wattage?

TVs have the right to consume anywhere in between 80 and also 400 watts depending upon the size and display an innovation used. TVs are not made equal, and also there will be a massive power to draw the difference between a 24-inch 1080p TV and also a 75-inch 4K QLED TV.

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This write-up will it is in going much more in-depth on the wattage differences between various TV types and just how much money the distinctions will save you. If friend would like to discover more, we encourage girlfriend to check out further.

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Factors affecting a TV’s Watt UsageExamples of well-known TVs and Their Watt Usage

Factors affect a TV’s Watt Usage

Answering the concern “how plenty of watts walk a TV use” is tricky due to the fact that there are so many different varieties of TVs from many manufacturers to pick from the it isn’t a one size fits every answer. This various factors will impact how lot power a TV will draw.

Screen Size and Resolution

You deserve to buy a TV in any size you desire these days. If you just want miscellaneous to place on a desk, you deserve to buy a 24-inch the will gain the job done for $80. Perfect for those who play video games at a desk or require a cheap display screen for your laptop.

You deserve to bump that up and also go for a 40-50 inch. This TV size range is wherein you’ll discover the more affordable 4K TVs these days. They room perfect because that a bedroom, and also you see good sales top top them indigenous time to time.

The most popular TV dimension in north America is 65-inch, namely since it provides a great size display screen in a living room without costing as lot as bigger TVs such as 75 inch and also above.

Each step-up in dimension will substantially draw more power since display resolution boosts from 1080p to 4K as soon as you go from 24-inch come 40+ inches. To put in perspective just how large a difference 4K vs. 1080p is, it would certainly take four 1080p displays linked to reach 4K. Therefore essentially, 4K is 4x sharper 보다 1080p. Yet this also means more strength is required to support such a high resolution that the display.

Display Technology

Shopping for a TV isn’t just about picking a resolution and also screen size. You additionally have to element in what display modern technology the TV is using. These days the common types of TVs you can uncover are as follows:


LCD, LED, and OLED are generally energy efficient. OLED has actually an advantage up that sleeve where it will not usage pixels that execute not should be illuminated. This is why OLEDs have actually true blacks – you are essentially just see a part of the off-screen.

QLED is usually the much more energy hefty of the bunch, however it offers (almost) the pop the OLEDs have without the hazard of screen burn-in. If friend would like to learn much more about this topic, this page defines the differences in between OLED and QLED well.

So, in short, QLED will be the display form that will make a real distinction in just how much power is consumed while the rest are therefore close these days that it is negligible.

If you would favor to learn much more about each screen type’s differences, this video explains every exceptionally well:

Examples of renowned TVs and Their Watt Usage

Since TV models can differ relying on the factors, we listed above, we want to offer some examples of several of the best-selling TVs on Amazon to obtain a basic idea of exactly how much running the TV will price you. Spoiler Alert: no one of these come close to 400 watts, for this reason don’t worry!

SAMSUNG 50-inch course Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series

If you need a new TV, this is definitely a great place to look if friend are looking for something that isn’t as well expensive, also big, and also offers a pretty 4K screen with clever features.

It’s no wonder it is just one of Amazon’s ideal sellers; it’s a good TV for many people. However what it also does best is the it is energy Star certified with a maximum power attract of 135 watts.


TCL 50S425 50 inch 4K smart LED ROKU TV

This is just one of the much more affordable 4K TVs you can buy, slipping under the $300 price mark and hits an extremely close to $200 because that the 43-inch model. If friend haven’t upgraded come 4K yet, this is an choice that won’t ache the wallet also much.

What really makes this a killer worth is that it additionally has HDR an innovation to do games and also movies pop. You supplied to need to spend a lot much more to obtain a TV that this caliber. If you require a budget plan TV, this would certainly be ours pick! The power attract on this TV is only 96 watts at a maximum, which puts that in line with numerous other 4K TVs of comparable size.


SAMSUNG 85-inch course QLED Q80T Series

This isn’t exactly the “best selling” per se, however we wanted to give an instance of just how much strength a large flagship TV will draw. And also this TV, in particular, is just one of the finest you will find. If you have the cash for it, then it is certainly worth a look.

For starters, this TV is gigantic and makes the most out that 4K by maintaining a crisp image even when those pixels room stretched therefore far. Yet being large isn’t the only reason because that the hefty price tag. This TV is making use of QLED display an innovation and functions 12x Quantum HDR. All of this with each other creates jaw-dropping colors, however we aren’t excellent here.

You also get a 120hz update rate, which will be great for both the PS5 and also Xbox series X together they support 120 fps in certain games, making because that buttery-smooth gameplay. If you are a console gamer, you will love this TV because that sure.

So what go the energy consumption situation look like? If you have the brightness cranked up with 120hz, and 12x Quantum HDR enabled, you space looking in ~ a power attract of an eye-watering 470 watts.This is much much more than what the common 4K uses at your maximum brightness levels.


Electricity price Will do the genuine Difference

So what have we learned today? The possibilities are the you have a TV the sips ~ above power and draws around 100-160 watt of power. This will certainly not likely kill your wallet when the electric bill comes. However, if you want the ideal QLED TVs top top the industry with a 120hz update rate, you room looking in ~ a TV the can easily go end 400 watts.

Most TVs will price you around $15 a year come run, when ultra-premium models choose the 85 customs Samsung QLED we talked around will it is in $35 a year ~ above average.This will depend on where you live; that course, if you are in a state, city, or nation that has actually high electrical power prices, you might want come watch out more.

In Germany, a 100 watt TV the runs 5 hours a job will expense you $65 every year. This is since their electricity expenses are the highest possible in the world at 30.43 cents per kilowatt-hour. Now, take the 85-inch Samsung QLED, i m sorry will cost you $310 per year, presume you space pushing the TV come the max.

It’s precious noting that all of these numbers thrown out today are the maximum watts the TVs will usage if you have them on complete brightness and all of the functions enabled. It’s for sure to speak that many folks don’t have actually their brightness cranked up the far since it can gain pretty blinding depending on your model.

As far as the 120hz refresh price is concerned, most video content isn’t going come be at 120 fps. And also if you are a gamer, you will certainly be hard-pressed to run games at 4k/120 fps as result of the quantity of strength you’d need unless you are playing lighter games such together Ori and also the will certainly of the Wisps.

In short, TVs aren’t going to chug power in most cases, and also even if you have actually a flagship TV through cutting-edge technology, you more than likely aren’t maxing out the power attract at all times.


TVs don’t use a most power in to compare to various other electronics. The goal v tech, in general, is come usually obtain the many performance the end of the the very least amount of strength you can get away with. This is important for portable gadgets that operation on batteries, such as smartphones and also tablets, but it is also crucial for no tearing into your electric bill.

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Unless you have actually a very high-end TV and also live in an area where electricity is expensive, you shouldn’t notification any far-reaching power draw.