This is the Power-Mite electrical prod, made by Hot-Shot commodities Company, Inc. The is a an extremely small device -- conveniently concealable -- which renders it a perfect weapon for rodeo animal abusers.

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The electric prod was not designed to be cruel. It to be designed to make huge animals move when needed. One example can be to get a ailing or injured animal up for absolutely vital medical treatment.

In rodeos the prods are more often offered on pets in pen who space unable to relocate or even turn around. The rodeo people use the pain of the prod to force the animals to "perform" -- to operation or buck against their nature and also beyond their natural abilities. This can an outcome in injury and also even death for the pet victims of the Rodeo Mafia.

The Hot-Shot Power-Mite conveniently generates in between 4,000-5,000 volts of electric pain, however don"t believe us: Click here.

This equine is around to receive a shock close to his head.


Rodeos usage the Hot-Shot machine in defiance the the manufacturer"s own recommendations, i beg your pardon state:

"We do not recommend our assets be used in rodeos."

"We only recommend our assets be supplied on hogs and also cattle. Execute not usage on horses, they are much much more sensitive."

"Any usage for entertainment objectives is no something we assistance or condone."

"Our prods must only be used on the rear of animals, never close to the head or eyes."

"The Hot-Shot Power-Mite breed cub prod is designed, manufactured, and marketed for usage to aid in the activity of cattle and hogs. Hot-Shot does not condone the use of the Power-Mite or any Hot-Shot electric prod for use on horses, including horses in a rodeo environment." --Jim Bartel, Marketing Director, Miller production Company, Inc.

Rodeo human being claim the the prod "just pinches a little." however a radio talk present host in las Vegas who tried the prod likened the to, "...a thousands white warm needles walk in and also out of me."

The prod hurts, and also the Rodeo Mafia knows it. That"s why they use it top top their pet victims, in violation the the prod manufacturer"s intentions. That"s likewise why rodeo human being refuse to take a jolt indigenous the prod, even though SHARK president Steve Hindi has actually taken the prod himself, and offered rodeo human being as lot as $300 to carry out the very same for simply an instant.

"We don"t condone the use of this on horses and not in rodeos" --Amy Scheel, Marketing Director, Miller production Company, Inc.

The bottom line is -- the Rodeo Mafia can"t take it what the dishes out.

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We"ve gathered a multitude of video evidence of these devices being supplied in rodeos. From "backyard rodeos", come PRCA rodeos, IPRA rodeos, and all the method up come the PRCA"s national Finals Rodeo in ras Vegas, Nevada.